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Conor McGregor net worth: Does UFC’s double champ deserve equity?

Double champ, Conor McGregor, estimates that he will haul in about $40 million for his UFC-related work in 2016.

However, that's just a drop in the bucket when compared to what the Irishman actually earns for the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) league. In fact, five of the pay-per-view (PPV) events he has recently headlined have generated an $150 million alone.

Imagine number six?

And that's just PPV buys, which is a just a slice of a massive revenue pie. McGregor knows he is a valuable asset, and after winning the Lightweight belt, “Notorious” made it clear that he wants a share in UFC. In other words, he wants to own a piece of the company for which he makes untold millions.

He's likely worth every penny — and UFC knows it.

And why not? If actors like Mark Wahlberg can invest in UFC and never have to throw a single punch inside the cage, why can’t McGregor?

Maybe cause of this.

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