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Video: Watch Taekwondo black belt Joe Rogan knockout Nick Diaz ... in the new UFC 2 video game

Ever want to play as UFC color commentator and Taekwondo black belt Joe Rogan in the virtual world? Now you can!

The longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) practitioner is an unlockable character in the new UFC 2 video game and ready to kick ass. In the above video from Sports Gaming Universe, you can witness Rogan's stunning knockout ability when he tests himself against the boxing of former welterweight title challenger Nick Diaz.

The Stockton slugger is just one of the hundreds of playable characters a user can choose from. The game, which was developed by EA Sports Canada, also features a Knockout Physics System and a Grapple Assist feature just in case your fight hits the mat.

UFC 2 has received mostly favorable ratings from most notable gaming websites. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage of its development, as well as an in-depth interview with the game's Creative Director Brian Hayes, by clicking here and here.

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