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UFC Fight Night 85 live stream results: 'Hunt vs Mir' play-by-play updates

HIGHLIGHTS! To watch Mark Hunt stop Frank Mir dead in his tracks last night click here!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its return to the FOX Sports 1 network this Saturday night (March 19, 2016) with UFC Fight Night 85: "Hunt vs. Mir," taking place inside Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Because of the discrepancy in time zones, the action pops off "Down Under" on Sunday -- but airs live on Saturday night for stateside audiences.

UFC Fight Night 85 features a five-round heavyweight main event pitting local hero and ex-kickboxing champion Mark Hunt opposite former division titleholder Frank Mir. In the UFC "Brisbane" co-main event, Hector Lombard returns to welterweight action against the crafty Neil Magny.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 85 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, and then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis after "Hunt vs. Mir."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 85 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir -- Hunt def. Mir by KO (punch) at 3:01 of Round One 
Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny -- Magny def. Lombard by TKO (punches) at 0:46 of Round Three
Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews -- Matthews def. Case by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:45 of Round Three
Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly -- Kelly def. Carlos by TKO (punches) at 1:36 of Round Three
Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna -- Bosse def. Te Huna by KO (punch) at 0:52 of Round One
Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings -- Rawlings def. Ham by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28) 
Alan Jouban def. Brendan O'Reilly by TKO (elbows and punches) at 2:15 of Round One
Mark Eddiva vs. Daniel Hooker -- Hooker def. Eddiva by submission (guillotine) at 1:24 of Round One
Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith -- Smith def. Nakai by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Viscardi Andrade vs. Richard Walsh -- Andrade def. Walsh by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Ross Pearson vs. Chad Laprise -- Pearson def. Laprise by split decision (28-30, 30-27, 29-28)
Damien Brown vs. Alan Patrick -- Patrick def. Brown by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)


265 lbs.: Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

Round 1: Mir comes out orthodox. Left hook from Hunt and Mir tries to shoot but gets stuffed. One minute in. Mir's reacting to feints early on. He checks a low kick. Stiff jab. Hunt with a 3-2. Two minutes in. Hunt just misses with an overhand right. Mir ducks a 1-2, can't get the takedown. Again. MASSIVE 1-2 flattens Mir and Hunt simply walks away.

Final result: Hunt def. Mir by KO (punch)


170 lbs.: Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Lombard stalking forward immediately. Low kicks from Lombard. Hector batters his way into the clinch and wrecks Magny with an uppercut inside. Magny desperately trying to survive. Magny in turtle position, working to stand. One minute in. More brutal shots by Lombard. Magny pulls half guard to survive. Full guard and he tries a triangle. Lombard escapes into side control. Two minutes in. Half guard once again. Solid punches from the top by Lombard. Magny looking to control his posture from guard.. Two minutes to go.

Magny rolls to turtle position, then works his way to his feet. He turns to face Lombard and whacks him with punches, only to eat a right hook. Magny shoots, stuffed and returns to half guard. Magny uses an underhook to stand and separate. Less than a minute to go. Lombard looks a bit winded as Magny pecks away at him with straight punches. Hard 1-2 by the American. Left hook lands for Magny as he takes a low blow. 10-8 Lombard.

Round 2: Magny goes to work with long punches early on. Lombard lands a left hand, Magny lands one inside. Hard 1-2 connects, answered by a left from Lombard. Magny gets the Thai clinch and lands a knee. One minute in. Magny doing great work from the outside as a winded Lombard plods after him. Double jab connects. 1-2 by Magny. Lombard moves into the clinch and takes Magny to the fence. Magny gets the plum and separates. Just as he's in control, Lombard puts him on his rear with a straight left. Two minutes in. Lombard settles down into full guard. Lombard rolls back for an ill-advised heel hook and Magny takes top position, establishing half guard. Full mount for Magny and he locks up a triangle as Lombard rolls him over. Two minutes to go.

Magny has it deep, buy Hector manages to survive. Magny gets mount again and batters the Cuban with punches. Magny takes his back and flattens Lombard out, dropping punches all the while. Magny going to town with punches while Lombard feebly tries to defend. Magny just battering Lombard from back mount. Magny looks up to the ref as he pounds away, waiting for the stoppage. Elbows now, and more punches by Magny. Lombard somehow survives the round. 10-8 Magny.

Round 3: Lombard's exhausted and Magny's beating the snot out of him on the feet. Magny goes to work with elbows and punches, then takes Lombard down directly into mount. Magny moves to a mounted triangle and pounds away until the referee steps in.

Final result: Magny def. Lombard by TKO (punches)


155 lbs.: Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews

Round 1: Case eats some right hands early. Another solid right connects. Case comes up short with a combination. Matthews catches a kick and lands a body kick of of it. One minute in. Low kick by Case. Counter right lands for him. 1-2 by Case, Matthews just misses with his counter. Matthews lands to the body. Two minutes in. Case looking to counter. Case reverses a takedown and lands on top, dropping elbows. He grabs the front headlock and fires a knee as Matthews stands. Two minutes to go.

Counter right lands for Matthews. Check hook by the American. Sweeping left hook by Matthews draws a smile. One minute to go. Left hook from Matthews. Case shoots, can't finish the takedown. Hard straight left lands for Case and now Matthews is retreating. Good fight. 10-9 Matthews.

Round 2: Matthews tries a head kick. Counter knee from Case just misses. One minute in. Low kick from Case. Slow start to the fight overall. Counter left by Case, body kick from Matthes and Case shoots. Matthews counters a takedown and lands in position for a triangle. Two minutes in. Case on top, posturing up to counter the triangle. Case gets his head out and drops some solid punches, prompting Matthews to roll into turtle position. Two minutes to go.

Matthes tries to roll through, Case takes half guard. Case snuffs out an attempt to take the back and goes back to striking from turtle position. Matthews manages to stand. Knee from Case as they separate. Matthews cracks him with a left hook. Matthews lands a body kick and Case takes him down into side control, avoiding a guillotine. 10-9 Case.

Round 3: Case looks tired. Counter left lands for him. Body kick connects. Matthews lands a body kick and avoids a takedown. Case tries to catch a knee, Matthews takes him to the cage and lands a knee. One minute in. Body kick by Matthews. Case with a long left hand. Case with a body kick, Matthews with a flurry. Solid body blows by the toung Aussie. Two minutes in. Another left hook by Matthews, who sprawls on a shot. Hard right hook. Case shoots again, stuffed. Straight left lands for him. Two minutes to go.

Case ties up against the fence. Knee from Matthews, who is in position to take the back. He gets one hook in, then the other. Punches by Matthews. The Aussie locks up the RNC, can't keep it but takes mount. One minute to go. Back to back mount for Matthews. Matthews locks up the rear-naked choke in the last few seconds and draws the tap.

Final result: Matthews def. Case by submission (rear-naked choke)


185 lbs.: Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly

Round 1: Body kick from Carlos. Carlos hits a quick takedown and takes the back. Both hooks in, now the body triangle for the Brazilian. Carlos working for the choke, occasionally peppering with punches. Two minutes in. Kelly surviving thus far but not doing much to escape. Two minutes to go.

Carlos still looking to soften Kelly up, landing some heavy blows from back mount. One minute to go. Carlos transitions to an armbar in the waning seconds, but can't break Kelly's grip in time. 10-8 Carlos.

Round 2: Carlos connects with a solid left hook and body kick early. Kelly stuffs a shot. Body shot from Kelly inside. Jumping knee from Carlos. One minute in. Straight lefts by Kelly. Kelly stuffs another shot and grabs the front headlock. Straight right from the Brazilian. Two minutes in. Straight left by Kelly, left hook by Carlos. Kelly sprawls on another takedown attempt and takes top turtle position. good punches by the Aussie. Two minutes to go.

Carlos separates. Front kicks from Carlos and he hits another takedown, immediately getting the back and putting in both hooks. Hes a bit too high and Kelly slips out. One minute to go. Right hand  by Kelly and Carlos appears to slip. Something seems to be wrong with one of Carlos' legs. Combo by the Brazilian. 10-9 Carlos.

Round 3: Kelly quickly in pursuit with punches. Knee from Carlos. He shoots, stuffed and a knee catches Kelly in the bojangles. Elbow by Carlos. Kelly looks for a takedown, can't get it but lands a head kick on the way up. Kelly sprawls on another takedown and goes to work with punches from turtle position. Carlos regains half guard, but Kelly refuses to let up. The Brazilian is bloodied and taking enormous punishment by the time he covers up and the referee steps in. Kelly, the second-biggest underdog on the card, gets the TKO win.

Final result: Kelly def. Carlos by TKO (punches)


185 lbs.: Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna

Round 1: Counter leg kick by Te Huna. Both men swinging big early. MASSIVE right hand from Bosse lays Te Huna out cold. Damn.

Final result: Bosse def. Te Huna by KO (punch)


115 lbs.: Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings

Round 1: Solid counter combo from Ham early. Another left connects, Rawlings come back with a straight right. Ham landing very well in the early going. One minute in. Both land their power hands. Body kick from Ham met by a straight right. Good exchange. Three-piece combo by Ham. Two minutes in. Ham getting the better of these exchanges thus far. Counters from the Korean. Two minutes to go.

Teep from Ham and Rawlings trips her up. Straight right and another from Rawling. A third. Straight left by Ham, then a hard combination. Both women connect with heat. Ham backs her to the fence, lands to the body. One minute to go. Rawlings with some right hands. Counter left by Ham as she takes a left hook. Ham ties up and connects on the break. 10-9 Ham.

Round 2: Right hand from Rawlings to start. Left hands from Ham, big shots by Rawlings in return. Counter 1-2 by the Korean. To the body. Ham with some teeps. Left hook by Rawlings. Rawlings with a nice combination and they trade. Good trades in the center. Elbow by Rawlings. Straight right. Rawlings doing better this round. Good shots from Bec. Ham with a body kick. Two minutes in. Straight right by Rawlings and she catches a kick, landing on top in guard. Ham looking for wrist control, throws up a triangle. Rawlings slips out and takes the back. Two minutes to go.

Ham looking to turn into guard. She does so and Rawlings looks for an armbar. Ham slips out, avoids another armbar and they stand. One minute to go. 1-2-1 by Ham. Ham ducks a spinning backfist and ties up. Counters from Ham before the bell. 10-9 Rawlings.

Round 3: Ham looking for her teep early. Rawlings may be fading a bit as Ham lands solid combinations. Body kick lands. Rawlings goes for a tired-looking takedown and Ham rolls into triangle position. One minute in. Ham has her legs locked up but does not have the correct angle. Rawlings slips out and stands over Ham, who kicks her away and whacks her with a left hand. Two minutes in. Ham pressuring, landing solid blows to the head and body. They tie up on the fence. They jockey for position and Rawlings reverses. Two minutes to go.

Rawlings looks for a single-leg. Solid knee by Rawlings. The referee wants more action. One minute to go. Ham cracks her with a knee and fights off a takedown. They separate and trade at the bell. 10-9 Ham.

Final result: Rawlings def. Ham by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Alan Jouban vs. Brendan O'Reilly

Round 1: Jouban lands a body kick, eats a left hook and they clinch. Knees to the body from Jouban. Well-targeted knees. Nice foot sweep by O'Reilly, who quickly takes the back. Jouban stands and turns to face him. They leave the fence and trade knees. Solid elbows by Jouban. Wild exchange as they separate. Jouban dealing some huge damage and crushes O'Reilly with elbows. O'Reilly falls to his knees and this one is over.

Final result: Jouban def. O'Reilly by TKO (elbows and punches)


145 lbs.: Mark Eddiva vs. Daniel Hooker

Round 1: Aggression from both men early as Hooker barrels into the clinch. Low kick from Hooker. Counter left from Eddiva. Eddiva catches a leg and looks for a takedown as Hooker counters with a palm-to-palm guillotine. Hooker takes mount and continues to squeeze until Eddiva submits.

Final result: Hooker def. Eddiva by submission (guillotine choke)


135 lbs.: Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1: Smith staying low against her much shorter opponent. Uppercut-straight right from Smith. Smith shoves her away. One minute in. Smith to the body with a right. Right hands land for Nakai, Smith comes back with a flurry. Smith shrugs off a takedown. Smith stalking forward with long punches, staying out of the clinch. Two minutes in. Left hook from Nakai, right hand from Smith. Lead right by the Pancrase vet. Smith chases, eats a pair of punches and Nakai ties up. Dirty boxing from both and Nakai briefly gets her to a knee. Two minutes to go.

Smith shrugs out of a front headlock and they separate. Low kick by Nakai, followed by a left hook. One minute to go. They trade right hands. Counter right by Nakai. Lead right by Smith, then a long left hand. Nakai completes a takedown at the bell. Close round. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2: Right hand from Smith, who stuffs a takedown. Nakai catches an eye poke. 1-2-3 from Smith. One minute in. Nakai shoots and brings Smith to the mat. Half guard for Nakai. Smith looking to turn into her. Nakai staying heavy, working towards the back. Two minutes in. Smith working to stand, but solid control from Nakai. Short shots by the Pancrase veteran. Smith brings up her legs for an inverted triangle, can't get it. Nakai locks up an arm-triangle and moves into side control. Two minutes to go.

Smith trying to use the cage to defend. Smith manages to sneak out and fires off a nice combination. Smith lands an uppercut and Nakai tries to tie up. Head kick from Smith, Nakai counters with a good throw. Half guard once more. Nakai drops some left hands before the bell. 10-9 Nakai.

Round 3: Smith tries a lead uppercut. Left hook by Nakai. Smith with a flurry. Nakai charges into the clinch, can't get her down. One minute in. Smith to the body. Smith with a combo, Nakai comes back with a right hand.  Nakai shoots and gets double underhooks on the fence. Two minutes in. Solid uppercuts by Nakai. Smith comes back with a flurry that lands well. To the body. Again. Left uppercut connects. Nakai shoots, Smith separates. Two minutes to go.

Smith to the body. Nakai shoots in and hits a throw with ninety seconds to go. Smith regains half guard. One minute to go. Smith gives up turtle position. Nakai eventually gives up top position at the bell. 10-9 Smith.

Final result: Smith def. Nakai by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Viscardi Andrade vs. Richard Walsh

Round 1: Walsh moving forward, lands a 2-1 on the break. Low kick as Andrade looks to counter. Andrade drops him with a right hand. Walsh pops up and survives. Now they're throwing heat. Andrade stuffs a takedown, one minute in. Walsh separates from the clinch. Walsh stings him with a three-piece combo. Andrade catches a kick, eats a couple of right hands and switches to a double-leg. Two minutes in. The Brazilian completes a takedown into guard. Walsh wraps him up as Andrade looks for short shots. Two minutes to go.

Neither man doing much to improve position or deal too much damage. The ref stands them up with a minute to go. Walsh continues to press forward and they trade punches. Andrade lands a body kick. Walsh shoots as Andrade fires a spinning back fist but gets stuffed. 10-9 Andrade.

Round 2: Walsh continues to advance. Andrade tries to counter, seems a bit winded. Hard counter right from Walsh drops Andrade and Walsh dives down with jackhammer right hands in guard. Andrade tries to kick him off, cannot but lands a good upkick. One minute in. Andrade scrambles back to his feet and eats a knee as they separate. Walsh walking him down. Andrade shoots in, can't complete the takedown and Walsh presses him against the fence. Two minutes in. They separate. Andrade still looking for the big right hand, circling as Walsh advances. Two minuts to go.

Walsh flurries and ties up once again. Solid elbow in the clinch, Andrade reverses. Walsh separates. Body kick from Andrade, low kick by Walsh. Andrade catches his next low kick and a scramble ensues. Andrade looks for the back, moves to the front headlock. One minute to go. Andrade staying heavy on him and slaps on a power guillotine. He can't finish before the bell. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 3: Andrade with a body kick, 1-2 by Walsh. Walsh keeping up the pressure, lands a stiff jab. Hard combination by the fence. Andrade changes levels and floors Walsh, taking half guard. Walsh gets an underhook and gets to his seat. Andrade in the front headlock. Walsh returns to his feet, dragged down via the front headlock. One minute in. Walsh asking for a standup as they stay evenly-matched. Two minutes in. Andrade looking for a d'arce, Walsh gets out and stands. Elbow by the Brazilian, failed takedown attempt. Walsh catches a kick and scores a takedown of his own. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Walsh stalking forward and Andrade hits another takedown into guard. One minute to go. Andrade moves to half guard. 10-9 Andrade.

Final result::


155 lbs.: Ross Pearson vs. Chad Laprise

Round 1: Pearson advancing. Low kick from Laprise. Pearson tries a head kick. Low kick lands for him. Pearson with a nice slip. One minute in. Inside low kick by Pearson. Both try head kicks. Right hand lands for Laprise, who eats another low kick. Two minutes in. Glancing hook by Pearson. Low kicks starting to pile up for him. Laprise working behind his jab. Two minutes to go.

Another low kick by Pearson, who ducks a head kick. Right hand from Laprise, left hands from both. Another leg kick from Pearson, Laprise answers in kind. One minute to go. Laprise whiffs on a long right hand, lands a body kick. Lead right by Pearson. Combination lands for the Canadian. Body kick from Pearson, who hops in with a knee before the bell. 10-9 Pearson.

Round 2: Pearson opens with an inside low kick, eats a right from Laprise. Low kick from the Canadian. Body kick and right hand by Laprise. One minute in. Another hard low kick by Pearson. Laprise with a low kick, eats a slapping left hook. Pearson still looking for the left uppercut, yet to land clean. Glancing leg kicks. Two minutes in. Front kick from Laprise, left hook by Pearson. Another inside low kick. Laprise pops him with a jab. Lean-back left hook by Laprise. Two minutes to go.

Lead right lands for Pearson, met by a pair of attempted head kicks. Pearson with a bit of damage under his right eye. Laprise with a combination. Solid left hook lands for Pearson, then a pair of leg kicks. Laprise tries to spin. One minute to go. Left hook by Pearson. Right hand by Laprise behind a body kick. 2-3 from Pearson. Right by the Canadian to end the round. 10-9 Laprise in a close round..

Round 3: Straight right connects for Laprise. Left hook by Pearson. Inside low kick lands, then a right to the body. Jab by the Brit, low kick by Laprise. One minute in. Pearson with a lead right, met by a left hand. Right hand connects once again. Brief clinch. 2-3 from Pearson. Two minutes in. Double jab from Pearson and both just miss with head kicks. Laprise jabs as Pearson lands to the leg again. Right to the body from the Brit, body kick by Laprise. Two minutes to go.

Snap kick to the body by Laprise answered with a low kick. Pearson connects with a right hand and they trade in the center. They trade kicks. One minute to go. Laprise fires a combo and Pearson waves him on. Pearson runs in with a leg kick, blocks a head kick and eats an elbow. Pearson tries to shoot, lands a right hand on the break and connects with lefts. Laprise right there with him. They go nuts in the final seconds. Scores'll be all over the place, I bet. 10-9 Pearson.

Final result: Pearson def. Laprise by split decision


155 lbs.: Damien Brown vs. Alan Patrick

Round 1: Patrick runs in and completes a single-leg a few seconds in, avoiding a guillotine in the process. Butterfly guard for Brown against the cage. Short left hands by the Brazilian and Brown makes it to his feet, only for Patrick to pull guard on a guillotine. One minute in. Brown escapes but can't keep top position. Patrick on top in lockdown half guard. Elbows by the Brazilian. Two minutes in. Brown turns into him and Patrick goes for another guillotine, only to wind up on the bottom in side control. Brown drops punches as Patrick regains half guard, then stands. Brown hits a reactive takedown into side control. Two minutes to go.

Patrick uses a blatant fence grab to sit out after multiple warnings. No point deduction. Counter hook by Brown, who eats a left behind the ear that sends him to his knees. Patrick wrangles him down and takes half guard as Brown cranks a Kimura. One minute to go. Patrick extracts his arm and hops down into half guard. Short shots by the Brazilian. Brown turns into him and shoots at the bell. 10-9 Patrick.

Round 2: Patrick wades right into the clinch and drags Brown down into half guard. Patrick staying tight. Brown attempts to stand, denied. One minute in. Brown again looks for a Kimura, then briefly threatens an armbar. Patrick keeps up the pressure, teasing an arm-triangle. Two minutes in. Brown drops elbows from his back, eats left hands as he regains guard. Not much coming from the Brazilian on top. Two minutes to go.

Patrick postures up a bit and lands some hammerfists. Brown striking off his back but not doing much to stand. One minute to go. Patrick drops some elbows and tries to pass to half guard. Brown still looking for the Kimura without success. Now he locks up his grip and this one looks better. Patrick pops his arm free and extracts his leg from Brown's follow-up attack. 10-9 Patrick.

Round 3: Brown fires a head kick and gets taken down for his trouble. Patrick slips out of a triangle and goes to side control. Patrick looks for the back, stymied by the fence and transitions to an arm-triangle. Brown rolls and gives up turtle position to escape. Side control now for Patrick. Brown tries to stand with an underhook and Patrick takes his back with one hook in. Two minutes in. Brown stands, gets forced back down. Two minutes to go.

Brown holding onto a keylock with neither man doing much. Brown scrambles up and gets over-unders, exiting the clinch with a right hand. Patrick with a straight left. One minute to go. Brown shrugs off an ugly takedown, advancing with his hands down. Right uppercut connects. He fires a knee and Patrick uses it to take him down. The fight ends in half guard. 10-9 Patrick.

Final result: Patrick def. Brown by unanimous decision


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