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Zachery Rey signals interest in mixed martial arts with cryptic callout of retired fighter Brendan Schaub

Matt Detrich-USA TODAY Sports

Pan American freestyle wrestling gold medalist Zachery Rey turned some heads recently with a bizarre callout of former UFC heavyweight slugger Brendan Schaub (noticed by Bloody Elbow):

The tweet was reportedly in response to a comment by Schaub on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast about heavyweight NCAA wrestlers being "big old fat boys" like sumo wrestlers. Rey was a 2011 NCAA champion for Lehigh Valley.

The idea of having another elite level wrestler in UFC is exciting, however nobody really knows whether Rey even follows UFC as Schaub retired from the sport in 2015.

However, should the 26-year-old Team USA wrestler decide to try his hand in mixed martial arts (MMA) he would be backed up by some serious freestyle wrestling bona fides, including:


2nd in U.S. World Team Trials
2nd in U.S. Open
1st in Pan American Championships
3rd in Alexander Medved International
1st in Cerro Pelado International


1st in Brazil Cup
1st in Pan American Championships
2nd in U.S. World Team Trials
4th in U.S. Open
3rd in Medved International
1st in Cerro Pelado International

Rey competes in the 125 kg/270 pound category and so he would be likely used to cutting weight to make that limit. While shedding another four pounds isn't the end of the world the 6'2" New Jersey native is a very imposing man and would make an interesting addition to UFC's heavyweight division.

While Rey has never explicitly expressed an interest in MMA he's long been considered a solid candidate to make the crossover into a sport that has traditionally been welcoming toward elite wrestlers like Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo.

And yes, it is a slow news day.

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