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Video: Anderson Silva reenacts hilarious date scene from 'Bad Boys 2'

Look out, Ronda Rousey, there's a new actor in town.

Anderson Silva, who is no stranger to the silver screen, did his best Martin Lawrence impersonation by trying to reenact one of the most hilarious scenes from the blockbuster hit "Bad Boys 2," starring the aforementioned Lawrence and Will Smith.

In the scene thanks to Fancy MMA, Lawrence (played by Silva) is giving his daughter's boyfriend a hard time prior to sending them off on their date. Of course, Smith (played by anonymous guy) joins in, threatening the young boy with violence should he fail to bring his Goddaughter home by curfew.

Okay, so he may not be getting nominated for an Oscar anytime soon, but with a few more acting classes, "The Spider" could find himself another career once his fighting days are over. Of course, I'm no acting critic, so I leave it to you to rate Silva's performance.

For comparison purposes, take a look at the original scene below:

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