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Michael Bisping slams Nick Diaz: 'Don't be bitter because I beat somebody you couldn't'

Christopher Lee/Getty Images


UFC middleweight Nick Diaz watched the UFC Fight Night 84: "Silva vs. Bisping" mixed martial arts (MMA) event last weekend in London, England, and was able to sum up his thoughts on the five-round main event (watch it) by tweeting one simple Instagram post:

Naturally, that didn't sit well with Michael Bisping, who upset Anderson Silva with a sweep on the judges' scorecards.

From Twitter:

Hey @nickdiaz209 see your talking shit. Don't be bitter cos I beat somebody you couldn't. Thought you were cooler than that. Obviously wrong. I'd of thought @nickdiaz209 would be more concerned about the beating his bro is gonna get next week, rather than looking for his own. For the record I like @nickdiaz209 I've always been a fan. But if wants to throw down I'm in.

I think we would all be in (barring this crazy match up).

Bisping was floored in round three, but escaped to see a fourth frame when Silva celebrated a premature victory (more on that fiasco here). Diaz, who fought "The Spider" back at UFC 183, dropped a clear-cut decision to the Brazilian and later joined Silva with a post-fight drug suspension.

Diaz is expected to return to the Octagon in August against an opponent to be named.


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