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Dana White says the fans want to see Conor McGregor defend featherweight belt against Frankie Edgar

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago UFC president Dana White was saying that if featherweight champion Conor McGregor had an impressive victory against Nate Diaz he couldn't see the Irishman returning to 145 pounds ever again.

This week he's pushing for McGregor to fight Frankie Edgar back down at featherweight, while using the fans as an excuse to book the fight.

It's just another complete 180 degree reversal for White. In other words, business as usual.

White and company are putting together ideas for the historic UFC 200 card set for July 9 in Las Vegas at the brand spanking new T-Mobile Arena, and the brass are already salivating at the idea of having their license to print money appear as a headliner.

"I was at his house last night talking to [McGregor]," White said on "Russillo and Kanell" this week. "What do you think his future is? He wants to fight again as soon as possible. He wants to jump back in there and he wants to fight again. We're working on who the next opponent will be."

White says that the leading candidates are Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, but that fans want to see Edgar test the Irishman. It would certainly sell better than a rematch with Aldo, who was dusted inside 13 seconds at UFC 194 in December.

UFC are also quite aware of the Brazilian's propensity to not show up on fight night.

"This business it has to burn, it has to be a desire inside you to fight. Conor McGregor's a perfect example," White said. "This guy's going to turn around and fight on (UFC) 200 again. You have to have that burning desire to fight. If you don't have it, you absolutely should not fight."

As for Edgar, he's been filled with rage since White told reporters he turned down a fight with McGregor at UFC 196, knowing they were going to "throw him under the bus" anyway and sign Nate Diaz to fight. As for the results of that matchup, Edgar was prescient in his pronouncement that Diaz could spoil the party for UFC and send McGregor running back to 145 pounds.

Regardless of whether McGregor vs Edgar happens now, Frankie's camp has already started mocking the "Notorious" for gassing out against Diaz, suggesting he'll get mauled against the New Jersey cardio machine.

Looks like it's back to salads for Conor.

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