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Michelle Tate-Schmidt explains how Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey lost that loving feeling

For a lot of old school mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, the story behind the Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey rivalry is fairly easy to remember.

At the time, late 2011 or early 2012, there was heavy debate over whether 4-0 Olympic Judoka Rousey could hang with the 12-2 veteran Strikeforce champion Tate. The latter didn't think so, leading to the so-called "beef."

But what's really interesting is that in retrospect, Tate's mom, Michelle Tate-Schmidt, says the sport really needed that fight and it really needed Rousey. Have a listen to the above video or read on below:

"We'll let it sit at that one. That's exactly what it was. Actually yeah, Miesha did think that Ronda hadn't earned that place yet. Looking back, a lot of people thought that Ronda should come in. We needed somebody strong in there with the women and somebody that could kind of rock the audience's attention. Now I don't mean to put my daughter down by any means, she's a great fighter, she's entertaining, she's got a great following. But we needed more than that. There just wasn't a Gina Carano anymore. You know what I mean? We needed somebody that was going to do something amazing and rock the boat and I think Ronda was a perfect person for that. Miesha did not think she had earned her place to be in there yet. So yes, I don't think that ever bode too well with Ronda."

Speaking of Gina Carano, it's hard to believe she retired nearly seven years ago now. And what makes Tate-Schmidt's mention of her so interesting is that there are many similarities to draw between Rousey and Carano.

Both have been widely credited with furthering women's MMA, both were undefeated and then disappeared after their first loss (although Rousey may come back in the fall, if you believe UFC president Dana White), and both quickly realized that Hollywood pays a hell of a lot better than getting punched in the face.

It's amazing to hear Tate's mother say that women's MMA needed a fighter like Rousey more than it needed her daughter.

As for the beef, I'm not sure where that stands today. Rousey defeated Tate twice, rather easily. The trilogy makes sense only if Rousey comes back and because Tate is the champion.

Thoughts about Tate-Schmidt's comments? Thoughts about the trilogy? Thought in general? Leave them below!

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