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Erick Silva: Phony glove touch at UFC 196 unethical, but not against the rules

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Erick Silva was starched by Nordine Taleb at UFC 196 last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch it.

Unfortunately, nobody is talking about the Canadian's knockout win in "Sin City," because the big story borne from their welterweight brawl was the phony glove touch Silva used to sneak in an extra shot. But that doesn't mean his loss was karma, because he didn't break any rules.

"The Tiger" explains on his official Instagram page.

People don't know anything about me, but still judge me, people do mistakes, they all do, I, you, he, or they, we all make mistakes and we must first recognize the errors rationally and not do it again. I admit that in the heat of battle I let my emotional act and ended up doing something not worthy of the martial art, at the time I confess I went through unnoticed, more analyzing the video I'm not saying I was disloyal, or cheater, because there is nothing in the rule that say it can't do that. More like a martial artist I was anti ethical. Also does not say that the defeat was karma or deserved so it was by exactly merits of a perfect punch from my opponent who applied very well, and trained to get me that way. On the other hand I'm happy. Glad to have done a great camp, was physically very well prepared and happy with all my change in the recent months, didn't come out with the result that I wanted. I have the consciousness that I did everything in my training the right way. I want to thanks for all who cheer for me regardless of the result, and even who's no fan of heart. I would also like to thank in particular to my @kings_mma @jacobharman @danielmendes84 @aojacademy trainers throughout your patience. I'm not going to stop being who I am and who I've always been because this minority judging me today, anyone who knows me knows my values and those that are the most important. And now is to raise my head and keep training to come back stronger, and not make the same mistakes. Big hug to everyone and stay with God bless all #LoveTheProcess

Someone hug this dude.

The loss is particularly troubling for Silva (18-7, 1 NC) as it marks his second straight defeat. On its own, back-to-back losses are not cause for alarm, but the Brazilian is just 6-6 under the ZUFFA banner and remains unranked at 170 pounds.

Anyone think his UFC career is in jeopardy ... or not yet?

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