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Bellator 166 results: LIVE 'Dantas vs Warren 2' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 166: "Dantas vs. Warren 2" takes place TONIGHT (Fri. Dec. 2, 2016) from inside WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The headlining fight tonight is a Bantamweight title fight that pits 135-pound champion Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas against former roost-ruler (and former opponent) Joe Warren. In addition, the undefeated A.J. McKee puts his young record on the line against late notice replacement Ray Wood.

It's the first of two straight nights of fights in Thackerville at the same venue, and tonight's card also includes televised bouts pitting former champion Marcos Galvao against L.C. Davis -- a man who lost to Joe Warren -- as well as two Middleweights with only one loss each as Chris Honeycutt squares off with Ben Reiter.

Bellator 166 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 166) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren -- Dantas MD 47-47, 49-44, 48-46.
A.J. McKee vs. Ray Wood -- McKee UD 29-27, 30-25, 30-27.
Marcos Galvao vs. L.C. Davis -- Galvao SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Chris Honeycutt vs. Ben Reiter -- Honeycutt UD 30-26, 30-25 X2.
Chris Jones vs. Derrick Adkins -- Adkins via sub (d'arce) 4:09 R2.
Kinny Spotwood vs. John King -- Spotwood UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Gregory Babene vs. Emiliano Sordi -- Babene via sub (guillotine) 3:11 R1.
Treston Thomison vs. Dawond Pickney -- Thomison via sub (armbar) 0:51 R1.


Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren

Warren has on black trunks and blue gloves as the challenger in our main event. The champion Dantas has on red trunks and red gloves. Former two division Bellator champion Warren is 14-5 out of Monument, Colorado. Reigning two time champion Dantas is 18-4 out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Both men touch gloves during instructions and get down to business after the bell. Warren circles to the right looking for openings for his hands and feet. Dantas sticks his arms out wide and leans back, a little reminiscent of Anderson Silva. Dantas works the left jab whenever Warren gets close. A 1-2 combo stings Warren a little at 2:11 particularly the right hand. Another combo at 2:40. Warren is starting to get outworked on the feet. Another right makes him back off at 3:07. Warren finally lands a good right but gets battered in response. Dantas snaps off a leg kick and follows with a left over the top. So far it's all Dantas 10-9.

Round 2: Warren tries to rush in to open R2 hoping to change his fortunes. Dantas avoids it and lands a knee, escaping Warren's grab when he hopes to make it a takedown. Warren lands a left hook behind it. Dantas avoids the overhand right. Warren gets popped by the 1-2 at 1:35. You can see his face getting more red as the rounds wear on. Dantas is snapping off the left leg kick too to slow Warren down. Warren tries a knee to the body but it's not flush. Warren walks straight into a left jab and Dantas snaps off two leg kicks, the second which causes Warren to stagger momentarily on the feet. Warren is switching stances because of the pain. Dantas is feeling it and starting to taunt Warren again late in the round. Warren goes for a jump knee again to no avail. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 3: McCarthy stops the fight early in R3 to give Warren a warning for an eye poke. Dantas hits him with a knee and a leg kick after the restart. Warren is again rushing in but he just ends up eating jabs and hooks when he does. Warren is never able to cut an angle and keep Dantas pressed against the fence. He goes for a takedown and gets Dantas' back, who draws a warning from McCarthy not to grab the fence as Warren hits him with knees from behind. Warren gets one hook in then switches tactics and drops levels but Dantas escapes at 2:18. Warren keeps trying to bull rush but Dantas is always able to dance away when he tries. In their last fight takedowns made all the difference for Warren and his inability to get them here is costly. Warren takes a kick to the groin at 4:03 that draws a stoppage. Dantas tries to claim an eye poke a couple of times after the restart but McCarthy says no. Warren's face is battered and bloodied as R3 ends. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 4: What can Joe Warren do at this point to change his fortunes? He's in a 3-0 hole and eating increasingly accumulating damage. He tries a cartwheel kick praying it will land and it's not close. Warren nearly gets the takedown at 1:11 but it's more a product of Dantas stumbling as he avoids it -- Warren never completes it nor keeps him down for even a second. The one thing you can't take away from Warren in this fight is his heart. No matter how many jabs and kicks he takes his mental toughness won't let him quit. The right hooks are easy to avoid for Dantas though -- Warren is lunging forward trying to put everything he has into one punch, and Dantas just steps out of the way. Warren ties up looking for a takedown with 1:40 left. Warren gets the takedown at 3:53 but does nothing effective as Dantas is up two seconds later. Dantas just ducks under a wild right with short time left. Warren tries a cartwheel again. 10-9 Dantas.

Round 5: Warren runs right at Dantas at breakneck speed to open R5 but no matter how fast he is Dantas is still a split second faster. Warren's face is a mess and Dantas looks like he could go five more rounds. Warren complains about another kick to the cup and gets a timeout. Dantas gets a one point deduction. Unless Warren does something dramatic though that's just going to be a 9-9 round for Dantas instead of a 10-9 -- it changes nothing. Warren fails to get the takedown even though he pushes Dantas into the fence and goes hard to clasp his hands together. Warren is driving knees into his legs but not doing much of anything else. McCarthy gets bored and breaks them apart with 65 seconds to go. Warren talks more than he lands and Dantas does a dance before the final bell to celebrate, then the two make peace and exchange a hug.

Final result: The judges score it 47-47, 49-44 and 48-46 for the winner by majority decision Eduardo Dantas.


A.J. McKee vs. Ray Wood

Wood enters first for the co-main event in black trunks and blue gloves, high fiving every fan within reach. McKee comes out with a silver Vendetta mask on, red trunks and red gloves. Wood is 7-2, McKee is 5-0. Wood fights out of Amarillo, Texas and McKee fights out of Long Beach, California. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: A tap of gloves signals the start of the round, and both men are throwing long kicks quickly. One grazed the cup but there was no stoppage. McKee gets a takedown at 34 seconds. Wood teases a guillotine to force McKee to let him up but McKee gets off a nice knee to the chest. Wood eats a body kick and a left hook, gets a jump knee off that connects and goes for a guillotine as McKee tries to shoot in while he's stunned. McKee gets the inside trip takedown at 2:18 and pops out of the guillotine 7 seconds later. McKee tries to transition to the back and gets one hook in. Wood escapes at 3:40 and it's back to the feet for both men. Two hard body kicks by Wood, another jump knee attempt, but McKee takes him down easily. McKee is on top to end R1 but did the takedowns swing it his way?

Round 2: Jimmy Smith believes KcKee lost R1, but McKee lands a good spinning backfist early in R2 and goes for a front choke while Wood tries to figure out his response. McKee swings at him on the break and picks the ankle to take Wood right back down. McKee is getting off some good elbows on top and Wood gives up his back to stop the assault. McKee gets a hook in and the fence is saving Wood from the other getting in. McKee is landing some nasty right hands to the face from behind.Wood tries to scramble and now he's eating lefts. He gets to his knees at 4:20 but can't get away as McKee still has a hook in firing shots. A very dominant R2 for McKee. 10-9 or if a judge is generous 10-8.

Round 3: McKee lands a knee and a couple of head kicks early. Wood's face is wearing the beating he took in R2 and he's dumped to the ground with ease 39 seconds in. Ever since his ankle pick takedown in R2 this fight has been all McKee. He has side control and Wood's only response is to try to push off the fence with his feet, which draws a warning from Beltran for linking the toes and doesn't work anyway. There's 1:45 left now and Wood is stuck and well out of luck. All Wood can do is stall and get Beltran to warn McKee that he needs to work to finish. He finally gets up with 30 seconds left and gets suplexed right back down. Even if McKee lost the first round he's won the fight.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-27, 30-25 and 30-27 all for A.J. McKee.


Marcos Galvao vs. L.C. Davis

Black trunks and blue gloves for L.C. Davis, 23-7, fighting out of Kansas City, Missouri. Black trunks and red gloves for Galvao, 17-7-1, fighting out of Manaus, Brazil by way of New York City, New York. Long mustache master Mike Beltran will officiate the fight.

Round 1: Galvao takes the center and Davis steps around him on the outside and connects with a left. Galvao clinches up at 1:15 and Davis fends off the takedown and turns him around. Davis lets go of a single leg and almost gets leg tripped but keeps his balance. Both men trade knees as they dance back and forth along the fence. Beltran warns them not to grab the shorts at 2:30. Galvao finally gets a takedown at 2:53 and tries to posture up to throw right elbows. Davis nearly kicks him off at 3:10 but Galvao swarms right back in. Davis inches his way toward the fence and Galvao steps over to block the stand-up. Galvao is smothering him on top chest to chest and trying to avoid letting Davis back to his feet late. Davis finally stands with 20 seconds left but that was too long on the ground with Galvao on top, which gives the former champion a 10-9 round.

Round 2: Davis takes a low kick 24 seconds in but tells Beltran he's okay to continue. Galvao gets another takedown 55 seconds into this round. It's unusual to see anybody other than Joe Warren out wrestle a wrestler of Davis' caliber. He stands up at 1:23 and tries to drive his right shoulder into Galvao's chin a la Randy Couture. They spin around and Galvao briefly grabs a clinch to throw a knee before they break. Galvao misses on his takedown at the halfway point and shoves Davis away to reset. Galvao lands a clean hard right hand but Davis responds with a left. Another connects. He swings and Galvao ducks under and pushes him into the cage. Galvao shoves him away at 3:58 and seems to be trying to clear his right eye. Davis blocks a takedown and continues to head hunt. Davis stuffs one last late takedown. This is a round that could go either way with the judges.

Round 3: Davis blocks a takedown attempt 40 seconds into R3. Galvao seems winded now. He's backpedaling and trying to answer with counter shots. Davis keeps dancing, dipping and ducking then letting his left hand go when he's got Galvao confused. Davis avoids another takedown at 2:25. Galvao clinches against the fence at 2:43 but Davis turns him around. They break with 1:40 left. Another left hand by Davis sneaks in. Body punch by Davis. Galvao ties him up at 4:02 and Davis dances the dance with him round and around. Galvao is eating knees late as Beltran reminds them there are 10 seconds left. Davis wins R3 but the winner of this fight will be whoever won R2 with the judges.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Davis, 29-28 Galvao, 29-28 for Galvao by split decision.


Chris Honeycutt vs. Ben Reiter

This is a 195 pound catchweight bout. Reiter is 194.1, 17-1-1, fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico by way of Lima, Peru in the black trunks. Honeycutt is in the gold trunks, 194 even, 8-1, fighting out of Fresno, California. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: With a tap of the gloves we are underway. Honeycutt lands the early leg kick. He catches a kick and goes for a single leg and Reiter blatantly grabs the fence but it doesn't stop Honeycutt from getting it. Reiter pops up and both men reset with only 1 minute gone. Honeycutt catches another kick looking for a takedown, and in the process of getting it Reiter is warned not to grab the fence AND warned not to throw elbows at the back of the head. Reiter is up again at 1:45. Honecutt with a knee to the body. Reiter comes forward winging a huge left that misses the mark twice. The uppercut comes close enough to push Honeycutt into the fence but he turns out and fires a knee. Head kick by Honeycutt. Right hook. Left high kick whistles by. Reiter stuffs a takedown attempt. Honeycutt gets the thai plum against the fence and starts throwing knees, missing with a spinning backfist on the break. Push kick. Almost every big offensive strike this round is Honeycutt's. Nice right hand connects. Very solid 10-9 for Honeycutt.

Round 2: Reiter goes for a takedown 40 seconds into R2 but doesn't get it. Honeycutt grabs the plum again and throws a knee. Hard body kick by Honeycutt. Reiter is getting wary of the strikes now and stepping in and out of range, but Honeycutt is still able to close the distance and connect. Honeycutt slips and trips but winds up right in position for a single leg takedown anyway - and he gets it. Honeycutt is landing short power strikes as Reiter gets back to his knees, and he finally stands at 3:05. Reiter lands a nice 1-2 then swings wild and misses. Honeycutt misses with a couple of spin kicks but Reiter misses with a front kick too. Honeycutt feints a jump knee. So far this fight is all Honeycutt.

Round 3: Reiter needs an answer for both the striking and wrestling of Honeycutt, and he tries for a takedown at 30 seconds but it's not there. Even when Honeycutt wings out a kick Reiter is unable to grab the leg and turn it into anything. Honeycutt lands about 7 in a row standing before a takedown which Reiter tries and fails to turn into a guillotine. Honeycutt stands back up when he goes for a single leg. Reiter shoots in again at 2:18 and is deep around the right knee but Honeycutt widens his stands and then traps the head under his left arm. Honeycutt pushes him off with a knee and a right hand and circles away. 2 minutes left and Honeycutt almost has this in the bag. Honeycutt lands a heavy right hand and Reiter defensively goes for a single. Honeycutt sprawls to block it. Reiter digs really hard but Honeycutt just steps over throwing nasty ground and pound and elbows. Reiter's face is now a bloody mess with a minute left in the fight. If this goes to the judges it's a 10-8 round. Those left elbows are dicing Reiter up. McCarthy is keeping a close eye on things and warns Reiter to move with 15 seconds left. Honeycutt takes his back at the end. He does a backflip to celebrate and nearly hurts himself more than Reiter hurt him.

Final result: Chris Honeycutt wins a unanimous decision of 30-26 and 30-25 X2.


Chris Jones vs. Derrick Adkins

Round 1: This is a 164 pound catchweight fight. Adkins is in the blue trunks for this fight. Jones is in the black trunks. Adkins is 8-3 and fights out of Edmond, Oklahoma. Jones is 10-4 and fights out of Dallas, Texas. Our referee is Don Turnage. Adkins has been so active in 2016 that his last fight was just 3 weeks ago. 90 seconds in both men are still evenly matched, although Jones is landing a few more leg kicks than his foe. Adkins shoots in and gets the double to side control. Adkins has opened up a cut on the right eye of Jones. Adkins pulls Jones off the fence and tries to step over but Jones is able to get back up. Adkins goes for a single leg and Jones illegally grabs the fence, Adkins goes for it again and gets a takedown into guard. He's posturing up and landing some nice shots, although Turnage warns him to watch the fingers. Jones kicks him away with 21 seconds left. 10-9 Adkins.

Round 2: Jones tries to push the pace at the start of R2, but Adkins tags him several times for his trouble. Eventually he has to settle in to circling around Adkins and looking for openings, but his best weapon continues to be his leg kick. Adkins gets a takedown at 2:55 and is on Jones' back right away. Jones tries to roll free but Adkins stays on top in full guard. Turnage stands them up for a lack of activity and 2 minutes remain. Adkins drops Jones with a right hand and jumps on top looking to do damage. He passes to side control and looks for an armbar, Jones gets back up, but Adkins traps him in a d'arce choke against the fence and submits him once Jones drops to the canvas and taps.

Final result: Derrick Adkins wins via submission (d'arce choke) at 4:09 of the second round.


Kinny Spotwood vs. John King

Round 1: This fight is at 210 pounds. 4-3, fighting out of Amarillo, Texas by way of Guthrie, Oklahoma is John King in the white trunks. 2-2, fighting out of Tulsa, Oklahoma is Kinny Spotwood in the red trunks. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Spotwood wastes little time pushing his opponent into the fence. Hatley looks on as they both try to get the advantage. King trips him to the ground but was unstable as they hit the floor and Spotwood swept on top to side control. Spotwood moves to take the mount but ends up taking King's back against the fence with one hook in and right hands blasting the head and the body. Spotwood occasionally loses the hook but not the dominant position and King's only response is an occasional reverse elbow to the head. Spotwood stands up with 90 seconds left and eats a knee to the body as he looks to take King down and get an even more dominant position. King widens his stance as Spotwood tries to work his way around the side, and Hatley breaks them apart at 4:15. Both men take the center and King starts to push forward. Spotwood keeps his right hand up as he backs away. 10-9 Spotwood.

Round 2: Round two looks a lot like round one, with Spotwood pushing King into the fence looking for a takedown, while King keeps looking over to Hatley hoping to get a reset. Spotwood lands a jump knee as they move sideways along the fence. Hatley makes a motion like he'll step in, backs up, steps in again, backs up, they finally breaks it up after the 2 minute mark. King clinches looking for a leg trip and it's not there, but now he has Spotwood on the defensive -- momentarily. Spotwood and King keep turning back and forth against the cage. Spotwood turns to a more dominant position at 3:40 and starts firing off body shots and knees. Hatley resets them again at and allows Spotwood to wash out his mouthpiece before putting it back in. King is coming forward in the waning moments of the round but Spotwood is landing the better counter shots. 10-9 Spotwood.

Round 3: King claims a finger to the eye and we get a stoppage 14 seconds into round three. The replay shows it was a clean jab that scraped the eye without the hand open. Hatley did not give a warning or deduct a point. King keeps trying to engage but is getting popped with hard lefts. They finally tie up at 2:04 but King has nothing going in the takedown attempt and also gets warned not to grab the cage. King sneaks in a nice uppercut as both men engage in close quarters combat. As usual Spotwood turns him around and has the dominant body positioning, closer to a takedown than his opponent. Both men separate with 30 seconds to go and King comes forward with desperation in his eye, and he goes for another takedown and Spotwood once again rolls with it to side control laying down some nasty ground and pound to end the fight. 10-9 clean sweep.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for Kinny Spotwood.


Gregory Babene vs. Emiliano Sordi

Round 1: Sordi sprints his way into the cage, wearing red trunks for the final preliminary bout. Babene has on white trunks. Sordi weighs 185.5 pounds, his record is 14-5, and he fights out of Rio Cuarto, Argentina. Babene weights 185.7 is 17-11 and hails from Paris, France. Kerry Hatley is our referee. Babene is attacking from the bell and Sordi has to quickly rebound off the fence, but once he gets his footing he throws a nice right hand. There's no feeling out process with these men. Babene continues to attack and Sordi ties him up against the cage to slow things down. The outside leg trip doesn't work. Babene goes for a knee and Sordi backs off. Babene sends Sordi reeling backward again off another hard shot and snaps off a loud leg kick. Both men land nice shots as we pass the halfway point. Sordi tries a jump knee and is taken down in the process. Babene goes for a guillotine and Sordi taps!

Final result: Gregory Babene wins via submission (guillotine) at 3:11 of the first round.


Treston Thomison vs. Dawond Pickney

Round 1: Black trunks for Pickney, 159 pounds, 10-5, fighting out of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Gray trunks for Thomison, 155.4 pounds, 9-4, fighting out of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Our referee is Don Turnage. Pickney has Thomsion moving backward early. He presses into the fence and gets a takedown at 39 seconds but Thomison grabbed an armbar in the process and tapped him out quickly.

Final result: Treston Thomison wins via submission (armbar) at 0:51 of the first round.

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