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Video: Jake Ellenberger caught fibbing about Donald Trump vote in hysterical Jimmy Kimmel 'Lie Witness News' interview

Jugs appears at the 1:50 mark.

Fake Ellenberger?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Jake Ellenberger claims he voted for Donald Trump this week during "Super Tuesday," when several U.S. states hold primary elections. Unfortunately, California wasn't one of them, which is why this video is so hilarious.

Reporter: Did you vote this morning on Super Tuesday?

Ellenberger: I did.

Reporter: Who did you vote for?

Ellenberger: Donald Trump.

Reporter: What was that voting experience like for you?

Ellenberger: It was pretty smooth.

Reporter: Did you have to pay a little bit? They were charging $5 at the door.

Ellenberger: Yeah.

Reporter: What were you charged, $5 or $10?

Ellenberger: $10.

Ellenberger was last seen dropping a unanimous decision to Tarec Saffiedine at the UFC on FOX 18 event back in January. "The Juggernaut" is just 1-5 dating back to 2013, but based on this video, there's a good chance he believes he won the "Sponge" fight and is actually 5-1.


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