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UFC Fight Night 84 results: Real-time play-by-play updates for 'Silva vs Bisping' Fight Pass undercard

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to Fight Pass for a stellar Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping main event and fight card, emanating from inside O2 Arena today (Sat., Feb. 27, 2016) in London, England.

"The Spider" and "The Count" have long been two staples of the Middleweight division and will now finally throw down inside the Octagon ... albeit with no title on the line.

In the co-main event, Top-10 middleweight contenders, Gegard Mousasi and Thales Leites, will do battle to see who will inch closer towards a coveted title shot. Struggling, but entertaining, bantamweights, Francisco Rivera and Brad Pickett will also resort to fisticuffs "across the pond" on this main card.

However, before we can feast on the day's main courses, fight fans will be treated to a set of nine "Prelims" exchanges, which will begin on the Fight Pass digital streaming service at 12:45 p.m. ET and carry onward into the four-fight main card beginning at 4 p.m. ET.

Below are the results for the nine "Prelims" bouts scheduled for Fight Pass:

Mike Wilkinson vs. Makwan Amirkhani

Amirkhani aimed to continue his winning ways when he went for number four in-a-row against "The Warrior" in a 145-pound "Prelims" headliner.

Amirkhani gets the takedown early and is in side control. He keeps a low base and looks to implement his ground and pound. Wilkinson moves the fight to half guard. "Mr. Finland" now in his opponent's full guard and postures up. Back to half guard. Good ground battle so far. Side control now for Amirkhani, who nearly grabs full mount. Back to full guard with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Short elbows coming from Amirkhani. Britain's Wilkinson wants to make separation with his legs. Butterfly guard now. Good hammerfists by Amirkhani. Wilkinson is bleeding as he looks for a key lock. Amirkhani closes out the round in full guard. 10-9 Amirkhani

Wilkinson showcasing his movement and boxing skills. Amirkhani wants the crucifix position after he gets the fight to the mat. Wilkinson escapes nicely and took his time. We're back to the striking game. Quick double leg takedown again for Amirkhani, who ends up in a guillotine choke attempt by Wilkinson. Amirkhani is able to take the pressure off by pushing on the knees of his 28-year-old opponent. Amirkhani back to side control. He gets full mount moments later. Wilkinson moving towards the fence now. Amirkhani now in full guard. Wilkinson looks to get back to his feet, but Amirkhani jumps back on him to end round two. 20-18 Amirkhani

Good takedown defense from Wilkinson going into the third round. However, Amirkhani is just too strong, feels out the sprawl and takes advantage of little space to notch another takedown. Big right hands from Amirkhani. Now Wilkinson is on top looking for a front choke. Wilkinson in half guard. Amirkhani uses the fence to push off and land in Wilkinson's full guard. The Brit notches a reversal and is in Amirkhani's half guard. Solid hammerfists from Wilkinson, who continues to posture up looking for openings. Amirkhani moves into top position now after a Wilkinson mistake. Elbows from Amirkhani. Short elbows from full mount. 30-27

Amirkhani improves his overall record to 13-2, while Wilkinson drops to 9-2.

Result: Amirkhani via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Davey Grant vs. Marlon Vera

Grant entered the Octagon today against Ecuador's Vera still angling for his first UFC win.

Grant opens with pressure and instigates the clinch. Vera not giving up the takedown. They separate one minute in. Vera, a southpaw, doing his best to circle away, but he's doing so right into the power side of Grant. Vera with the clinch now. Brief stoppage because "Chito" had his fingers inside the glove. Grant now in top position. "Dangerous" pops up and starts kicking the legs. Big step-over shot lands for the Brit. Big error for Grant, who gives up his back in a scramble to Vera, who has the body lock. Huge momentum swing. The 30-year-old Grant trying to turn into Vera. Grant eventually makes it happen. Grant targets the body then head of Vera with shots, but it's the former who's cut open. 10-9 Grant

Huge knee and right hand from Grant in close. Grant is busted open. He's utilizing body kicks now to keep Vera at bay. A right hand socks Vera. Grant in on the takedown now. Grant unloading on Vera along the fence with knees, punches and elbows. Vera pulls guard. And the punches start raining down from Grant. Referee Marc Goddard reminds Grant to stay busy. Goddard warns Vera for holding the inside of Grant's glove a second time. Grant jumps into striking range with an elbow. Grant now finds himself in side control, then half guard. He ends the round in top position. 20-18 Grant

Grant opens up by slipping a punch and shoving his right hand in the face of Vera. Vera scores with a knee, but is quickly taken down by Grant. Half guard for Grant, who has Vera pressed up against the fence. Vera throws up a triangle choke attempt, but Grant escapes easily. Full guard for Grant. Vera wants to gain control of the wrist. Grant staying low. Vera striking from the bottom. Grant's pace has been the story of this fight ... and the consistent fouls of Vera. We're back on the feet. Flying knee attempt from Vera puts him off balance. Grant in on a takedown now. Elbows to the head coming from Vera. Vera swinging for the fences to close out the third frame. 30-26 Grant

Grant improves his overall record to 10-2, while Vera falls to 7-3-1.

Result: Grant via unanimous decision (30-26)

Scott Askham vs. Chris Dempsey

Two middleweights looking to establish some consistency inside the Octagon fought to move up the 185-pound ladder as Britain's Askham took on Dempsey.

Dempsey moves forward looking for the takedown and gets it. Full guard for the American. The Brit searching for an armbar, Dempsey not in the clear. He moves free and is in half guard. Askham now looking to latch onto a leg. The Brit finds top position in a scramble and is now in side control. Dempsey back to his feet. He's deep on a double leg attempt. Some dirty boxing ensues from both men. The Pennsylvania native Dempsey only has one underhook, but it's clear what his gameplan is. Not sure if he wants to go to the ground with Askham, though. Askham with a nice throw, takes the back of Dempsey, who gets back to his feet quickly. Askham still hanging onto the back. Dempsey abandons the takedown attempt. A left hand wobbles Dempsey, who is floored by a subsequent head kick from Askham, which ends the bout near the end of round one.

Askham improves his overall record to 14-2, while Dempsey falls to 11-4.

Result: Askham via first-round KO

Arnold Allen vs. Yaotzin Meza

The British featherweight prospect Allen came into his tussle with the 32-fight veteran Meza searching for a fourth straight victory.

Allen has Meza backing up to start. The Brit faces some strikes by the veteran Meza. We clinch with 3:30 left. Meza has Allen backed up into the fence. One underhook for the MMA Lab product, who is then reversed and taken down by "Almighty." Full guard for Allen. The 22-year-old is looking to posture up, while Meza goes for wrist control. Allen stands up and kicks the legs. Referee stands both men up with 30 seconds left. Allen, a southpaw, putting together combinations well. Solid round for Allen. 10-9 Allen

Meza goes high with a kick and Allen catches it. Allen chops at the legs before he jumps into the 35-year-old's guard. Meza stands back up. Outside trip for Allen. Perfect. But it's Meza back up in a hurry. Allen is just standing in front of Meza though. The Arizona-based Meza would be wise to capitalize on that at some point. He's not making himself a threat. Boxing combinations then a head kick attempt for Allen. Meza shoots for a single and is denied. Eye poke to Meza causes a stop in the action. Meza gets clipped with a right hand. Now a left hand scores for Allen. 20-18 Allen

Allen setting up his power left hand with the jab. Very good takedown defense by Allen, who stops a deep double leg attempt from Meza. Meza has one underhook along the fence. Allen still looking for a trip. Referee separates them with 3:30 left in the fight. Inside leg kick checked by Allen. More clinch work. Meza has another takedown stuffed. Quite the impressive clinic Allen has put forth in this fight. I like his all-around game. Meza really trying hard for the takedown, only has Allen on one knee. Allen reverses and ends up in the guard of Meza. Now he's looking to take the back as Meza gets back to his feet. Meza shoots again and they clinch. Allen in control. They continue to enter and exit the clinch. A flurry rocks Meza, but it's after the bell. 30-26 Allen

Allen improves his overall record to 11-1, while Meza drops to 21-11-(1)

Result: Arnold Allen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Brad Scott vs. Krzysztof Jotko

Middleweights looking to make their mark in the Octagon battled as Scott took on Jotko in a matchup of contrasting striking styles.

Scott pressuring Jotko early. The Pole circling fairly well, landing kicks and other strikes from the outside. Scott trying to cut the cage off, but so far having trouble. He wings the left hand chasing down Jotko. "Bear" dips the head now and goes for the right hand. Very good kicks early for the 26-year-old Jotko. Some more straight punches for Jotko, who eats a right from Scott that stumbles him momentarily. Scott ends round one nicely. I would hand it to Jotko, though. 10-9 Jotko

Nice knee from Jotko, who's being pressuring still by the MMA Lab representative Scott. Solid body kick lands for Scott. Good slip from Jotko. Straight right lands for Scott. Jotko clinches and grabs the body lock. We're up against the fence as Scott shows off his takedown defense. Knees to the thigh for Jotko. Nice body kick from Jotko. To the body, Scott goes. This isn't a very entertaining fight, but more of a chess match. And so far, I'll pick the more strategic striker Jotko. Nice left and a good high kick. A right from Scott. Jotko ends round two with an elbow. 20-18 Jotko

Jotko and Scott mixing it up early. Definitely throwing caution to the wind. Jotko replies to a Scott leg kick with a straight left. Good knee from Jotko, who counters the relentless Brit. Scott drops Jotko briefly with a leg kick. The pair are getting a bit sloppy trying to put an exclamation point of the fight. Good body kicks from Jotko. Scott answers with a leg kick. The left hand is scoring consistently now for Jotko, who secures a huge takedown with a minute left. Scott sooches over the the fence and stands back up. Jotko trips him back down to the mat and is in side control. Now full guard. Jotko stays in this position with a low center of gravity and probably takes a decision. 30-27 Jotko

Jotko improves his overall record to 17-1, while Scott falls to 10-4.

Result: Jotko via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Norman Parke vs. Rustam Khabilov

Lightweight veterans eager to break into the Top 15, Parke and Khabilov, squared off before the London crowd.

Parke, the southpaw, exercising range to start. Khabilov staying patient. Seems to be searching for the right hand. Khabliov shoots for the single, who gets it, but "Stormin" is pinned against the fence. Parke back up halfway through the round. He's pressing forward. "Tiger" stuns him with an uppercut. Parke evades the right hand of his Dagestani opponent. Khabilov changing levels very well. He's got to mix it up in order to win this fight. Quick break in the action, Parke bother by something. Back in. Uppercut-hook combo for Khabilov. Body lock is secured for the Jackson-Wink MMA fighter, who pins Parke up against the fence again. Parke is skilled in Judo; keep that in mind. They separate right at the end of the round. Close round to score. 10-9 Khabilov

Parke is the one to take the role of aggressor in round two. Right eye is bothering Khabilov. Straight left scores for the Irishman. You can definitely tell Khabilov has slowed slightly. Hard leg kick for Parke. Good variety of strikes. Khabilov uses the right hand to move forward for the takedown, but it's stuffed. Parke dipping his head before his strikes, maybe getting Khabilov to chase him. Parke shoots for a single leg. Good defense shown by Khabilov. Now a deep shot from Khabilov sees him earn the double leg takedown. Full guard now. So far, Parke is neutralizing the posture of his opponent. Khabilov stands up with a few seconds to go and lands a leg kick. 19-19 Parke

Khabilov rips one to the body, who gets caught off balance along the fence and gives up a double leg takedown for Parke. Parke finds the back after some good ground work. No body triangle, but he nearly has the choke. A battle for hand positioning ensues. Khabilov slips out after Parke goes for the choke. Khabliov now in the full guard of Parke. Short punches coming. He moves to half guard. Nice punches from Khabilov. Parke looking to roll out, but moves back to full guard. He nearly scoots out but Khabilov is there to chase him down. We're up against the cage. Khabilov takes Parke for a bit of a ride. He rides out the final round on Parke's back. 29-28 Khabilov

Khabilov takes the victory by unanimous decision and moves to 18-3 overall, while Parke falls to 21-5-1.

Result: Rustam Khabilov via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Daniel Omielańczuk vs. Jarjis Danho

Polish grappler Omielanczuk welcomed undefeated Syrian Danho to the Octagon in a heavyweight bout.

Danho looking to land the straight right hand. He scores with an uppercut on the backend and backs the Pole Omielanczuk to the cage. "Man Mountain" making the fight ugly now. One underhook for Danho. Omielanczuk hurts him on the break and is in hot pursuit. Nice body kick. Danho rallies and gains control, pressing his opponent back into the fence. Big knee for Omielanczuk in the clinch. We're midway through the round. Clubbing blows from Danho now. The pair of heavyweight brutes trade knees. Referee separates them with just over a minute to go. Omielanczuk searches for the takedown and loses position in the clinch afterwards. The Syrian scores with an uppercut. Another break by the referee with 15 seconds. They dance until the bell sounds 10-9 Danho

Omelianczuk targeting the lead leg quite a bit. Danho returns with an inside leg kick of his own. Nice left hand from the Pole. Danho lunges forward. Omielanczuk stalking his prey. Body kick. Danho is letting the fight get away. Nice right-left combo from Danho backs Omielanczuk up. Danho drops to the mat. Break in the action for an illegal knee strike. A warning for the Pole. Omielanczuk jumps on Danho along the fence to land some hard shots. Round two ends with both men gauging the distance. Good round for Omielanczuk. 19-19 Omielanczuk

Good inside leg kick to start the final frame for Omielanczuk. With a solid combination, he probably turns the lights off on Danho. More leg kicks pouring in. Danho presses forward with punches, but falls to the ground once more. Apparently it was a slight shot to the groin. Seems like more of a play for rest. The cageside doctor is called in and the fight is waved off moments later. We go to the scorecards for a decision, as opposed to a doctor stoppage.

Result: Omielanczuk via unanimous decision (29-29, 28-29, 28-29)

Teemu Packalén vs. Thibault Gouti

Finland's Packalen was out to end the 11-fight win streak of his French opponent Gouti in a lightweight exchange.

Packalen lands a right uppercut in a hurry, blitzes his grounded opponent, and stops him with a swift rear-naked choke for the quick stoppage.

Result: Packalen via first-round submission

David Teymur vs. Martin Svensson

Debuting Swedes made their promotional debuts in the opening fight of the card as the CWFC veteran Svensson took on the 3-1 Teymur in a lightweight contest.

Teymour, the southpaw, starts out as the aggressor. Both men attacking with kicks early. Teymour scores with a nice body kick. Svennson shoots a sloppy takedown. Good reflexes so far by Teymour. Left hand by Svensson clubs Teymour. Very, very sharp striking by Teymour. Great left hand counter. Nice sprawl by Teymour. It's easy to tell who's more comfortable on the feet. You have to think Svensson is a sitting duck here. Svensson gains the clinch. Teymour looking to pry the hands free. They separate with 90 seconds left. The All Star Training Center representative Teymour catches another kick. Good use of the jab for Teymour. Spinning back finds the mark for Teymour. He seals round one with a double leg takedown. Very good round for Teymour. 10-9 Teymour

More rangy strikes coming from Teymour to start round two. Not much activity from the 30-year-old Svensson, who is rocked by an uppercut early in the frame and polished off with ground strikes by Teymour.

Result: Teymur via second-round TKO

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