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Mike Tyson reacts to Ronda Rousey's suicide comments: She's fine now!

If there's anyone who knows just what kind of joy and displeasure combat sports can bring you, it's former professional boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

"Iron Mike" has experienced the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows during his professional sports career.

From being the youngest fighter to ever capture the heavyweight title to getting knocked out by James "Buster" Douglas -- a man no one expected to survive more than a few rounds against the bruiser -- Mike has been there, done that.

That said, Tyson recently spoke to TMZ Sports to offer some encouraging words for Ronda Rousey after she dropped a bombshell that she briefly contemplated suicide after getting knocked out by Holly Holm.

"Everybody has a bad day at the office. She needs to focus on coming back, eventually," said Tyson. "She can do what she wants, you need to be happy to do this stuff."

Regarding her suicidal thoughts, Tyson says it was simply a moment in time and is confident the former 135-pound champ is fine now.

"It's just a moment in time. She doesn't feel that way now," he concluded.

"Iron Mike" say he would also not object to giving Rousey a few pointers in the boxing department if she asked him to do so. And when asked if he ever had bad thoughts after a loss, Mike revealed he had bad thoughts even after a win.

Who said the fight game was easy?

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