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Video: Two arrests made in shooting of former UFC fighter

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Mikey Burnett was shot three times during a robbery attempt earlier this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The incident also left Burnett's son wounded and both were forced to undergo surgery after being rushed to the hospital.

Thanks to multiple tips from eyewitness accounts, police have arrested teenagers Harold Thompson, 16, and Kywaun Washington, 17, for their roles in Monday's parking lot stick up. Both have been charged with one count of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

News on 6 has the details:

According to an arrest report, Thompson walked up to Mikey Burnett and asked to use his cell phone just as Mikey and his son were leaving the gym. As Burnett was about to give him his phone, Thompson pulled out a gun, pointed it at Burnett and demanded his wallet, the report says. As Burnett tried to move the gun away from his face, the report says, he was shot multiple times.

Mikey's son Freddy was on the other side of Mikey's truck and when he saw what was happening he ran to his father's aid, according to the report. The report says that as the two Burnetts struggled with Thompson, Washington also began fighting with the victims. That's when Freddy Thompson was shot in the leg, police say.

Burnett and his son are expected to recover.

Thompson and Washington, who both share a history of felony arrests, have reportedly confessed to the crimes. "Man, get this fucking camera out of my face, that's what the fuck I got to say," Washington shouted at reporters. A pregnant woman in their company was also questioned, but later released.

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