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Bellator 169 'King Mo vs Ishii' recap with results, .gifs and video highlights

Bellator 169 'King Mo vs Ishii' aired last night (Fri., Dec. 16, 2016) from 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. MMA Mania brings you a post-fight recap, results, .gifs and interview highlights from an exciting overseas event!

Bellator MMA

Bellator 169 "King Mo vs. Ishii" took place last night (Fri., Dec. 16, 2016) at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. A self described "moneyweight" looked to bounce back from a loss to "Mr. Wonderful" on foreign soil.

"King Mo" Muhammed Lawal was last seen at Bellator 154 in May, where he lost a No. 1 contender's match to current champion "Mr. Wonderful" Phil Davis. The road back to the top had to go through Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii.

If you've seen Lawal's fight with Cheick Kongo you know the strategy as well as the result. Lawal is slightly on the small side to fight many of the division's big boys, and indeed he came in at only 213 for this fight. But what he has is an ability to takedown larger men that they are simply unable to stop, thumping Ishii when he would get back up. He did it over and over again to earn the unanimous 30-27 X3 win in Dublin.

Popular local featherweight fighter James Gallagher put his undefeated record on the line for a second time in Bellator as Anthony Taylor flew in from the U.S. looking to play the spoiler role.

Taylor's best chance to succeed was to land the same power strikes that got him his first pro win in his last Bellator fight, and though he did land some lefts and body shots when he'd charge in, he never put anything flush on Gallagher's chin or behind his ear. Meanwhile he emptied his gas tank chasing the home run shot, and in doing so Gallagher was able to repeatedly punish the left leg, slowing Taylor down even more.

In the third round that paid big dividends when Gallagher was able to swarm Taylor and jump on his back with both hooks just ten seconds in. Taylor tried to lean into the fence and that only freed Gallagher's right hand to punish his opponent. Taylor tried to carry Gallagher around the cage, but that left leg gave out, and Gallagher sunk in the rear naked choke for the finish at 1:52.

Gallagher spoke to Jimmy Smith after the finish.

"If anyone comes into my country, and tries to disrespect where I come from, I'll make them {censored} the flag in my country -- get the f--k outta here! Yeah he was a really strong guy, hits hard, and I couldn't get caught with it. I can go all day long so I just keep the pressure. This is my country -- don't f--king forget that."

I doubt anyone will.

With two opponents for Helen Harper scratched before the card, Bellator added Sinead Kavanagh vs. Elina Kallionidou at featherweight and paid Harper her show money. Kavanagh was the hometown favorite and the Straight Blast Gym trainee, and it showed in the first round as she repeatedly blasted Kallionidou in every exchange and iced the round with a takedown with six seconds left.

Little changed in the second or the third round. Even though Kallionidou was the more experienced fighter on paper at 5-0, the hometown fighter showed nearly reckless disregard for her opponent, letting her hands hang down and not even trying to defend any shots. Considering she landed every power strike she wanted to and got any takedown she wanted to, there was no reason to do otherwise.

Kavanagh improved to 4-0 as the result of a unanimous decision from all three judges -- 30-27, 30-25, 30-26 -- and spoke to Jimmy Smith afterward.

"Oh she was tough. She was there, she stuck it out, I didn't get that clean shot. I think I was trying too hard to f---ing knock her out. This is my crowd, my hometown, I love you guys!"

Speaking of featherweights, long time veteran Daniel Weichel looked to pick up a third straight win against late replacement Brian Moore, and in doing so stamp his name on the contender's list again in 2017.

The 9-4 Moore tried hard to make it a stand-up fight, pressuring Weichel and throwing his left hand repeatedly, but the calm and experienced Weichel waited for his opportunity to press Moore into the cage, pick his ankle, take the back and sink both hooks in. Moore tried to push off or turn out but Weichel wasn't going anywhere, and he eventually applied an arm triangle submission to tap Moore out at 4:44 for his 38th win.

Weichel spoke to Jimmy Smith afterward.

"This fight was all about winning. I guess I have an appointment now with Daniel Straus. I'm ready, I hope you're healed up, I'm ready whenever. I've been waiting too long, now let's do this. My arm position was 100% right and ten seconds was enough to finish that choke."

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