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Nate Diaz submission of Conor McGregor moves him up all-time list of most finishes in UFC history

Esther Lin,

By now there's been enough ink spilled about Nate Diaz's shocking win over Conor McGregor last weekend at UFC 196 in Las Vegas, plenty of it from your humble narrator.

But what you might not have realized is that the finish propelled Diaz into the top five most finishes in promotional history for the UFC, and second most for a lightweight/welterweight fighter.

Jordan Newmark of breaks down the greatest finishers in UFC history (bold text for active fighters):

Fighter Country Finishes Knockouts Submissions
Anderson Silva Brazil 14 11 3
Vitor Belfort Brazil 14 12 2
Matt Hughes USA 13 8 5
Frank Mir USA 13 5 8
Nate Diaz USA 11 2 9
Andrei Arlovski Belarus 11 9 2
Matt Brown USA 11 9* 2
Randy Couture USA 11 7 4
Gabriel Gonzaga Brazil 11 7 4
Royce Gracie Brazil 11 0 11**
Joe Lauzon USA 11 3 8
B.J. Penn USA 11 7 4
Donald Cerrone USA 10 5 5
Kenny Florian USA 10 2 8
Rich Franklin USA 10 9 1
Anthony Johnson USA 10 10 0
Chuck Liddell USA 10 10 0
Tito Ortiz USA 10 8 2

* - Welterweight record
** - UFC record

With nine submissions, Diaz is two away from tying the record set by the legendary Royce Gracie. He needs just one more finish to secure fifth spot all for himself on the all-time list.

As you can see from the above list there are quite a few fighters looking to move up the ladder in the near future. Arlovski would love to get his 12th finish when he takes on Alistair Overeem at UFC Rotterdam on May 8, Mir wants number 14 against the durable Mark Hunt at UFC Brisbane on March 20, and Belfort will look to move into first place with 15 finishes when he takes on "Jacare" Ronaldo Souza at UFC 198 in Brazil.

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