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WSOF 29 live results stream: 'Gaethje vs Foster' play-by-play updates tonight on NBC Sports

World Series of Fighting

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 29: "Gaethje vs. Foster" airs live on NBC Sports Network TONIGHT (Sat., March 12, 2016) from Bank of Colorado Arena in Greeley, Colorado.

Undefeated Lightweight champion Justin Gaethje returns later this evening, looking to make another title defense against WSOF 25 "Lightweight Tournament" winner Brian Foster in the main event. A win propels him to 16-0, edging him ahead of Marlon Moraes in successful title defenses.

The undercard offers some promising potential as well. Heavyweight sluggers "Cuddly Bear" Josh Copeland and Mike "300" Hayes will mix it up, and we'll see the promotional debut of Middleweight veterans Louis "Handgunz" Taylor and Cory "The One" Devela.

All of the action-packed WSOF 29 televised bouts air this evening on NBC Sports Network, starting at 9 p.m. ET! will deliver LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of WSOF 29: "Gaethje vs. Foster" below, including "Prelims" undercard action that starts online at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 29) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Justin Gaethje (c) vs. Brian Foster -- Gaethje TKO (kicks) 1:43 of R1.
Josh Copeland vs. Mike Hayes -- Copeland UD 30-27 X3.
Cory Devela vs. Louis Taylor -- Taylor via sub (guillotine) 0:29 R1.
Josh Cavan vs. Kris Hocum -- Hocum SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Ian Heinisch vs. Tyler Vogel -- Heinisch UD 30-26 X2, 29-27.
Josh Huber vs. Clay Wimer -- Huber UD 30-27 X3.
Danny Mainus vs. Brandon Royval -- Royval via KO 2:48 R1.


Justin Gaethje (c) vs. Brian Foster

Foster is in the red trunks tonight. Gaethje is in the yellow and gray. Foster is 25-8 and fights out of Englewood, Colorado. Gaethje is 15-0 and fights out of Denver, Colorado as the Lightweight champion. Our referee in charge of this main event is Tom Johnson.

Round 1: Foster comes forward swinging but doesn't land the kill shot. Gaethje stands and delivers and Foster lands on his back. Gaethje backs up and lets Foster stand up at 43 seconds. Wild first minute. Foster ducks the right hand from Gaethje. Gaethje fires a leg kick that makes Foster limp a little on his left leg. Gaethje lands it again and Foster goes down off the third kick and Gaethje wins at 1:43. Backflip off the cage fence to celebrate for Gaethje.

Final result: Justin Gaethje by TKO (leg kicks) at 1:43 of the first round.


Josh Copeland vs. Mike Hayes

Hayes is 19-12-2 and sports gray and yellow Auto Shopper trunks. Copeland is wearing the black trunks tonight with a record of 11-3. Hayes fights out of Kent, Washington and Copeland fights out of Arvada, Colorado. Our referee in charge is Tim Mills.

Round 1: Copeland is banging with big rights early. Hayes keeps circling his hands and taking pitter pat steps forward. When he gets into range again Copeland hurts him with rights and pushes him to the fence. Copeland tries to get his left arm free to get off some shots and settles for knees when he can't. Copeland may just want to tire Hayes out here by making him carry all his weight. Hayes tries to pull the head down for knees and Copeland breaks then fires off a straight left and big right. Hayes backs off at 3:30, and Copeland comes forward with an uppercut. Copeland is fighting with his hands down around his waist, leaving him open for counter shots. Copeland lands a body shot and a good left. 10-9 to Copeland.

Round 2: Copeland scores early in R2 with some big right hands and a left hook. He's making Hayes back up every time he fires, but he just can't keep his hands up. Body shot by Copeland. Big left by Copeland at 1:34. Another one at 1:43. Chael Sonnen is marveling that Hayes hasn't fallen -- I guess he didn't read up about Hayes' history before calling this fight. Copeland's mouthpiece comes out and the ref calls time. We resume with 2:27 gone in R2. Hayes throws a front kick and eats a straight left. Copeland lands an even harder left at 3:00 and comes over the top with a right 10 seconds later. Copeland keeps popping Hayes but Hayes isn't going down. Hayes almost seems to be saying "come at me bro" and Copeland is willing to oblige. Blood is running down Hayes' face. Hayes comes forward with a good flurry and a head kick and some nice jabs in the last 20 seconds of R2. It's still a 10-9 for Copeland.

Round 3: Copeland charges forward at 27 seconds and puts Hayes on the fence. Hayes pushes free at 52 seconds but he's eating the left hand over and over. Flush right for Copeland connects. He keeps setting up with the left and throwing the right. Hayes is incredibly durable and his career shows it, but you have to wonder how much more of Copeland's offense he can take. Two big rights land at 2:50. His head looks like a bobblehead doll, bouncing up and down as he moves around, wobbling more when Copeland lands. The lower half of Hayes' face is covered in blood. Copeland barely looks like he's been touched. He misses with an uppercut but hits with a left. Copeland's right lands at 4:30 but Hayes turns him around. Copeland turns him back and the two men throw down right to the horn.

Final result: The judges score it 30-27 unanimously for Josh Copeland.


Cory Devela vs. Louis Taylor

Round 1: Taylor is in the yellow trunks, 12-3, fighting out of Chicago, Illinois. Devela is the black trunks, 16-5, fighting out of Bonney Lake, Washington. Our referee is Tom Johnson. Taylor grabs a guillotine right away as Devela shoots, and Devela goes out cold 29 seconds into the first round. Wow. The replay is the entire fight.

Final result: Louis Taylor wins via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 0:29 of round one.


Josh Cavan vs. Kris Hocum

Round 1: Red trunks, 7-5, fighting out of Ft. Collins, Colorado is Kris Hocum. Yellow trunks, 11-6, fighting out of Englewood, Colorado is Josh Cavan. Our referee is Tim Mills. Both men size each other up for the first 20 seconds. Cavan shoots for a takedown and gets turned around against the fence. He turns it back but eats a left elbow from Hocum as they break. Hocum tries to grab the clinch for a knee but Cavan dodges it and breaks free. Cavan goes for a single leg and we're on the fence again, and once again Cavan throws the elbow on the break. Hocum lands a right hook and throws a left kick. Cavan shoots again, Hocum blocks it, the ref separates them believing fingers were grabbing the cage. Hard kick from Hocum connects. Cavan shoots again at 4:15. He eats a knee for his trouble as they jockey against the fence. Hocum lands several good hands as Cavan shoots forward again to end the round. I'd say 10-9 for Hocum but it wasn't a blowout.

Round 2: Hocum hurts Cavan with a knee to the face in the first minute but Cavan gets underhooks and pushes Hocum to the fence to survive. He tries and tries but can't get the single leg takedown and has to break at 1:47. Cavan shoots for a double at 2:05 and it's not there. A straight left by Hocum lands. The damage is starting to add up as Cavan is bleeding. He lands with the left, Cavan goes for a takedown again, he finally gets Hocum to his back but isn't able to control him as he stands up at 3:40. Cavan shoots and completes a takedown at 4:13 but Hocum is right back up. Cavan is on Hocum's back trying to pull him back down and fails. He pushes Hocum to the fence and Hocum responds with a takedown attempt of his own. It's another 10-9 for Hocum.

Round 3: Hocum charges forward and gets a takedown, Cavan is back up quick, but Hocum throws a knee on the exit. Cavan goes for a single leg but Hocum ties up his head against the cage and breaks clean. Hocum seems to put a left on Cavan's chin when he wants, so he's content to let Cavan come forward, even if it ends with a shoot. This time he gets the takedown at the 90 seconds mark. Cavan gets the back at the two minute mark but has no hooks. Cavan tries to land some right hands to soften Hocum up. Hocum gets out at 3:08 and throws a right hook. Cavan shoots for a single again. He gets a takedown but Hocum tries to get a submission in the process. That doesn't work. Cavan takes the back and throws knees. Cavan tries to jump the back for a submission attempt. He's got hooks in with 25 seconds left but isn't able to get a submission before the horn. I'd give Cavan a 10-9 for R3. Did two judges give him R1? We'll find out soon enough.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Cavan, 29-28 Hocum, and 29-28 for Hocum by split decision.


Ian Heinisch vs. Tyler Vogel

Vogel is 3-1 fighting out of Billings, Montana in white trunks with gray trim. Heinisch gets a pop from the crowd when he comes out sporting black trunks, a record of 4-0 fighting out of Englewood, Colorado. The ref is Tom Johnson.

Round 1: Heinisch goes for a flying knee 30 seconds into R1 and takes Vogel down 11 seconds later. He tries to take the back as Vogel stands back up and is unable to do so. Heinisch comes forward landing shots and gets a double but takes some elbows he tries to spin Vogel away from the cage. Vogel gets back up at 2:02. Heinisch tries and fails to complete another takedown and Vogel is right back up. Vogel fires a leg kick and eats a 1-2 from Heinisch. Heinisch comes forward throwing lefts and is warned to watch his fingers to the eyes. Heinisch clocks Vogel with a right that makes him back up. Heinisch pushes Vogel toward the fence with strikes, initially gets stuffed, but gets another takedown at 4:45. Clear 10-9 for Heinisch.

Round 2: Vogel eats a right kick to the body right away but comes forward swinging his hands. Heinisch just misses with a big right as Vogel ducks under it. Leg kicks trade. Heinisch misses with a head kick but follows with his hands and lands a few. Vogel lands a hard left hand. Vogel does land good strikes but they only come one at a time. His spinning back kick is a perfect example - it connects and then he resets. Meanwhile Heinisch keeps giving chase. Heinisch shoots for a takedown and gets it at 4:05 landing in half guard. In a fairly even round that takedown makes a big difference. He postures up to land at 4:44 and Vogel grabs and hangs on until the horn ends R2.

Round 3: Vogel starts R2 with a couple of nice lefts. Heinisch goes for a takedown, Vogel stuffs it, but he lands a knee to the head as Heinisch is getting back up and still grounded. Vogel gets a one point deduction as a result. We resume with only 0:44 gone in R3. Heinisch tries for a takedown and gets stuffed again but this time Vogel pulls up on the knee. Heinisch gets the takedown he wanted at 1:14. Vogel tries to push away from the cage with his palms, and as he does the ref warns him not to link his fingers in the fence multiple times. Heinisch is warned to get busy at 2:14. Vogel spins around by pushing off the cage with his feet but Heinisch is still heavy on top in closed guard. Vogel keeps wrapping his left arm around Heinisch's head to pull him down, but that's all he can do. When Heinisch gets his right arm free he lands right hooks and hammerfists. Vogel tries to scoot backward but just can't get loose. This should be an easy unanimous decision for Heinisch. A late armbar attempt by Vogel doesn't work.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-26 x2 and 29-27 all for Ian Heinisch.


Josh Huber vs. Clay Wimer

Wimer is in black trunks that say J&T on the front. Huber is plain black trunks with red trim. Wimer is 6-0 and fights out Rapid City, South Dakota by way of Palmer, Alaska. Huber is 15-9 and he fights out of Denver by way of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our ref is Tim Mills.

Round 1: 15 seconds into the fight Huber hit an accidental low blow kick and the ref called time. Wimer recovers quickly. Wimer throws a kick and Huber knocks him backward with a straight left. He lands it again and he seems to be timing it now. Huber tags him a third time with it at 1:40. Wimer keeps circling around him trying to find a good angle. Both men exchange front kicks. Wimer gets his neck snapped back at 2:49 and eats a knee to the body behind it. Huber comes forward, lands a big knee, Wimer loses his mouthpiece as they trade on the fence, the ref has yet to notice it. He eats another big left at 3:56 and runs to get his mouthpiece and put it back in himself. Huber drops Wimer again at 4:22 and now he's trying to pound it out. Wimer closes his guard and manages to survive, but that was 10-9 bordering on 10-8 for Huber. The ref warns Wimer to keep his mouthpiece in between rounds.

Round 2: Huber wastes no time throwing his big left. Wimer gets in a head kick that makes Huber back off. Wimer throws kicks to the lead right leg trying to slow Huber down. Wimer eats a couple of shots and drops levels to get a takedown at 1:18. Wimer grabs a guillotine as Huber tries to sweep on top. Huber pops out at 2:13. Wimer tries to grab a leg, Huber tries to spin out, he manages to get back on top and throw Wimer down, throwing body shots and hammers. He backs away at 3:25 and eats an upkick, but it didn't daze him, while the shots he's landing are hurting Wimer badly. The only thing that keeps Wimer in this is that he keeps tying Huber up, but it's another blowout round for Huber and Wimer can barely stand at the end of R2. Blood is leaking from his nose and both cheeks are bruised up.

Round 3: Wimer hasn't given up - he's still throwing leg kicks as R3 gets underway. His corner outright told him he was losing between rounds and needs to finish in R3 if he wants to win. Wimer shoots, Huber sprawls, and he spins to take the back at 1:25. Huber is landing knees as he tries to pass and get a hook in. Wimer traps his head for a bit as he concedes the bottom, and Huber jumps across him to be on top in guard. Wimer fires elbows and Mills warns him about shots to the back of the head. Huber tries to posture up and Wimer tries to pull him in close. Enough shots have gotten through to really open up the flow of blood from Wimer's nasal passages. Wimer tries again to grab a guillotine with short time left. Huber pops out at 4:32 and does more damage before the final horn.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 X3 all for Josh Huber.


Danny Mainus vs. Brandon Royval

Round 1: The WSOF live stream was down for the entire fight but on catching a replay it's clear that Mainus caught a left knee as he was shooting for a takedown that dropped him cold.

Final result: Brandon Royval by knockout at 2:48 of the first round.


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