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Video: Nate Diaz teases idea of UFC not paying him after subbing Conor McGregor at UFC 196

"He beat our guy? F--k him, cancel his s--t. Make him fight again."

When Nate Diaz defeated featherweight champion and eager welterweight newcomer Conor McGregor at UFC 196 back on March 5, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) momentarily seized up.

The production that went into the event itself, the countless chickens that UFC tallied before it popped and the idea of "Mystic Mac" carrying an untainted promotional resume into UFC 200 this July, all fell drastically short of expectation. Chalk that up to Diaz, his unflappable chin, world-class submission game, and knack for going against the grain.

In this recent video, courtesy of FOX Sports, Diaz jokingly stated that he was afraid UFC wouldn't pay him after dismantling its golden child. The Stockton native has beefed with UFC in the past, but would the promotion be that maniacal to tell the 30-year-old lightweight contender his money was on hold?

Highly unlikely.

"They tried to do direct deposit but I'm like 'nah,'" Diaz told The Buzzer. "I wanna see the check because I don't know if that's gonna directly deposit into my shit, you know what I'm saying? I'm like, 'gimme your check!'"

UFC made tons of cash at UFC 196 and would be doing an unforgettable act by not paying the main event winner.

Especially a check this size.

If anything, this mini excerpt by Diaz goes to show you that his relationship with the company hasn't improved (yet). But if the promotion wishes to reap all of the rewards from his recent victory over McGregor, including his new-found popularity among casual fight fans, they better play nice and give Diaz what he wants.

Starting here.

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