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Video: Brock Lesnar is stll huge, has 'bad loser' advice for Ronda Rousey

Did Brock Lesnar just plagiarize Aerosmith?

Pfffft ... Dream On!

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight titleholder was a recent guest on ESPN SportsCenter to discuss the career of former women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, for reasons not quite explained by anyone involved.

Nevertheless, the mayor of Suplex City had some advice for Rousey after she made headlines this week on The Ellen DeGeneres show (watch the emotional clip here). Seems as though "Rowdy" hit rock bottom after getting knocked out by Holly Holm, but found the strength to carry on after realizing she is, in fact, still undefeated.

According to Lesnar (transcribed by MMA Fighting), all top athletes must first learn how to lose before they can actually win.

"I think one thing that I learned, and that she should have learned a long time ago, is that you have to learn how to lose before you can actually win. That was one thing that my coach taught me at a very young age because I was a bad loser. You've got to be able to get back on the horse. I think she's got a lot on her plate. You can't be a fighter and be in 10 movies a year. She's going to have to step back and find out what Ronda wants to do moving forward."

Video of Brock being a bad loser here.

Lesnar, like Holm, knows a thing or two about losing on the big stage. The former collegiate wrestling deity was clipped and whipped by Cain Velasquez back in 2010, costing him the division strap, then followed that performance by turtling against Alistair Overeem.

He would later retire and airmail himself back into WWE, which may not be a bad idea for "Rowdy" if she ends up in an 0-2 hole against "The Preacher's Daughter."

Called it?

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