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Wrong! Popular female talk show host trashes SI for putting Ronda Rousey on 'Swimsuit Edition' cover

"This is the girl you that see swimming in your pool in Jersey. Like, she's hot and she's at the barbecue, but this is not; they say that the bathing suit is painted on and that it's not a real bathing suit. So they painted it on her and it still doesn't add to it. The hair is wrong, the eyes are wrong, the nose is wrong, the mouth is wrong the neck is wrong. Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. And I'm not even counting the idea that she lost her last fight because that's what a lot of people in my morning meeting were saying. I was like, win or lose doesn't really matter, it's just that she looks very, it's like she's from Queens or something. Or Jersey or Coney Island. This is SI, you all, they step it up, that's all."

Ronda Rousey was shocked when she discovered she had nabbed one of three cover spots for the prestigious Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Edition" for 2016 (her reaction here). Apparently, so were others. Among them was Wendy Williams, the outspoken talk show host that doesn't bite her tongue when it comes to, well, pretty much anything. So on a recent edition of "The Wendy Williams Show," the brash host lashed out at "Sports Illustrated" for giving "Rowdy" the honor (skip to the 14-minute mark of the video). Why? According to Williams, everything about Rousey is wrong, right down to her hair, eyes nose and neck. Haters gonna' hate?  Interestingly enough, Williams didn't have a problem with Ashley Graham -- neither do I, FYI -- the "plus size" model who also earned one of the covers. In fact, Williams praised SI for giving it to her, declaring it a win for "the big girls." Sounds like Williams might have a personal vendetta against Rousey. To see behind-the-scenes video of Rousey during her recent body paint photo shoot click here.

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