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Bizarre pay-per-view surfaces featuring Michael Bisping, Roy Jones Jr., Kurt Angle and others

At first I didn't really know how to write about this because it still makes no sense even when I see it written on other combat sports websites.

But since others are reporting it's true... a new digital broadcast network with teenager text message slang in the logo ( has announced a crazy pay-per-view of fights that will hurt your brain even as they delight your senses.

The weird and whacky and wascally fight card:

Yes, that's right, 47-year-old legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. will fight a "fan" in the boxing portion of the event, meaning Anderson Silva finally has an opportunity to live his dream.

Then in mixed martial arts (MMA) the decrepit bodies of Ken Shamrock (52) and Dan Severn (57) will climb into the cage for a third and deciding fight of a matchup nobody was clamoring to see (but everybody likely will want to).

In in the fake portion of the event, pro wrestlers Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio will put on what's sure to be a crowd-pleasing performance.

And finally, retired UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen will grapple current UFC middleweight Michael Bisping to prove something, or other.

What's got me confused is the involvement of Shamrock and Bisping. First of all, Shamrock is fighting Royce Gracie on Feb. 19 for Bellator 149, so unless Shammy intends to take a dive then it's hard to imagine he heals up and trains for a new fight inside of 29 days.

Second, Bisping is set to fight a UFC bout against Anderson Silva on Feb. 27, 2016, in front of his fans in London, U.K., at UFC Fight Night 84. So let's hope he doesn't get brutally KTFO because three weeks later he's supposed to go and grapple with Sonnen.

Again, weird! So goddamn bizarre it makes me keep checking the calendar for April 1.

This is all set to go down on March 20, 2016.

Are you going to order this craziness?

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