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Midnight Mania! Goldberg is done after UFC 207, Garbrandt walks out of Cruz interview

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Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2011 Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Oh, we have lots to talk about today. Cruz destroyed Garbrandt so badly the Alpha Male fighter got up and tried to find Cruz in the other room, we found out that it is all over for Mike Goldberg after Friday night, and Dana White did an old-school media scrum in the absence of Ronda Rousey.

In honor of Mike Goldberg’s career with the UFC coming to a close soon, here is one of his best bloopers.

Goldie knows his Portuguese. #DWCOTD

A video posted by Dana White (@danawhite) on

Mike: “Speaking Portugesa!”

Joe: “That’s Japanese, man.”

Mike: “Oh, really? Thank you... I should have known that.”

Joe: “You’re the one married to a Japanese chick”

Mike: “That is correct.”


Honestly, though, I’ll miss good ol’ Mike Goldberg, even if he peaked a long time ago.

There are rumors that Jim Rome will be his replacement. To that we say...

In lieu of Rousey doing media, Dana White pulled an old-fashioned media scrum, which you can watch here:

He maintained, among other things, that Fabricio Werdum turned down two fights, indirectly, by asking for 800K plus PPV points to face someone else. Werdum’s side of the story is slightly different. According to him, he wants 500K flat, plus PPV points... still a big ask, although it shouldn’t be for a professional athlete and former heavyweight champion. He also maintained he did not turn any fights down.

Dana also maintained Cain Velasquez didn’t really want to fight, which is why he was being so honest in his interviews. That confirms Ben Rothwell’s suspicions. He claimed he ‘bumped into’ rapper 50 Cent, who told him Floyd really wants to fight Conor McGregor.

He also confirmed that Mike Goldberg is done, as mentioned earlier, and said that Ferguson-Nurmagomedov is off. He claimed that Ferguson wanted the exact same amount of money the Nurmagomedov made, and ranted about honoring individual fighter contracts and how fighters compare the money they make to what other people make.

Like what this guy made:

Oh, if you missed CM Punk getting burned by WWE management, go back and check that out here.

And as far as Dana’s moralizing on honoring fighter contracts...

He also said Khabib’s father turned down Jose Aldo, commented on the Cyborg situation, and claimed the UFC is not planning to add any extra weight classes. (Which, given Dana’s track record, could mean we see women’s flyweight within the year)

He also told Luke Thomas the Diaz brothers are bigger than him. That argument continued:

He said that the WME-IMG deal took him by surprise when it finally happened. He said he was “pretty f—-ed up” about it at the time, but said the deal was the right move at the time. He said it was Ari Emmanuel’s idea to put the four fights from UFC 206 on Fox on Christmas Eve, which did 4.7 million viewers, the most on Fox since their very first show on the network.

Bobs and Weaves

Tonya Evinger is going to learn Ninjitsu:

Fk ya, finally someone that can show me how to fight..

A photo posted by Tonya Evinger (@tonya_evinger) on

No idea why all the tabs are still there. “Uzi” is the only word I needed to read there under “Learn to use”.

Conor McGregor is in one trashed kitchen:

the joker

A photo posted by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Looks like mine except cleaner.

The arena looks majestic two days ahead of fight night.


RIZIN is tonight, baby. Prepare your bodies. Those crazy enough to stay up late, like you maniacs reading this piece, can watch the live stream here.

Gabi Garcia drilling with Cris Cyborg:

Mirko Cro Cop and King Mo Lawal will headline. Check out the full weigh-in highlights here.

Rin Nakai is a sex symbol of sorts in Japan. Different land, different culture, Japan.

Of course the internet was always going to have fun with this.

I’m not completely sure I get it, to be honest.

Japanese MMA has always been a crazy show.

No, this isn’t Manny Pacquiao. He just looks exactly like him.

Remember Daron Cruickshank? He now sports a sweet ‘stache.

No, this I don’t understand one bit.

Verbal Domination

Dominick Cruz just verbally demolished Cody Garbrandt again, this time so badly that Cody got up and tried to find Cruz in the next room.

“Keep your fling on a string”

Reminds me of this classic Diaz-McGregor scene.

Cruz just won’t let up on Garbrandt.

Garbrandt better hope he brings it in the cage on Saturday night, because this is embarrassing.

If you found this entertaining, here’s a whole compilation of Cruz’s ice-cold trash talk:

We need to see Cruz vs. Supa Hot Fire next:

Dillashaw on his involvement in the MMAAA:

He was also one half of this awkward moment:

As an extremely white guy, I’ve been there. Many times.

This card is dope from top to bottom:

This breakdown from Andrew Richardson on Amanda Nunes’ most relevant techniques is important:

UFC Embedded Volume 3 is up:

Sage has a second career as freak fitness model just waiting.

What the heck is this??

Meanwhile, in Africa...

GSP is just chilling with soccer legends Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou raising money for charity.

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