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Chuck Liddell blasts Jon Jones for not tagging him on his social media callouts

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The war of words between Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones doesn't seem to have an end in site.

After the two engaged in verbal warfare last year, Liddell continued his assault on "Bones" by blasting him for not tagging him when calling him out on his social media accounts.

That's because by failing to do so, "The Iceman" doesn't know when he's referencing to him, so he can not offer up a response.

"The funny thing is he goes back at me, but if you're gonna go back at me, tag me," Liddell said in a recent interview at the EA Sports UFC 2 video-game launch party in Las Vegas via MMA Fighting. "Let me know you're going back at me, so I can respond. I just thought it was kind of weird."

Chuck still stands firm that he would be Jones in his prime, which some say that comment is the root of their issues with one another.

"I wouldn't be mad at him if he says he could beat me in a fictional fight in my prime," Liddell said. "Is that gonna bother me? No. But if you ask me if I can knock him out, in my prime I could knock him out."

"Styles make fights. I wouldn't have a problem hitting him and sooner or later he would go down. He doesn't hit hard enough to stop me and he's not gonna outwrestle me. Sorry."

And Chuck reiterated that he still isn't a big fan of his fighting style.

"He's a great fighter," Liddell said. "It's like Mayweather. Mayweather is a phenomenal fighter, I don't like watching him. I don't want to watch a guy outpoint a guy just enough to win and cruise.

"If that's the way you fight and you're the best in the world, you should be champion. Whatever your style of fighting, if you're winning by the rules that are set by everybody, you should be champion. I'm not mad at him for fighting that way. I understand it."

"Honestly, I talked about Georges St-Pierre the same way. As a coach, as a manager, I get it. Great. I understand what he's doing. As a fan, not so much. I don't get it so much. That's not what I want to see. But to each his own."

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