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TKO! Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 full fight video highlights from Bellator 149 last night

Update: Dada 5000 was reportedly "resuscitated in the ambulance," but is now in stable condition. Full details, as well as a formal statement from his family, here.

In what will surely go down as a fight for the ages (for all the wrong reasons), former street fighters Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson battled Dhafir "Dada 5000" Harris in the co-main event of Bellator 149 last night (Friday, Feb. 19, 2016) inside Houston's Toyota Center, Texas.

There was plenty of animosity leading up to the fight, with both men claiming they were representing the best of their fighting origins. The question was whether the largely untested Harris, 2-0, could handle the experience possessed by the former UFC fighter in Slice, 5-2.

Once the cage doors closed I don't think anybody knew what to expect. What happened was as crazy as you could possibly imagine (see video above).

For most of three rounds, the two street brawlers threw uncoordinated haymakers and looping punches, exhausting themselves in the process. Although Slice was seen to be winning most of the fight, it became apparent early on that the 42-year-old had brought very little gas in his tank for this race, perhaps not expecting the marathon it turned out to be.

Harris was far more durable than expected, withstanding every punch Slice landed and even returning fire several times with combinations (sloppy though they were) to hurt his opponent.

In the end it was exhaustion that felled the 38-year-old, who looked to be hit with a grazing blow in the third round that sent him staggering backwards and landing on the mat in a heap that was quickly waved off by "Big" John McCarthy.

"Dada 5000" was given oxygen and placed on a stretcher to be transported to a local area hospital for "precautionary reasons".

The official stoppage came at 1:32 into the third round, amazingly giving Slice his second consecutive win and improving his mixed martial arts (MMA) record to 6-2.

For full results from Bellator 149 including play-by-play updates and commentary click here.

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