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Dana White says UFC is starting women's featherweight division, with or without Cris Cyborg

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White said female fighters were never going to fight in the promotion? Remember when Ronda Rousey broke that void and struck gold as the sport's biggest star? Well, White seems to be flipping and flopping yet again regarding the implementation of a women's division, recently confirming the creation of a 145-pound class after shutting the door on the idea just three months ago. White also responded to featherweight superstar Cris Cyborg's promotional fallout.

"She was offered two fights at 145 pounds, she turned them both down," said White during an appearance on FOX Sports Australia. "The first fight, she said she only had eight weeks and that wasn't enough time to make 145 pounds. And then she gave no reason for the second time. But the answer is yes. The answer is yes, we're going to make a 145-pound division, whether it's with Cyborg or not."

In the past, White has declined the idea of creating a women's featherweight division based on a lack of contenders that the promotion could potentially bring in. Heck, Lina Lansberg was the best opponent UFC could come up with for Cyborg's most recent Octagon appearance at a catchweight of 140 pounds. The Brazilian dismantled Lansberg like she does all her opponents.

At this point, whether Cyborg can consistently make a cut down to 145 pounds or not, White and company seem dedicated to making another women's division that could bring more power and more finishes compared to that of the strawweight and bantamweight factions. Cyborg would be the ideal champion to start such a division, but the show must go on.

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