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UFC 206: Daniel Cormier reveals injury that forced him from Anthony Johnson title fight

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was forced to bow out of his scheduled title fight against Anthony Johnson — which was set to headline UFC 206 on Dec. 10, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada — after he suffered an unfortunate injury.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, "DC" broke his silence and revealed what exactly forced him out of the "Rumble" rematch, revealing that he tore his adductor tendon and could likely require surgery.

Cormier breaks it down:

"So, the last few weeks I’ve been having this issue with my right leg. Every time it was isolated, I couldn’t lift it. I adjusted my training and just started boxing. Which, when you think about it in a fight with Anthony Johnson it’s probably not your best course of action. About two weeks ago, I went to wrestling practice and it started bothering me more. I wasn’t able to run anymore, as I do a lot of running to drop the weight. Monday morning I woke up, hit pads, ran, and on Tuesday I went to run and I could not run. Thursday I went to jiu-jitsu practice and at that point, my right leg we were doing back drills; I was grappling with Cain, and I had to actually pick up my leg with my hand to put it inside before I could start to grapple. It had no power at all when it was isolated, so it had to be lifted. Last week for training was tough and it was getting worse. Then I had my physical and went to the doctor and he told me to lay back on the table. And when I went to lay back on the table, I lay down and then he told me to get up, and I couldn’t come straight up. I had to kind of turn sideways, pull myself forward in order to get back to my sitting position."

After getting an MRI to see if he had a hernia, the results ultimately revealed that he had torn his adductor tendon, which is basically like a torn groin.

Cormier stated that doctors gave him a couple of options, with one being reattaching the tendon to the bone, stem cell therapy or rest it out. For Cormier, though, resting is not an option, as it would be around a five-month timeframe to heal and he wants to get back into the cage as soon as possible.

That said, Daniel still hasn’t decided if he’s going to do the surgery or treatment. If he opts for surgery, it would take two months to recover.

As for how Dana White took the news, Cormier says he took it well, saying he wished him a speedy recovery instead of giving him some verbal backlash, seeing as how it’s the second time this year "DC" had to pull out. As far as criticism the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) camp has received in the past do to its string of fighters pulling out with injury -- like Luke Rockhold -- Cormier, who eyes a return in February or March of 2017, says changes have been made to prevent injuries, but some things simply can't be avoided when training.

As result of Cormier's setback, Johnson was pulled from the event and the featherweight bout between Anthony Pettis and Max Holloway -- which will now be for the interim 145-pound title -- will headline the card.

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