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Video: Renzo Gracie talks Nate Diaz's rise, UFC's need for 10 more fighters like Conor McGregor

On the latest episode of MMA Noise, longtime jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA) legend, Renzo Gracie, joins Mike Straka to talk about the the upbringing of Nate Diaz as well as his older brother Nick; saying that they went all in with the discipline at a very young age.

As a result, the brothers have been rewarded handsomely for putting so much time and dedication to their craft. Furthermore, Gracie says the Stockton sluggers are great representatives to the sport of MMA.

His words:

"They represent the hardcore of jiu-jitsu. The way it was taught to me, they learn it. They don't take no insults. No insult will be without retaliation. They were raised the right way, good kids. (Their success) is extremely well-deserved. you can see that once they fell in love with it, jiu-jitsu gave back to them. And I am extremely glad that it happened to good people. It's great representatives of our sport."

Renzo went on to say explain how much Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) needs a guy like McGregor -- despite this loss -- saying the promotion needs 10 more guys like him to bring in attention to the sport. Especially those people that never gave MMA the time of day.

And despite Conor's brash bravado in front of the camera, Renzo is confident the Irishman is a different, more humble person behind the scenes. That's because at the end of the day, it's all about showmanship, says Gracie.

And money.

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