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In a 'perfect world' Conor McGregor's coach wants Tyron Woodley fight next - 'Go for three belts'

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Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is Conor McGregor's world and the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is just living in it, waiting until "Notorious" decides what he wants to do next. Featherweight title fight? Check. Welterweight "super" fight (against a career Lightweight)? Checkcheck. Lightweight title fight? Check. Welterweight title fight? Maybe!

That according to McGregor's striking coach, Owen Roddy, who revealed his "perfect world" scenario for the Irishman's next fight on the most recent episode of "The MMA Hour."

"For me? Go up and go for three belts ... maybe Woodley," Roddy said. "But, [doing] Diaz again as well is another great one, because I think it's what fans would want to see. They want to see something special again. [Doing] The Diaz fight again is special. The Woodley fight is special."

In hindsight, McGregor was simply planning his next potential calculated move when he mean-mugged the Welterweight champion, Woodley, at the UFC 205 early weigh-in and then called him a "pussy" just hours later backstage with mobile phone cameras rolling. And he was carrying out his diabolical next step even though he had yet to make history by becoming the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion's first-ever "double champ." And the fact that Woodley had to momentarily surrender his belt, which he retained that same night after a majority draw with Stephen Thompson, is just icing on the Irishman's cake.

Indeed, the dual Featherweight and Lightweight champion could not have manufactured a possible 170-pound title shot more perfectly. And rest assured that when he returns from paternity leave, UFC will have to listen to "Notorious" make his case for becoming the first-ever triple champ before he even defends the 145- and 155-pound titles. After all, that's a more marketable -- and safer -- money-making opportunity than getting locked inside a cage with top-ranked Lightweight contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And his team knows it.

"You can't really doubt Khabib at this stage now," Roddy said. "He's a phenomenal grappler -- a phenomenal wrestler -- but I don't know whether the excitement is there, you know? Obviously, for Conor, it's about the pay-per-views … about the money. Whether Khabib will hit the pay-per-views for him, I don't know, but he's definitely there. He poses a different threat, so it would be good to try and work out the strikes that are going to land on him.

"He can be hit as well, I will say that," Roddy continued. "He got hit a bit [against Darrell Horcher] and the same again [against Michael Johnson]. I believe that if you give Conor a chance to land once, I don't know whether people can come back from that. But, it would be definitely an interesting fight. They're the three names I suppose: Khabib, Woodley — because it would be just insane — can you imagine the excitement of that? That would be crazy. And then, obviously, you can't argue with the Nate fight again."

And he might not stop after Woodley, who is down to make a ton of money, but doesn't think it's a good match up.

"I never know what's going to happen [after a fight], but that's part of the excitement," Roddy said. "Conor could just say, ‘Yeah, I'm going to fight a Middleweight.' And he could do it, because, I mean, everything he says he's going to do, he does."

It's Conor McGregor's world and we're just living in it.