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UFC London preview: Michael Bisping's last stand

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

We're a couple of months away from Michael Bisping's 10-year anniversary as a UFC fighter and the most remarkable thing about his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, is just how unremarkable it's been.

Without searching, go ahead and name his biggest win over the past decade.

It's not so easy, as "The Count" dropped most of the high-profile contests he's been a part of, which is probably why the middleweight title has eluded him over the course of his career. That said, Bisping -- who now stands at a robust 27-7 -- has certainly experienced his share of memorable moments.

I remember scowling during his post-fight celebration at UFC 75, which came at the expense of a Matt Hamill loss in late 2007. Then came the oft-meme'd knockout loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100, followed by his salivaweight bout against Jorge Rivera.

Sprinkle in a handful of Ultimate Fighter (TUF) cameos and well, here we are.

I think a 185-pound title shot is unlikely at this stage of the game, considering the bottleneck we currently have at the top of the division, coupled with key losses to Luke Rockhold, Vitor Belfort, and even Tim Kennedy, who all sit above him in the official rankings (see 'em).

If you can't win a title in your weight class ... what else is there to do?

Most fighters in said position opt to change weight classes, but Jon Jones awaits any middleweight foolish enough to go off their diet -- and I can't imagine Bisping going down to welterweight without pulling a Derek Lewis. But hope is not lost, as the venerable Brit can still ride off into the sunset with an extremely rare claim-to-fame.

Being one of only two UFC fighters to hold a win over Anderson Silva.

While "The Spider" turns 41 in April and is no longer the invincible icon he was from 2006-12, the Brazilian knockout artist is still regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time, having lost only to Chris Weidman under the ZUFFA banner.

That's why I expect to see the best version of Bisping this weekend across the pond. Upsetting Silva could be the only thing that elevates him from "tough out" when remembered by the next generation of combat sports fans. That would be unfortunate for such a model fighter.

Okay, so every now and then he slips up, but as far as doing his job, his resume is tough to beat. Since 2004, "The Count" has never competed less than twice a year -- even after suffering a detached retina -- and passed every drug test with flying colors.

I guess in that regard, Bisping already holds a win over his opponent.

For me, UFC Fight Night 84, which takes place on Fight Pass this Saturday (Feb. 27, 2016) inside O2 Arena in London, England, is less about the return of Anderson Silva and more about the last stand of Michael Bisping. "The Spider" has already cemented his place in the annals of UFC history, but "The Count" has not.


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