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Former UFC fighter shot during attempted robbery

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"The East Side Assassin" was nearly assassinated on the east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Mikey Burnett, who competed three times for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) back in the late nineties, was shot three times when armed bandits tried to rob him in the parking lot of Rib Crib, a popular BBQ joint in "The Sooner State."

Even worse, they also shot his son, according to News on 6:

Tulsa police said, as the father, Mikey Burnett, and son, Freddie Burnett, got to their car, two men walked up and tried to rob them. We're told Freddie tried to fight off the suspected robbers when they held up his dad.

Police said Mikey was shot three times in the abdomen and Freddie was shot once in the leg. Police said Mikey was taken to the hospital for surgery. Both are expected to survive.

Scary stuff.

Burnett (5-2), now 41, finished with a 2-1 record for UFC, notching wins over Eugenio Tadeo (UFC 16) and Townsend Saunders (UFC 18), sandwiched around a decision loss to Pat Miletich (UFC 17.5).

It should be noted the shooters have yet to be apprehended.