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Bellator 149 results: LIVE 'Shamrock vs Gracie 3' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

To watch Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 full fight video highlights click here.

Bellator 149: "Shamrock vs. Gracie 3" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Feb. 19, 2016) from inside Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, featuring an Openweight main event between two mixed martial arts (MMA) legends who have met twice before, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.

Shamrock returned after an almost five-year long layoff to fight in the main event of Bellator 138 in St. Louis, Mo., against Kimbo Slice, a ratings blockbuster for Spike TV. The network is clearly hoping for similar results this evening as Gracie returns for his first fight since "Dynamite 1" back in 2007. His two previous UFC bouts with Shamrock ended via winning submission and a draw.

Coincidentally, Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson returns on tonight's card, too, facing former friend and now bitter rival Dhafir "Dada 5000" Harris in a Heavyweight co-main event that's likely to be a "Don't Blink!" brawl.

Bellator 149 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 149) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie -- Gracie via TKO 2:22 R1.
Kimbo Slice vs. Dhafir Harris -- Slice via TKO at 1:32 R3.
Emanuel Newton vs. Linton Vassell -- Vassell via UD 30-26, 29-27 X2.
Melvin Guillard vs. Derek Campos -- Campos via KO at 0:32 R2.
Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Daniel Pineda -- Sanchez via SD 28-29, 29-27, 29-28.
Justin Wren vs. Juan Torres -- Wren via UD 30-27 X3.
Davis Sylvester vs. Jeremy Mahon -- Mahon via TKO 4:22 R2.
Ruben Esparsa vs. C.J. Hancock -- Hancock via sub 1:26 R3.
Adrian Yanez vs. Ryan Hollis -- Yanez via UD 29-28 X3.
Isaac Villanueva vs. Richard Knepp -- Villanueva via TKO 0:42 R1.
Mike Trinh vs. Angel Zamora -- Trinh via sub 3:49 R1.
Jason Langellier vs. Anthony Ivy -- Langellier via sub 2:09 R1.
Manny Lozoya vs. Jacob Norsworthy -- Lozoya via sub 2:33 R1.


Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie

Shamrock is in black and red trunks for our main event tonight. Gracie is in white trunks. "The World's Most Dangerous Man" is 28-16-2, and his fellow MMA legend who won the first ever UFC is 14-2-3. Gracie is 190.8 pounds for tonight's bout, originally from Rio De Janeiro and now fighting out of Torrence, California. Shamrock is 201.2 pounds and hails from Reno, Nevada while fighting out of Dallas, Texas. Jacob Montalvo will ref our main event. Here.. we.. GO.

Round 1: Gracie is firing off kicks right away. Shamrock presses forward cautiously. Gracie refused hand wraps for this fight, and the commentators note that if he puts one punch on Shamrock's forehead, he'll regret it. Gracie lands a couple of leg kicks in the second minute. Shamrock looks lighter on his feet than either of the men in our last match. They tie up at 2:06 and Gracie fires off a couple of knees then gets a takedown. Montalvo waves it off at 2:22.

Shamrock is immediately claiming he got hit in the groin but on the replay it's clear the knee landed right on his head, and right hand hammerfists by Gracie ended it. Shamrock is still yelling and complaining. "He did it on purpose!!" The truck finally finds a replay where Shamrock got kneed in the cup, but he didn't react to it immediately in the fight, so it's hard to conclude that he felt it any more than the knee to his head Gracie landed well after it. If it was that bad why didn't he drop to his knees in pain right there and then? Unfortunately this means their third fight settled nothing.

Final result: Royce Gracie via technical knockout at 2:22 of the first round.


Kimbo Slice vs. Dhafir Harris

Dhafir Harris also known as "Dada 5000" is in the black trunks and red mohawk, sporting a 2-0 record in his Bellator MMA debut. Kevin Ferguson a/k/a "Kimbo Slice" is in the white, sporting a 5-2 record in his second Bellator bout. Our referee in charge of this co-main event is "Big" John McCarthy.

Round 1: Slice steps confidently to the center. Harris circles cautiously on the outside. He comes forward swinging and Slice takes him down! He's in side control at 30 seconds. Full mount at 42 seconds. Kimbo Slice is looking for an opportunity to posture up and rain down hard. Harris is hanging on tight. Time slows to a crawl as the crowd boos at the 90 second mark. They want more action. McCarthy has yet to warn them for inactivity. He finally tells them to do something at 2:16. Kimbo Slice almost gets swept but both men get back up.Harris is trying to push him into the fence. McCarthy warns Harris about shots to the back of the head. He calls for more work and breaks them at 3:20 to reset . Harris comes forward swinging. They tie up on the fence and McCarthy calls for work. Harris puts one on Kimbo's chin as they break. Slice responds with a right and he pushes Harris to the cage. McCarthy breaks them for inactivity at 4:32. Both men land a shot to the head before R1 ends.

Round 2: McCarthy gives Harris a warning for not going back to spot to start the round and says he'll deduct a point if he ignores instructions again. The two start swinging wildly against the fence. They clinch up at 31 seconds and Slice gets another takedown 5 seconds later. Slice lands a couple of shots and then stands up at 1:04 - letting Harris get back to his feet at McCarthy's insistence. Slice gets another takedown at 1:35 and Harris gets a second warning from McCarthy for grabbing the shorts. Harris holds on for his life as the crowd boos and McCarthy calls for work. He stands them up at 2:10. Harris is so gassed he can barely stand. Slice starts cracking him. They are both swinging with the wildest sloppiest Heavyweight strikes you'll ever see - but Slice actually aims and connects with his. Slice separates them for inactivity at 3:10. Harris pushes Slice to the cage and McCarthy calls for work. Slice drops to his knees but gets a takedown and full mount at 3:48. Slice could end this if he could sit up and drop a couple of hammers on Harris. He can't. McCarthy stands Slice up from a full mount. Harris' eyes nearly roll back in his head before Slice can even land a punch, and then Slice does land a left. They lumber at each other like titans without any energy. R2 ends and one of the most bizarre rounds in MMA history is in the books.

Round 3: Slice is faster to come to the center, but Jimmy Smith tells us both men needed help off their stool during the break. Harris comes forward and lands a few blows but Slice is not faded and hits an uppercut. McCarthy breaks their clinch at 42 seconds. Slice is landing some lefts and rights and uppercuts in slow slow slow motion - but somehow he's got more left in the tank. Harris falls down either from the punches or fatigue and McCarthy eagerly waves it off.

Final result: Kimbo Slice via technical knockout at 1:32 in the third round.


Emanuel Newton vs. Linton Vassell

Vassell is in the black, white and red trunks for tonight's fight. Emanuel Newton is in nearly identical trunks. Vassell is 15-5 and Newton is 25-9-1. Newton won their last fight back when he was the Light Heavyweight champion - we shall see what happens tonight. Our referee in charge of this contest is Kerry Hatley.

Round 1: Vassell takes a kick to the cup and we get a brief timeout to reset, restarting with 37 seconds gone. Vassell gets a takedown 13 seconds later. Newton tries to get up and Vassell takes him back down again with an outside trip. He steps over to full mount at 1:30. Vassell is smothering Newton on top then takes the back mount with double hooks at 2:10. Vassell tries to soften Newton up with rights to the head. Newton rolls underneath him but Vassell keeps his mount and stays full on top. Newton is avoiding submission positions but is otherwise being dominated as Vassell takes his back again. Newton finally scrambles out as we pass the four minute mark. He has Vassell's back for a moment but can't keep it. They square up and Newton throws his patented spinning backfist but can't land it. Newton hits a takedown to side control before the bell but it's a 10-9 overall for Vassell.

Round 2: Nobody gains an advantage for the first 45 seconds here, though both men are opening up more with their hands. Vassell gets another timeout for a shot to the cup at 1:15. Newton stays aggressive after the restart but Vassell responds with a clean right to the face. He's trying to stay at range and land strikes as Newton charges toward him. Newton is having trouble finding the range. He goes for a single leg but it isn't until he moves from there to a suplex that he's able to take control on the ground. Vassell gets to his knees and gets up at 3:16. Vassell gets warned not to grab the fence as Newton goes for a single leg. That could have been a point deduction given he was warned multiple times. Newton nails Vassell in the cup for a third time and THAT may be a deduction. Vassell is down on both knees and Hatley tells him to take his time as the crowd boos. Vassell continues to walk it off as Hatley tells him he's got one more minute. He officially signals a one point deduction for Newton to all of the judges at cageside. Action resumes with under a minute left in R2. I would have likely given that round to Newton but now it's a 9-9 draw.

Round 3: Newton now needs a knockout or a submission to get this fight. He goes for the spinning backfist at 35 seconds but can't land it flush. Newton goes for a single leg and by sheer tenacity Newton drags him to the ground at 1:07. Vassell is able to scramble out at 1:45. Newton struggles mightily to get another takedown but Vassell is able to block successfully. Vassell tries to pull Newton's head down for some knees, then drops levels looking for a takedown of his own in the last two minutes. He gets the single leg at 3:18. Full mount at 3:45. That may be Newton's doom. Vassell hammers away with lefts to the head and smothers Newton so he can't escape. Vassell takes the back with a hook in then winds up right on top in mount again as Newton rolls. To me this is 29-27 Vassell but we shall see.

Final result: The judges score the contest 30-36, 29-27, 29-27 all for Linton Vassell.


Melvin Guillard vs. Derek Campos

Guillard is in black trunks for this fight. Campos is in gray. 32-15-2 for Guillard, 15-6 for Campos. Guillard fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida and Campos fights out of Lubbock, Texas. Our ref is Don Turnage.

Round 1: Both men come out throwing hammers and Campos gets the better of it and staggers Guillard. Campos doubles him to the ground at 25 seconds. You're not watching Mike Tyson Mysteries if you're hearing the live broadcast right now - that's really him sitting in on commentary. Guillard is shifting back and forth trying to get up but Campos stays comfortably on top in half guard. Campos wants to sneak his right leg through and take full mount but he's doing enough damage where he is for Turnage to let it go, even though the crowd is booing. Bot men are warned about grabbing the cage and Guillard gets up swinging with under two minutes left. Tyson is encouraging Guillard to throw to the body instead of the head since he broke bones in his right hand in the Brandon Girtz fight. Guillard throws a leg kick late. Campos swings and misses a couple of times. Guillard misses with a wild head kick. Campos 10-9.

Round 2: Campos is backing Guillard up to the fence and rocks him with a left hand, pours it on, and Guillard drops at 32 seconds after one last left hand cracks the cranium. This fight is OVER.

Final result: Derek Campos by knockout at 32 seconds of round two.


Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Daniel Pineda

This is now a catchweight fight at 150 pounds. Pineda is 21-11, Sanchez is 12-2. Pineda is in the black trunks and fights out of Houston, Texas. Sanchez is in the red trunks and fights out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our referee in charge is Jacov Montalvo.

Round 1: Sanchez is taken down 27 seconds into the first. He gets one hook in on the back but Sanchez rolls out and winds up on top in full guard. He stands back up at 1:33 to throw leg kicks then drops back in for some right hands. Pineda gets up at 1:47 and there's a scramble before they reset in the center. They clinch up and Sanchez puts Pineda on the fence. Pineda bulls forward and doubles Sanchez to the ground. He immediately goes for the back again but winds up in half guard on top. Sanchez is able to sweep again at 3:20. Sanchez tries to spin his way to a pass but Pineda goes for a calf slicer. Pineda can't get it but he's back on top at 4:06. Sanchez is able to largely neutralize Pineda on top until the bell ends round one.

Round 2: Sanchez throws a head kick, Pineda responds with a backfist attempt. Sanchez keeps going upstairs with the kicks and has Pineda reeling backward to avoid damage at 36 seconds. Sanchez gets on top after a failed takedown attempt by Pineda. The pace slows as he works to create damage on top in half guard. They stand at 2:04. Sanchez grabs the head and goes for knees but Pineda quickly makes a level change and takes him down. Montalvo reminds both men to stay busy as we pass the halfway point if this goes the distance. Given how evenly matched they are that seems likely. Montalvo stands them up at 3:30. Pineda misses on a takedown and Sanchez immediately passes to side control on top. Pineda works back to guard and goes for a knee bar so Sanchez stands up. Sanchez circles as Pineda strikes, then Pineda goes for a single leg on short time and gets it. It's a really close fight right now.

Round 3: The doctor is checking a problem with Daniel Pineda's foot before the start of R3 but clears him to keep fighting. Both men immediately swing hard at each other to open the round. Pineda gets a takedown 25 seconds into R3 but Sanchez once again manages to switch positions and end up on top. Sanchez gets off some heavy right hands on top and Pineda seems to be fading under the onslaught. Sanchez traps the head when Pineda tries to escape and Montalvo warns them to stay busy. Sanchez stands and drops a right hand. He spins to Pineda's back for a moment then gets back in half on top dropping hammers. You can see the damage adding up on Pineda's face. He gets up at 2:20 and he's struggling as Sanchez pours it on. Sanchez smothers him on the fence and Pineda tries to slap box his ears. Pineda tries to roll to a takedown but Sanchez winds up on top. Pineda tries to spin for a leg but Sanchez stays ahead of every position he scrambles to and gets both hooks in on the back. He has full mount for a moment but Pineda stands back up. Pineda probably can't see out of his right eye now. The one clear round of the fight is the third and it's 100% for Sanchez. We'll see if that's enough for him to get another split decision or better.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Pineda, 29-27 Sanchez, 29-28 Sanchez by split decision.


Justin Wren vs. Juan Torres

Round 1: Wren is in solid black trunks, Torres has red trim. Torres holds a record of 4-4 and he fights out of Cypress, Texas. Wren holds a record of 11-2 and he fights out of Arlington, Texas. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. They tap gloves to get underway and carefully jab at each other to feel out the range. Wren pushes him into the fence and fires a few shots and close range along with some knees. Occasionally Wren sneaks a left hand in on Torres' chin when he gets his arms free. McCarthy calls for activity at 2:13. He breaks them at 2:35. Torres tries to bang, Wren ties him up and tries to put a knee on his chin. Another flurry against the fence at 3:10. They break at 3:47. Wren lands a hard knee with a half minute to go. Torres takes a shot to the cup with 10 seconds left. McCarthy and Torres have a heart to heart as they wait for him to recover, and Torres says he's having the time of his life. R1 goes a couple of seconds long as both men aren't immediately able to pull up short. Between rounds Torres asks McCarthy if he can take a picture with him after the fight. I'm not kidding.

Round 2: Torres sneaks in a good left hand a half minute into R2, but Wren pushes him into the fence. Torres is excited and yells "WOO WOO!" Wren tries a spinning backfist as he steps away. Wren throws a body blow and tries Torres up as he charges forward. Torres complains and McCarthy says the knee was to the leg. He calls for more work at 1:53. Wren backs off at 2:30. He comes forward and puts at least one shot on Torres' chin. McCarthy calls for work at 2:48. He steps off, steps back in, and is warned not to grab the fence. Both men are warned to watch fingers to the face. Wren resets to the center. Torres and Wren stand and eye each other as the crowd grows impatient. Wren throws a few leg kicks. Wren bulls Torres into the fence again with 44 seconds to go. Wren gets off a few shots and an uppercut before the end of the round.

Round 3: Torres asks McCarthy who won the last round. McCarthy: "Don't ask me - I ain't doing that shit!" Wren immediately puts Torres in the fence and answers a complaint about fingers with "I don't want to hear that -- you're both doing it." Wren backs out at 0:48 and moves to the center. Wren pops Torres with a right while he's having a conversation with his team. Wren puts him against the fence, backs away briefly at 1:45, then is right back on him. Wren backs out and comes back in at 2:10. Wren goes for a single leg momentarily at 2:48 and lets it go. Wren puts a few good ones on Torres' chin as we move to 90 seconds left in the fight. He backs away at 3:45 and Torres stands there staring him down. Torres throws his arms up practically daring Wren to pop him. McCarthy calls for work as they clinch on the fence. Wren gets one last shot on the chin before the bell. Torres is laughing and excited as it ends.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27 X3 all for Justin Wren.


Davis Sylvester vs. Jeremy Mahon

Round 1: Both of our fighters tonight are armed forces veterans. Sylvester is in the black trunks with white accents, . Mahon is in the military green trunks. Our referee is John McCarthy. Tito Ortiz is sitting in on commentary. Sylvester circles as Mahon gives chase and throws leg kicks. Sylvester is starting to fire a few leg kicks of his own. Sylvester trips Mahon to the ground and looks to pass but allows Mahon to recover to half guard doing so. Mahon gets full guard at 2:27. Meanwhile Ortiz is reliving old glories with Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson. Both fighters have been warned for inactivity. Mahon goes for an armbar and Sylvester slips out. 90 seconds remain in R1. Mahon pushes Sylvester to the fence. He gets a double leg at 4:14, Sylvester tries to grab a guillotine from it, but he's too close to the fence to pull it off. Mahon survives to R2.

Round 2: Mahon has Sylvester circling again and double legs him at 40 seconds. Mahon tries to land some elbows and go for an armbar but Sylvester escapes and is quickly on top in half. Mahon sweeps back on top at 1:58. Sylvester is eating a lot of elbows, including some that just grind away on his face as opposed to striking flush. Sean Grande tells us this is Sylvester's first fight in five years and it's showing right now. Mahon pounds away at the ribs with his right hand and disrupts Sylvester's breathing with his left elbow to the throat. McCarthy is calling for Sylvester to fight back as Mahon continues to pour on punches to the rib and he doesn't fight back - the fight is stopped just past 4:20.

Final result: Jeremy Mahon via technical knockout at 4:22 of the second round.


Ruben Esparsa vs. C.J. Hancock

Round 1: Don Turnage is our referee for this bout. Esparsa is 1-0 and Hancock is making his pro debut. Esparsa is in the blue gloves and Hancock the red. Esparsa takes the fight to the ground quickly and Handcock goes for a kimura off his back. Esparsa pops out at 48 seconds and his corner screams "GIVE IT TO HIM! PUNCH HIS FACE!" He postures up at 1:15 to drop some hammers. His corner screams "WATCH THE TRIANGLE! STAND UP! BACK OFF!" The corner is so loud you can barely hear the Bellator announcers. Both men stand and Hancock looks winded. Esparsa is drilling him standing as he lumbers around the cage. Hancock ties up to catch his breath and catches a few knees. He pushes Esparsa into the fence but gets reversed and taken down. Hancock goes for a triangle as Esparsa tries to pass. He's out at 3:30. Hancock goes for a foot lock and Esparsa pulls his leg free. Esparsa powerbombs his opponent as he goes for another triangle. Turnage is taking a close look as time ticks away. Esparsa breaks free again and is on top dropping rights at the bell.

Round 2: Hancock throws a left hand to open R2 but still looks completely spent. The only time he doesn't seem tired is going for submissions - but the fact he's not getting them is an indication of how gassed he is. Esparsa gets him to the ground again a minute in and both men are warned about fingers to the eyes. Esparsa has cut him open with elbows. Hancock is bleeding heavily over his right eye. His shoulder has turned into a paintbrush smearing his own juice on the clean white canvas. His head has become the brush. Esparsa pours on left hands as Hancock continues to look for submissions. Esparsa looks to trap the right arm with a knee but Hancock slips free. Hancock thought he could sweep to a back mount but Esparsa was able to push him back down. Turnage stands them up at 3:30 and doesn't call for a doctor to check the cut. Hancock tries a couple of cartwheel kicks and is taken down with ease. Sean Grande and Jimmy Smith just said Hancock is wearing the old pro wrestling CRIMSON MASK and they're not kidding. Esparsa is on top to end R2 in what's turning into a blowout.

Round 3: The cut has been cleaned up enough to allow Hancock to continue. Esparsa wastes no time targeting it as his corner screams "DOWN THE MIDDLE! AIM!" Esparsa takes him down at 0:18. Hancock sweeps on top and gets a warning about shots to the back of the head. Esparsa is warned to fight back. Hancock tries to flatten Esparsa out to sink in a rear naked choke. He's under the chin and Esparsa taps out at 1:26 in a fight he was winning until a minute ago. Impressive finish for Hancock.

Final result: C.J. Hancock via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:26 of the third round.


Adrian Yanez vs. Ryan Hollis

Round 1: Hollis is 10-7 with black trunks. Yanez is 3-1 with light blue on his trunks. Our ref is Jacob Montalvo. Yanez is taken down eight seconds into the fight. We're informed Hollis was a late replacement for a fighter from Brazil with visa issues. Yanez works his legs up Hollis' back as Hollis tries to posture up. Yanez gets his feet on Hollis' hips to push him away. Montalvo warns them to get busy. Hollis lands some hard elbows on top then stands up at 2:05. Yanez gets a takedown at 2:21. The action stalls as Yanez is stuck in the half guard. He finally backs away at 3:31. Hollis scoots at him on his butt until Montalvo calls for a stand up. Hollis goes for a head and arm throw, Yanez rolls to his feet, Montalvo calls for a stand up again. Hollis shoots for the single and gets it. He's on top as R1 expires.

Round 2: Yanez has a full mount 1:30 into R2 but Hollis counters to a leg lock. Yanez escapes and Hollis is stacked up on his head against the fence. Yanez tries to pour on some heavy hands while avoiding the length and reach of his opponent. Yanez ultimately ends up in the full guard, Hollis goes for the armbar, Yanez quickly escapes. Yanez takes side control at 3:43. Yanez lands some very hard knees to the body. Yanez takes the back and fires off hands to the head then moves back to side control again. This fight feels like a 19-19 going into the third frame.

Round 3: Yanez forces Hollis to circle on the outside to open up the third round. They tie up at 0:48 and Yanez gets the outside trip ten seconds later. Yanez stands up to drop bombs down the middle. Hollis tries to roll backward out of danger but can't get away. Hollis is doing his best to defend using his long limbs but Yanez stacks him up again and fires away. Montalvo calls for work at 2:23. Yanez stands up again at 2:56 and looks to circle, nearly eating a big upkick as he does. He's around to the side at 3:30 but Hollis keeps the left knee up to block. Montalvo gives a "final warning" about grabbing the cage. Yanez spins free at 4:05 and gets back on top of Hollis to do more damage. I've got this fight 29-28 Yanez as it goes to the judges.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 X3 for Adrian Yanez.


Isaac Villanueva vs. Richard Knepp

Round 1: Blue trunks, 3-3, Knepp fights out of Dickinson, Texas. Gray/red trunks, 9-7, Villanueva fights out of Houston, Texas. Our referee for this final preliminary bout is Kerry Hatley. Villanueva and Knepp are trading hands quickly. "Hurricane" rocks his opponent with over-the-top rights and a big uppercut against the fence and it's stopped just past 40 seconds.

Final result: Isaac Villanueva via technical knockout at 0:42 of the first round.


Mike Trinh vs. Angel Zamora

Round 1: Trinh is in the red trunks, Zamora the blue. Kerry Hatley is our referee. Both men are over 40 but this isn't our main event of the evening. The action is stopped 25 seconds in as Trinh takes a finger to the eye. He tells Hatley he's good to go and takes Zamora down, moving quickly to side control and even quicker to a full mount, then he immediately goes for an arm and switches to a foot lock. Zamora is wincing in pain and Hatley asks if he wants it stopped. If he keeps grunting and groaning it may be called a verbal tap. He gets out at 1:55 but Trinh is immediately on top. Zamora ties up his arms as Trinh goes for body blows. If he can pull the right leg through he'll get full mount, but Zamora escapes when he goes for it. Trinh puts all his weight on Zamora's back as Zamora goes for a single leg. Trinh steps over for an armbar and taps Zamora out at 3:49.

Final result: Mike Trinh via submission (armbar) at 3:49 of round one.


Jason Langellier vs. Anthony Ivy

Round 1: Our referee for this fight is Don Turnage. Ivy is 1-0, Langellier 2-0. Langellier is the taller fighter is solid black trunks, while Ivy's trunks have red stripes. Langellier trips his foe to the ground early in R1. Ivy tries and fails to sweep and Langellier takes full mount. The problem is that he's so tall and so close to the fence he has a problem posturing up, so instead he goes for a choke and cranks hard. Ivy taps at 2:09. Langellier can't stop screaming at his opponent even after the bout ends. Jimmy Smith says it's a d'arce choke but Michael Williams disagrees.

Final result: Jason Langellier officially via anaconda choke at 2:09 of round one.


Manny Lozoya vs. Jacob Norsworthy

Round 1: Our referee in charge is Jacob Montalvo. Lozoya is making his pro debut. Norsworthy has on blue gloves, Lozoya the red. Lozoya presses Norsworthy toward the fence early and lands an overhand right when the move back to center. Norsworthy backs him off with a few kicks then gets swept and gets back up. He almost gets creamed with a knee as Lozoya presses forward. He's head hunting with his right hand. Norsworthy is blocking many but not all of the blows, and you can see his left shoulder turning read. Takedown by Lozoya at 2:11. Norsworthy gets up and Lozoya applies the guillotine choke as he does - this fight is stopped by submission at just past the halfway mark.

Final result: Manny Lozoya via submission (guillotine) at 2:33 of the first round.


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