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Bisping: 'Fake' Anderson Silva almost no-showed open workouts, then his manager asked me not to criticize him

Esther Lin

When it comes to mind games, some guys can dish it out -- but they can't take it.

Is normal.

That's the latest accusation from middleweight contender Michael Bisping, who claims the manager for his UFC Fight Night 84 opponent, Anderson Silva, asked the Brit's coach to stop criticizing "The Spider," who is returning from last year's disciplinary suspension on Feb. 27 in London, England.

Not to speak for "The Count," but in his defense, there's just so much material to work with.

From Sky Sports:

"Here's some inside information - the guy is an absolute fake. Up until the very last minute, Anderson wasn't going to show up at the open workouts. I know this from very reliable inside-information. He wasn't going to turn up because he wasn't happy about this, he wasn't happy about that. He was passive-aggressive and condescending to me but I couldn't care less because we're going to fight. But then afterwards, his manager is calling my coach to ask me not to [criticise Anderson]. The guy is a fake who can speak English but chooses to use a translator. He showed me that he's too confident at the open workouts by messing around with his friends. Me? I had a solid workout, I'm not messing about."

Watch video of their open workout confrontation here.

Bisping (27-7) has been calling for a "Spider" fight for years (proof), but his prior admiration for the ex-middleweight champ has soured in the wake of Silva's failed drug test. It will be interesting to see what version of the Brazilian shows up across the pond, keeping in mind he's just one fight removed from this.

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