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UFC Quick Quote: Joe Rogan says UFC fouls should result in automatic point deduction

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

"First of all, automatic point deductions. No matter what. When a guy gets poked in the eye, 'Oh, I know it's unintentional.' No. None of that. There's no accidental. Take a point away. Just because you didn't mean to damage a guy and effectively take away some of his vision doesn't mean you shouldn't be penalized for it. You did it. That guy lost something so his opponent should lose something, as well. Instant point deduction. There are certain things that the ref and I can't see so when a guy gets kicked low they should review the tape. Instantly. The ref should always review the tape. It should be a law and if the kick went low? One point. Fuck it. One point for low kicks and one point for eye pokes. I guarantee you that shit would decrease dramatically. People would be pissed off, lose fights and say, 'It was only because this guy faked that groin kick,' or whatever, but all you'd need to do is make sure it never happens. That might be the only way to make sure it never happens outside of changing the equipment."

In case you couldn't tell by the profanity that was Joe Rogan talking about the profligacy of fouls in UFC these days while appearing as a guest on The Three Amigos podcast (transcription via Rogan has often gone on long-winded rants about the importance of using proper protection like Thai cups to prevent injury during an accidental groin strikes, but it would appear the UFC's popular colorman has other ideas to cut down the number of fouls and injuries. The recent controversy of eye pokes in UFC was heightened by two separate fouls during one fight at UFC Fight Night 81 in which the errant fingers of Travis Browne landed in the eye of Matt Mitrione. After the fight, Mitrione said the referee should have "saved" him from himself by calling the fight, preventing a gruesome broken orbital bone in the third round. He certainly would have had nothing to fear from UFC president Dana White, who reportedly tells fighters they are free to stop the fight if they are ever fouled. White has often promised to clamp down on such infractions, especially when the UFC's biggest star does it on a regular basis in fights (then jokes about it after). However, to date nothing has changed.

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