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GLORY 28 live stream results, 'Verhoeven vs Brestovac' ESPN3 play-by-play updates

GLORY Sports International

GLORY kickboxing returns to Europe with GLORY 28 this afternoon (Sat., March 12, 2016) inside Accor Hotels Arena in Paris, France.

The five-fight main card kicks off at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT on ESPN3, with a replay on ESPN2 in primetime on Sunday (March 27) at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

GLORY 28 will be headlined by a heavyweight title fight between current champion, Rico Verhoeven (47-10) and No. 4-ranked contender Mladen Brestovac (49-10-1).

There will also be a four-man, one-night "Contender" tournament in the lightweight division. In the semifinals, No. 1-ranked Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (106-29-5) takes on former lightweight champion Davit Kiria (23-11), and Marat Grigorian (41-7-2) will face undefeated Anatoly Moiseev (16-0). will provide LIVE coverage of the ESPN3 ( main card, which begins at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon. In addition, will also deliver LIVE fight coverage of GLORY 28's "Superfight Series" that begins online at 1 p.m ET.


GLORY 28 Quick Results

Rico Verhoeven (c) vs. Mladen Brestovac -- Verhoeven def. Brestovac by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45 x2)

Tournament Final: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Marat Grigorian -- Sitsongpeenong def. Grigorian by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Murthel Groenhart vs. Cedric Doumbe -- Doumbe def. Groenhart by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26 x2)

Tournament Semi: Marat Grigorian vs. Anatoly Moiseev -- Grigorian def. Moiseev by unanimous decision (30-25 x3)

Tournament Semi: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Davit Kiria -- Sitsongpeenong def. Kiria by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


GLORY 28 Superfight Series Quick Results

Saulo Cavalari (c) vs. Artem Vakhitov -- Vakhitov def. Cavalari by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45 x2)

Freddy Kemayo vs. Xavier Vigney -- Vigney def. Kemayo by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Serhiy Adamchuk (c) vs. Mosab Amrani -- Adamchuk def. Amrani by unanimous decision (49-44 x3)

Jason Wilnis vs. Filip Verlinden -- Wilnis def. Verlinden by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Josh Jauncey vs. Johan Tkac-- Jauncey def. Tkac by TKO (broken nose) at 3:00 of Round Two

Maykol Yurk vs. Eddy Nait-Slimani -- Nait-Slimani def. Yurk by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


GLORY 28 live ESPN3 play-by-play results:

Rico Verhoeven (c) vs. Mladen Brestovac

RD1: Kicks early from Brestovac. One minute in. Verhoeven with some kicks of his own; slow start overall. Brestovac tries to go high, Verhoeven comes back with a knee. Clinch.  Hard right hand by Verhoeven. 2-3 lands for Brestovac. 10-9 Brestovac, who lands a straight left and eats a right hook before the bell.

RD2: Verhoeven on the advance, does some work in the corner. Clinch. 2-3 from Brestovac. Clinch, knees from Verhoeven. One minute in. Low kicks from Rico. Brestovac tries to go high, lands a couple counters and eats a knee. Knees from Rico, clinch. One minute to go. Brestovac kicking with his back on the ropes. Clinch. Rico doing good work inside. Body shot from the Croat. Right hook and they trade low kicks. 10-9 Verhoeven.

RD3: Leg kick exchange, right hook from Verhoeven. Front kick to the body, low kick and knee. Knees from Verhoeven. Rico muscles him to the corner and goes to work with combinations. One minute in. They exchange near the corner. Clinch, knees to the thigh from Rico. Uppercut by the Croat. Low kick again from Verhoeven. One minute to go. Rico keeping up the pressure, chipping away at Brestovac inside. Clinch. Rico pops him with a left hook in the waning seconds before they clinch. 10-9 Verhoeven.

RD4: Brestovac looking to put together punches early. Verhoeven continues to pressure. Solid body shot and low kicks. Leg kick exchange. Teeps from Brestovac, who eats a pair of right hands. One minute in. Brestovac just can't seem to really budge the champion. Right hand, low kick from Rico. Uppercut by Brestovac on the ropes. Three punches from Brestovac as Rico kicks. One minute to go. Verhoeven comes back with a right hook. Brestovac pops him with a few punches as he circles. Clinch. The exchange in the corner and clinch before the bell. 10-9 Verhoeven.

RD5: Verhoeven continues to advance. Brestovac eats a hard low kick that seems to shake him a bit. Brestovac's shots are connecting but not with the impact he needs to keep Verhoeven off of him. Low kicks by the champ, body kick by Brestovac. One minute in. Verhoeven connects with a front kick and low kick afterwards. Right hand and teeps. Clinch in the corner. Swatting right by Verhoeven as he corners Brestovac. Brestovac with a pair of punches. Verhoeven continues to cut off the ring and force Brestsovac into the corner. One minute to go. Good knee up top from Rico as they clinch. Low kick. Brestovac just struggling not to give up ground. Uppercut from Verhoeven and a blocked high kick. Rico pursues until the bell. 10-9 Verhoeven.

Final Result: Verhoeven def. Brestovac by unanimous decision

Tournament Final: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Marat Grigorian

RD1: Grigorian on the advance as usual, lands a right hand. Sittichai boxing off the back foot. Knee by Grigorian. Body kick from Sittichai, combination from Grigorian. They exchange kicks. Knees from Sittichai. Straight left connects. Body kick by Sittichai. One minute in. Knee connects, clinch. Uppercut and knee by Sittichai met by short punches. Clinch. They exchange kicks. Left from Sittichai, body kick and Girigorian puts together a combo. One minute to go. Nice combo by Sittichai. Sittichai picking up steam. Clinch. Knee from Sittichai, clinch. Grigorian rattles him with a punching combo and the two exchange in the corner. 10-9 Sitsongpeenong.

RD2: Grigorian putting together combinations early, landing knees. clinch. Body kick fro, Sittichai, knee upstairs. Uppercut and knee by Sittichai. Body shot, clinch. Straight left on the counter, knees to the body. Body kick by Grigorian. Clinch. One minute in. Lots of clinching going on. Grigorian lands a hook inside, eats a hard uppercut. Leg kick exchange. Straight lefts by Sittichai and a body kick, Grigorian answers with hard punches of his own. Good trades in the center. One minute to go. Clinch. Right hand by Grigorian, knee by Sittichai. Grigorian wading in, cornering Sittichai. Solid punches from Grigorian met by a straight left. 10-9 Grigorian.

RD3: Grigorian keeps up the aggression and the two trade kicks near the ropes. Low kick from Sittichai, clinch. Clinch. Hopping knee from Sittichai, clinch. 1-2 from the Thai. Kicks inside from both men. Sittichai finding his mark a little more often. Grigorian staying active with low kicks. Clinch. Body kick from Sittichai, clinch. One minute to go. Knee by Sittichai. Straight left from Sittichai, low kick from Grigorian. Grigorian slinging punches inside. Solid exchanges near the corner. Straight left and knee by Sittichai. Clinch. Knee, straight left, body kick. Grigorian with a left hook near the end. 10-9 Sitsongpeenong.

Final Result: Sitsongpeenong def. Grigorian by unanimous decision

Murthel Groenhart vs. Cedric Doumbe

RD1: Aggressive start to the fight, wild shots on both sides. Jumping knee attempt by Doumbe. Both try high kicks and the two of them roughhouse inside. Body kick by Groenhart. One minute in. Groenhart to the body. With a kick this time. Once again. Doumbe with some leg kicks, tries to go high. One minute to go. Doumbe slips as they trade. Doumbe goes to the body and eats a left hook before the bell. 10-9 Groenhart.

RD2: Groenhart lands a check hook early and the two again roughhouse, even after the ref tells them to stop. Flying knee from Doumbe and a looping right connects afterwards. Clinch. Body kick by Doumbe, haymakers whiff. One minute in. Clinch. Groenhart with low kicks. Doumbe winging big punches as they trade in the corner. One minute to go. Cut kick from Doumbe. Doumbe's leaving openings, Groenhart just isn't doing enough to punish him. Fight slows back down in the last minute. Doumbe lands a cross and trips. Groenhart warned for catching a kick after landing a left hook. 10-9 Doumbe.

RD3: Groenhart connects with a hook while Doumbe flings haymakers. Crazy exchanges in the early going. Groenhart gets a point taken for catching a kick. That's a very dumb rule. Groenhart clips him with some wild swings as they resume. One minute to go. Things slow back down. Doumbe with a couple of kicks, punch exchange. Groenhart whiffs on a flying knee. One minute to go. Counter right lands for Doumbe. Cut kick by Doumbe. Doumbe showboating with twenty seconds to go. Clinch. I don't even know. 9-9.

Final Result: Doumbe def. Groenhart by unanimous decision

Tournament Semi: Marat Grigorian vs. Anatoly Moiseev

RD1: Moiseev staying active on the back foot, tries a wheel kick as he first off combinations Marat cracks him with some leg kicks. Spinning back kick by Moiseev. Both men bounce punches off the guard. One minute in. Quick punching exchanges in center ring. Marat trips him up with a low kick, then a teep. Body shot lands, Moiseev wheel kick does not. Marat putting together combinations and now he is beating Moiseev up. A knee to the body folds Moiseev and he takes a count. Grigorian continues to press forward with punches and knees as Moiseev tries to counter. Moiseev trips him up. 10-8 Grigorian.

RD2: Grigorian continues his advance, hopping in with punches and knees. Moiseev fires off combinations and lands a body kick. Grigorian rips into him with a combo of his own and folds him with a liver shot, prompting a count. Grigorian swarms all over him on the reset. Moiseev throwing desperately, flinging power punches and a wheel kick. One minute in. Grigorian still looking to bulldoze him, but Moiseev manages to slow things down a bit. Left hook by Moiseev. Another one upstairs. Low kick connects. Another body shot hurts Moiseev, but Grigorian thinks it's over and walks away. Moiseev manages to recover somewhat by the time Grigorian catches on, but Grigorian takes him to the corner and goes to work. Moiseev with a solid knee. Overhand right lands for him and a cracking left hook at the bell. 10-8 Grigorian.

RD3: Moiseev comes out throwing. Spinning attempts. Solid shots by Grigorian in the center. They exchange low kicks. Grigorian gets him to the corner, gets shoved away. One minute in. Moiseev catches a knee to the groin and takes time to recover. Right hand and body shot from Grigorian, hook and uppercut by Moiseev. Grigorian with a low kick. Combinations by Grigorian and a hard knee upstairs. One minute to go. Clinch. Grigorian to the body on the ropes. They trade knees. Moieev goes to the body. 10-9 Grigorian.

Final Result: Grigorian def. Moiseev by unanimous decision

Tournament Semi: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Davit Kiria

RD1: Both men looking to kick early. Leg kick from Sittichai, then a knee to the body. Body kick. Kiria with a 1-3 after landing a leg kick. Knee from Sittichai. One minute in. Low kick from Sittichai, body shot and high kick attempt. Both land low kicks. Sittichai targeting the body. Right hand by Kiria, combo from Sittichai. One minute to go. Both land low kicks. Knees from Sittichai, clinch. Teep from Kiria, who whiffs on a rolling thunder. Knees from Sittichai once again. Kiria comes up short with another rolling thunder at the bell. 10-9 Sitsongpeenong.

RD2: Sittichai continues to land the inside low kick and bounce his shin off Kiria's forearms. Kiria landing low kicks, but getting checked more often than not. Uppercut from Kiria, body kick and 1-2 and knee by Sittichai. One minute in. Another combo from the Thai. Low kick exchange. Once again. Knees to the body from Sittichai. Kiria's mouthpiece falls out and he tries and fails to pick it up with hi gloves on. Good left by Sittichai after avoiding Kiria's punches. One minute to go. Knee by Sittichai, clinch. Head kick attempt, combinations land. Kiria with a few knees as well. Sittichai responds in kind. 10-9 Sitsongpeenong.

RD3: Kiria continues to advance but he's just losing these exchanges. Sittichai's defense and volume are on point today. More knees by Sittichai. Clinch. 1-2 by Kiria. Clinch. One minute in. Sittichai catches a kick and backs away from a rolling thunder. Sittichai to the body. Straight left connects, clinch. Head kick lands as Kiria throws a right. One minute to go. Straight left and knee by Sittichai. Uppercuts in the clinch from both. Kiria looking to kick with him, walks into some knees. 10-9 Sitsongpeenong.

Final Result: Sitsongpeenong def. Kiria by unanimous decision

GLORY 28 Superfight Series play-by-play results:

Saulo Cavalari (c) vs. Artem Vakhitov

RD1: Both men kick to start, then clinch. Kick exchanges, combinations from Cavalari. Low kick exchange. Cavalari to the body. Volume favors the champ in a big way early on. Both men connect with low kicks. One minute in. Very solid combinations early by the champion. Vakhitov sneaks in a straight right. Clinch. Another right by Cavalari. Low kick exchange. Vakhitov mostly hitting the guard. Right hand exchange. Vakhitov to the body. Hard punches by Vakhitov. Vakhitov walking him down, eats a front kick and they tie up. 10-9 Cavalari.

RD2: Early kicks, clinch. Low kick exchanges. Body shot by Vakhitov, Cavalari answers in kind. The two continue to trade kicks. 1-2 by the champ. Clinch. Overhand right by Vakhitov, clinch. One minute in. Body kick by Vakhitov. Cavalari runs in with some body kicks himself, clinch. Vakhitov corners him and lands a few before getting clinched. One minute to go. Clinch. Vakhitov with a body kick and some nasty right hands. Cavalari opens up with a combination in return. 1-2 knocks Vakhitov back. Both men attack the body before the bell. 10-9 Vakhitov.

RD3: They immediately exchange in the center. More good body work by Vakhitov. Straight right by the champion slips through. Vakhitov again downstairs, then goes to work with combination punching. Clinch. One minute in. Vakhitov with solid punches and a front kick. Clinch. Cavalari seems to be slowing down. Vakhitov whiffs on a spinning back fist after landing a right downstairs. Cavalari wading forward, landing low kicks. Vakhitov connects with some left hands. One minute to go. Body kick exchanges. Cavalari forces him to the ropes and tries to flurry. Nice exchange in the waning seconds. 10-9 Vakhitov.

RD4: Vakhitov definitely seems like the fresher fighter. Vakhitov staying patient, walking Cavalari down. One minute in. Nice punching exchange. Vakhitov lands a body kick, eats a knee in return. Counter left by Vakhitov. Cavlari picking away at his legs, lands a solid right hand. Spinning back kick from the Russian. Not enough coming from Vakhitov at the moment. One minute to go. They trade low kicks and Vakhitov rips him with some heavy punches. Now Vakhitov on the attack, rips to the body and lands a knee in the corner. 10-9 Vakhitov.

RD5: Cavalari still pressing forward. Low kick from Vakhitov. They exchange low kicks. Vakhitov with a combination downstairs and spinning back kick. Body kick lands. One minute in. 1-2 from the champion. Low kicks by Vakhitov and a wheel kick attempt. Hug Tornado lands. Leg kick exchange. Overhand left by the challenger. Clinch. Right hand by Cavalari. One minute to go. Both slam home right hands inside. Low kick from Vakhitov. Vakhitov with a right downstairs and spinning back kick. Cavalari's mouth is wide open as he avoids a spinning back fist. 10-9 Vakhitov.

Final Result: Vakhitov def. Cavalari by unanimous decision

Freddy Kemayo vs. Xavier Vigney

RD1: Kemayo comes out throwing heat, prompting Vigney to back him off with short shots. Vigney forces Kemayo to the ropes and uncorks a flurry, mixing in clinch knees to the head. The ref separates them. Hard 1-2s and jabs by Vigney. Two good hooks by Kemayo connect. One minute in. Low kick from Vigney, right hand by Kemayo. Kemayo finding his mark with hooks. Low kick and jabs from Vigney, lead right by Kemayo. One minute to go. More right hands by Kemayo. Solid counters from Vigney. Another overhand right from Kemayo, who runs into a left hook. 2-3 by Vigney. Flurry from Vigney to end the round. 10-9 Vigney.

RD2: Vigney again opens with a flurry. Kemayo looking to take out his legs. Clinch. Kemayo lands a right hand as Vigney continues throwing jabs and straights. The referee calls pause to retrieve Kemayo's mouthpiece and Vigney throws a blatant late shot. Vigney keeps up the volume when they resume. Low kick from Kemayo. One minute to go. Hard overhand right; Kemayo's cutting off the ring well and landing hard shots. Vigney flurrying off the back foot. Kemayo plodding forward, walking through Vigney's shots to rip the body and head. 10-9 Kemayo.

RD3: They both come out throwing this time. Vigney still throwing loads of punches. Kemayo to the legs. Good right hand by Vigney, Kemayo answers back. Kemayo slinging big punches to the head, slips on a knee. One minute in. Another right hand by Kemayo. Vigney keeping his jab in Kemayo's face but can't keep distance. Big right hands by both men. They're dinging some massive punches off of each other's heads. Clinch. 1-2 from Vigney. Kemayo to the body on the ropes. Vigney cracks Kemayo with a left hook as the Frenchman fires a high kick. Close round. 10-9 Vigney.

Final Result: Vigney def. Kemayo by unanimous decision

Serhiy Adamchuk (c) vs. Mosab Amrani

RD1: Amrani looking to kick early. Adamchuk on the back foot. Amrani keeping him at a distance. Quick punching exchange. One minute in. Body kick from Amrani, then a low kick. Wild rush. Adamchuk catches a kick and knocks Amrani over with a straight left; no knockdown. Clinch. One minute to go. Counter 1-2 from the champ after taking a low kick. Knee to the body. Amrani with a right downstairs, eats a knee. 3-2 and body knee from Adamchuk. Amrani corners him and gets clinched. Knee by Adamchuck before the bell. 10-9 Adamchuk.

RD2: Adamchuk to the body. He catches another kick and trips Amrani up. Amrani swinging a bit wild, gets clinched. Overhand right connects. Amrani falls through the ropes after a clinch, rolls back in. One minute in. Knee exchange in the clinch. Knee by the champion, then a spinning back fist that Amrani takes well. Clinch. Adamchuck warned for holding. One minute to go. Knees by Adamchuk and Amrani does a blatant takedown when they clinch. Both land right hands. Amrani throws him again. Adamchuk catches him with a spinning back kick at the bell. 10-9 Adamchuk.

RD3: Adamchuk looking for combinations early. Amrani does another throw. Body kick from Adamchuk, then a check hook. Body kick, clinch. Adamchuk to the body. Knees by Adamchuk in the clinch. Another knee from Adamchuk and another throw by Amrani. One minute in. Clinch; ref warns them for nonsense. Right hook and a big knee by Adamchuk. One minute to go. Amrani's losing almost all of these exchanges at this point. Another spinning back fist and right hook. Another right hook, then a combination. Knees by Adamchuk. BIG overhand left sends Amrani to the canvas right before the bell. Amrani makes it up and through the round. 10-8 Adamchuk

RD4: Adamchuk starts strong with a combination and wheel kick. Clinch. Punching combo, step-in knee. Knee upstairs as Amrani pursues with tired-looking punches. Adamchuk rips to the body, then rattles Amrani with an uppercut and straight to the head. One minute in. Low kick from the champ, clinch. Clinch. Clinch. Amrani looks spent. Low kicks from the champion. Adamchuk to the body, then up high with power punches. Hard knee to the head. Amrani just clinching at this point. One minute to go. Adamchuk going to work with power punches and knees. Hug Tornado by Adamchuk and some more punches. 10-9 Adamchuk.

RD5: Body kick from Adamchuk. Amrani flops a bit after getting shoved; he really has nothing left, just clinching to survive. Nice cut kick from the champ. Combinations, Amrani clinches. One minute in. Rolling thunder attempt by Adamchuk. Straight left connects. Utter domination at this point by Adamchuk as brutal knees and punches connect. Uppercut by Adamchuk. One minute to go. Nasty punches and a massive knee seems to turn off the lights for a moment. Amrani takes a standing count and gets back in there. Adamchuk tears into him with power punches and tries a somersault kick at the bell. 10-8 Adamchuk.

Final Result: Adamchuk def. Amrani by unanimous decision

Jason Wilnis vs. Filip Verlinden

RD1: Verlinden opens with body kicks. Wilnis sneaks a right around the guard. Verlinden on the back foot, maintaining distance and firing body kicks. Wilnis looking to cut off the ring and power punch. Verlinden moving well thus far. One minute in. 1-2-3 by Wilnis. Knee from Verlinden, body blow and low kick from Wilnis. Overhand right connects. Verlinden keeping him at bay with straight punches. One minute to go. Combination by Wilnis. Hard series of punches lands. Verlinden starting to trade punches with him and not getting the better of it. Kick exchanges. Verlinden eats a combo, comes back with a right. Uppercut by Wilnis before the bell. 10-9 Wilnis.

RD2: Verlinden opens with knees, eats body shots. Wilnis continues to work the body. Verlinden with a combination and knee attempt. He's showing more volume now. Wilnis rips the body and they trade low kicks. One minute in. Solid right by Verlinden after a knee. Wilnis with hooks downstairs. Verlinden working behind a constant series of knees. One minute to go. Wilnis to the body, low kick from Verlinden. Wilnis with a punching combo, Verlinden grazes him with a left hook. Straight right forces Verlinden back. Solid left hook from Verlinden as they exchange. Wilnis fires a flurry at the bell. 10-9 Wilnis.

RD3: Wilnis still walking Verlinden down while the latter keeps up the volume. Wilnis landing the bigger punches early in the round. One minute in. Verlinden with a body kick, tries to go high, lands a knee. Counter right from Verlinden connects. Wilnis with hooks low and high. Verlinden with a low kick, Wilnis with power punches. Hard 1-2 connects. Body blows continue to pile up. One minute to go. Verlinden lands a combo off the back foot. Big 1-2 from Wilnis, who has Verlinden with his back to the ropes. Verlinden circles off, but he can't keep Wilnis off of him. Wilnis going hard and landing some brutal punches as Verlinden slugs it out with him until the bell. 10-9 Wilnis.

Final Result: Wilnis def. Verlinden by unanimous decision

Josh Jauncey vs. Johan Tkac

RD1: Tkac tossing out low kicks to start. Jauncey with a knee and leg kick. Step-in knee. Tkac still looking for kicks. One minute in. Tkac with more volume thus far. Jauncey with a low kick and body work. 1-2 lands. Jauncey starting to ramp up a little more. Tkac getting knocked around by the low kicks now. Check hook by Jauncey. Body shot and knee. One minute to go. Tkac continues to advance but he's taking some punishment. Body shots connect for Jauncey. Overhand right from Tkac, then a solid combination. Punching exchange to end the round. 10-9 Jauncey.

RD2: Tkac staying aggressive but taking more than he's dishing out right now. Lovely combinations from Chauncey, high and low. Jauncey targeting a nasty left hook to the liver and right hands up top. Knee, low kick, punches; everything's working for Jauncey right now. Tkac fires a body kick, eats a right cross. Tkac knee, body shot meets it. Body shot and uppercut by Jauncey. One minute to go. Jauncy continuing to do work with combinations while Tkac looks for one big strike. A right hand seems to rattle Tkac and Jauncey works him over on the ropes. The Frenchman comes back with strikes at the bell. 10-9 Jauncey.

RD3: Tkac's face is a mess; the doctor confirms that Tkac's nose is broken and the referee calls it.

Final Result: Jauncey def. Tkac by TKO (broken nose)

Maykol Yurk vs. Eddy Nait-Slimani

RD1: The Fight Pass feed cuts in once the first round's already started. Very active round early on, both men flinging out heavy kicks. Good body blows by Yurk. One minute in. Yurk with knees inside. Clinching. Slimani jumps in for a knee, lands a right hand and goes for low kicks. Stiff jabs. Yurk with a low kick of his own. Low kick exchange. One minute to go. Hard teep to the face by Slimani and Yurk comes back with kicks. Clinch. Another teep from Slimani and a stiff jab. Yurk to the body, blocks a spinning kick and eats front kicks. Clinch. 2-1 by Slimani. 10-9 Slimani.

RD2: They go right back to slinging leather early. Yurk with body blows, gets tripped up. Slimani attempts another spinning back kick, eats some counters. Yurk continues to advance, gets clinched. One minute in. Yurk finding more success this round with hard body blows. Slimani circling and landing kicks behind a hard jab. Combination lands. Clinch. More combos and a knee by Yurk. Slimani with leg kicks. One minute to go. Clinch. Jumping knee from Slimani, clinch. Yurk slips oddly. Knee exchange. Slimani forces him back at the bell. 10-9 Yurk.

RD3: Yurk continuing to advance. Aggression early by the Brazilian. Slimani lands a spinning back kick to the body, clinch. Nice combination; Yurk clinches as he eats strikes and gets warned for it. One minute in. Low kick exchange. Clinch. Yurk slips on a wheel kick. Slimani coming on stronger while Yurk seems like he's fading, looking for clinches. One minute to go. Yurk fires off a combo, met by a 1-2. Slimani cracks him with a low kick behind some punches. Yurk clinches. Brief exchange on the ropes before the bell. 10-9 Slimani.

Final Result: Nait-Slimani def. Yurk by unanimous decision

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