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Video: King Mo confronts Tito Ortiz during Bellator fan fest autograph signing

Some mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters who once proudly clasped the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) belt around their waist have gracefully stepped into the shadows to while away their elder years.

Others, not so much.

Tito Ortiz, 41, was at Bellator's fan fest in Houston, Texas, on Thursday (Feb. 18, 2016) prior to the promotion's "Shamrock vs. Gracie III" event to sign autographs and catch up with fans.

Everything was going swimmingly until Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal approached his table to offer his perspective on a man who is 3-8 since 2006.

Although the initial conversation in the above video is indistinct, Ortiz quickly turns hostile on the advice he's apparently receiving from the 19-4 fighter.

"Nobody knows who the fuck you are," says Ortiz, waving his index finger at Mo's chest. "I aint touching him, I wasn't touching him," he adds in protest as people try to separate the two.

"I would fuck you up," Mo can be heard in response. "You're pathetic. Nobody cares about you."

Ortiz, however, was having none of that. He invited Mo to walk back and forth in front of his table and suggested nobody will ask him for an autograph.

"There's your 15 seconds [of fame]. Here's Mo's 15 seconds," said Ortiz, perhaps misremembering the famous Andy Warhol quote which states that everybody has at least 15 minutes of fame.

Speaking of which, I think it ended for "The People's Champion" about 10 years ago.

Sadly for Ortiz, he won't have a chance to fight Mo anytime soon, as Bellator announced last night that he's slated to fight Phil Davis for a number one contender's fight to challenge Liam McGeary for the belt. The same one that Ortiz failed to acquire in a September battle with the 33-year-old Englishman.

Anyone have any thoughts? Reactions? A slow released fart noise made by squeezing your hand under your armpit?

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