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Manager: Anderson Silva deserves immediate rematch against Michael Bisping ... in Brazil

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of folks thought Anderson Silva defeated Michael Bisping at the UFC Fight Night 84 mixed martial arts (MMA) event, which took place last Saturday (Feb. 27, 2016) in London, England.

Chief among them is UFC President Dana White.

Not surprisingly, Ed Soares, manager for "The Spider," does not believe the judges scored the fight correctly (see the cards here) and insists the only way to settle the corruption controversy is to run it back.

In Silva's (ex) backyard.

"[Bisping] did show a lot of heart," Soares wrote on Instagram. "Hats off to him!! I don't agree with the decision but tell me what you think of this solution: Rematch in Brazil, if [Silva wins] we have the trilogy in Vegas?"

What better place to combat corruption than Brazil?

Bisping suffered a tremendous amount of damage in their five-round tilt (replay), but Silva was not busy enough -- and did not capitalize on this opportunity -- which is probably why "The Count" emerged victorious.

Good luck getting him to sign on for a do-over.

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