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Chuck Liddell offers his (inebriated) thoughts on Ronda Rousey's striking and her coach Edmond Tarverdyan

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

When you mention the name Ronda Rousey these days it's difficult not to also mention her striking coach Edmond Tarverdyan, the man who recently lost his cornerman license in California and was fined $5,000.

Rousey's mother said in October that Tarverdyan is a "terrible coach" who "hit the lottery" with Rousey, urging her to leave the camp long before her November loss to Holly Holm.

It's hard to argue the Glendale Fighting Club coach hit the jackpot with a net monthly income of negative $110 a month and who recently filed for bankruptcy in Los Angeles.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with a shitfaced slightly inebriated Chuck Liddell to get the UFC hall-of-famer's opinion on the situation. At first he didn't seem quite able to place the name.

"Is it the guy that told her she can outstrike Holly Holm?" he says while slurring his words.

Yes, the very same dude.

But rather than dump on Tarverdyan, Liddell praised the improvement of Rousey's striking game.

"Ronda's striking has greatly improved. He's done a great job with her striking. Ok? But," said Liddell, pausing for effect, "There's another step when you're going against a professional striker."

That appeared to be the end of the interview, however TMZ asked Liddell a loaded question: Are you willing to train Ronda Rousey in striking?

"I'll train her any time she wants," came the reply from the "Iceman."

We'll see what he says when he sobers up.

Rousey is expected to rematch Holm sometime later in 2016, potentially at UFC 200 in July. However for that to happen the champ will need to prevail over Miesha Tate at UFC 196, which is no easy task.


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