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Anthony Pettis car fire update: 'Cut Throat Mob' suspects behind bars after 'old lady' subdues carjacker by the balls

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

More arrests have been made in the rampant carjackings and vandalism that has apparently plagued the city of Milwaukee, Wisc., which affected former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, directly after several of his luxury cars were set ablaze and robbed.

And it’s all thanks to two ladies who decided to fight back after they were targeted for a carjacking back in October by a group of thugs who are a part of the "Cut Throat Mob" car theft ring. According to Fox 6 Now, Miriam Ben-Shalom -- a former Army drill sergeant -- and Karen Weiss weren’t about to relinquish their vehicle after a trio of bandits tried to steal it at Hotel Metro in downtown Milwaukee. And wouldn’t you know it, their combat training helped them thwart off the attackers.

"Two old ladies, nice car -- easy mark. Guess again!" said Shalom. "The valet opened the door. I opened the back trunk to get her walker out, and you hear 'vroom, vroom.’ I go around and here -- the kid is trying to pull him away from the car and they were fighting and I realize, 'this is a carjacking' and I went and tackled the kid and put a hold on him."

"I got up and I put the toe of my boot in a socially significant place," she continued. "I took some Taekwondo, some karate. I was also taught legal holds and restraints."

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After one of the assailants pulled a gun on them, they quickly jumped into a getaway vehicle, but not before Weiss was able to get a good look at the vehicle to describe it to police. One month later, all three suspects were arrested and identified as part of the group that also went after the high-end "Showtime" vehicles. They face a combined 31 charges between them for their crimes.