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LIVE! Bjorn Rebney, Georges St-Pierre mystery press conference updates today at 4 p.m. ET

UPDATE: Full audio replay of today’s call HERE!

Viacom With Spike TV's 'Bellator' Ring The NASDAQ Closing Bell Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Former Bellator MMA head cheese Bjorn Rebney, ousted back in 2014 in favor of combat sports darling Scott Coker, will make his triumphant return to mixed martial arts (MMA) this afternoon (Weds., Nov. 30, 2016) with a star-stuffed media conference call. will provide LIVE, real-time updates of today’s “redefining announcement” beginning at 4 p.m. ET below.

Joining Rebney on today’s call will be former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, along with former UFC champions Cain Velasquez (heavyweight) and T.J. Dillashaw (bantamweight), as well as well-known UFC fighters Donald Cerrone and Tim Kennedy.

That’s quite the line up.

While the nature of today’s call has yet to be revealed, the cat has already started to peek its way out of the bag. Rebney recently reregistered website domains that would suggest the formation — or backing — of an MMA fighter union (details), one of the hottest topics over the past several years.

We’ll know soon enough.

4 p.m. ET: Call officially underway. Some guy I never heard of says there are 100 MMA journalists on the call, which I found mildly amusing. Maybe we should start a MMA journalists union?

4:05: UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy up first to remind us that UFC makes a shitload of money and doesn’t share it with anyone. Name drops his training facility. Mad that UFC 205 was a huge success and nobody on the roster got a “fair share.”

4:07: Starts talking about the injuries suffered by fighters, the perils of combat sports, and what happened to the gladiators of yesteryear. Mentons legal team headed by Jim Quinn. I don’t know who that is because I post more important things like what Conor McGregor had for lunch.

4:09: “The Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association” is announced

4:10: Georges St-Pierre takes over and says UFC will try to make him a villain like it did when he first spoke out against drug testing. Then reminds us his pushing for more stringent testing helped lead to USADA.

4:12: St-Pierre wants to see an MMA industry where everyone gets a fair share. Mentions a “silver spoon” and I immediately become nostalgia for Ricky Shroder and his little train that ran through the kitchen. Says even Conor McGregor — a millionaire — doesn’t even get a fair share, that’s how rich UFC is.

4:15: St-Pierre raises his voice. That means he’s serious, you guys. Gives a grim reminder of CTE and other fight-related issues that plague longterm fighters.

4:16: Cowboy Cerrone takes over and admits he didn't write a speech so he will speak from his heart. Admits he would not have spoken up had he been a younger fighter. But now he has to think about pensions and health care. Promises to stand with all UFC fighters who want change.

4:17: We get TJ Dillashaw next. He doesn’t want to struggle and worry about taking career of his family. Says people don’t realize how most fighters only get eight percent of what UFC makes. Also wants to pave the way for the future generations so they don’t have to struggle.

4:19: Cain Velasquez up to reveal he’s had seven surgeries since his 2008 debut (YES WE KNOW) and will have surgery No. 8 after his next fight. Wants to be protected by a health care plan that covers fighters and needs to have his future protected. Not just for him, but for other fighters.

4:21: Bjorn Rebney takes over, admits it’s “been awhile” since we heard from him. Slams WME | IMG for keeping all the money and making its fighters compete for borsch. Says he wants everyone to stop the doublespeak. Holy pot-and-kettle Batman. Says UFC has higher profit margins than any professional sport in history, to the tune of $600 million per year. Appeals to human decency. Uses a bunch of official-sounding words. His inflection suggests we should take him seriously.

4:25: Floor open to questions. I guess I’ll go write something.

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