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Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones is proud of being a complete f--k up boasting about failing a drug test

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Oh, snap, things are getting nasty out there in the Twitterverse.

Earlier today (Friday, Feb. 26, 2016), writer Brad Popkin reported on the remarks Jon Jones made about failing a drug test and still beating down Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Well, "DC" saw that Popkin tweet and -- how do I put this -- did NOT take kindly to it.

Somebody immediately pointed out that Cormier lost to a "cokehead" (something Jones is frustrated at being referenced as, saying he's a pothead) and the UFC light heavyweight champ agreed it wasn't his "proudest moment."

Clearly the comment got into Cormier's head because he continued to respond on Twitter.

There's been no love lost between these two since their original UFC 182 showdown and I doubt that will change in the weeks and months leading into their UFC 197 pay-per-view (PPV) headliner, which takes place April 23, 2016 inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

All we, the fans, can do is crack the popcorn and let a good old beef happen.

Well if it's on, then it's on, G.

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