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Dana White freaks out after Nate Diaz accuses Conor McGregor (and rest of UFC) of using steroids

Everyone who competes in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is using steroids.

Well, except for Frankie Edgar and Chris Weidman (says this guy). Those who don't, are made of glass, according to UFC 196 pay-per-view (PPV) headliner Nate Diaz, who started slinging mud juice at Wednesday's pre-fight press conference (video).

"Everybody's on steroids," Diaz said. "The whole UFC, everybody."

If not everybody, then at least 90-percent of them. But don't lump UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor into that mix, as "Notorious" vehemently denies any funny business ahead of his Diaz fight on March 5, 2016 inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Don't be putting my name with steroids, I'm major against that," McGregor said. "Don't put my name with the name of steroids. Your teammate Gil and Jake were caught on steroids. I'm not on no steroids."

Ken Shamrock wants you to STOP LYING.

While it's okay to be skeptical, those steroid accusations from Diaz did not sit well with UFC President Dana White, who "lashed out" at the Stockton slugger, according to TMZ.

"The UFC unquestionably has the best drug testing program in all of sports," White said. "All done by the United States Anti-Doping Association."

Speaking of drug testing, we're just two days from this.

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