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Mike Jackson admits he doesn't belong in UFC, but neither do Mickey Gall or CM Punk

There's a reason they call Mike Jackson "The Truth."

The mixed martial arts (MMA) newcomer will make his Octagon debut against Mickey Gall on the UFC Fight Pass "Prelims" portion of the upcoming UFC Fight Night 82 event on FOX Sports 1, which takes place this Saturday night (Feb. 6, 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gall was handpicked by UFC President Dana White to face CM Punk later this year, but only if the New Jersey native can beat Jackson this weekend in "Sin City." If Gall loses, however, there is no guarantee Jackson can step in and take his place.

Nothing personal, just business.

"This is a business," Jackson told MMA Fighting. "Phil Brooks, CM Punk, does he belong in the UFC? No. Does myself or Mickey Gall belong in the UFC? No. But you bring Punk in because it's a business deal and you can't throw this kid in there with any other UFC fighter."

Jackson is 0-0, as is Punk, while Gall is 1-0.

So basically we have three MMA rookies getting time and real estate under the UFC banner because the promotion wants to capitalize on CM Punk, who was a big deal in professional wrestling before calling it quits back in 2014. Let's just hope none of them get sick before the fight.

And whatever you do, don't let your wife watch.

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