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Manager: Injury to Rafael dos Anjos is real, it's Conor McGregor and his fans who are 'bulls--t'


By now, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is aware that Rafael dos Anjos was forced to bail on his lightweight title defense against featherweight import Conor McGregor, which was expected to headline this Saturday night's (March 5, 2016) UFC 196 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taking over for the Brazilian is former nemesis Nate Diaz.

But if you listen to McGregor tell the story, Dos Anjos didn't break his foot -- as reported -- but merely bruised it. The injury and subsequent photo evidence showed nothing more than slight swelling, which was an excuse to withdraw from his "Notorious" title fight.

The Dos Anjos camp was not amused and had a little message for the "bullshit guy and his fans."

"When you have a bruise you don't have a cast on," manager Ali Abdel-Aziz wrote on Instagram. "One thing I can tell you -- Conor was relieved when he found out Rafael dos Anjos was injured and I really mean it, this is not trash talking -- I truly mean it."

No mention of anyone's vagina.

Dos Anjos is expected to be casted for three weeks, according to FOX Sports, followed by another five in a walking boot. That puts him back in the gym around May, which is just enough time to line up a lightweight title fight for the historic UFC 200 PPV event.

Against who, remains to be seen.

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