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UFC Fight Night 99 live results stream, 'Mousasi vs Hall 2' play-by-play updates

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to action this Saturday (Nov. 19, 2016) inside SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the UFC Fight Night 99: "Mousasi vs. Hall 2" mixed martial arts (MMA) event.

In the Fight Pass-exclusive main event, scheduled for five rounds, UFC light heavyweight contender Ryan Bader continues his march back toward the upper echelon of the division opposite grizzled combat sports veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Meanwhile, in the lightweight co-main event, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 9 champion Ross Pearson looks to repel up-and-coming Scottish striker Stevie Ray, while Timothy Johnson and Alexander Volkov bang it out for heavyweight bragging rights.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 99 fight card below, starting with the UFC Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. ET, before the UFC Fight Pass main card start time at 3 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Mousasi vs. Hall 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 99 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Uriah Hall vs. Gegard Mousasi — Mousasi def. Hall by TKO (punches) at 4:37 of Round One
Ross Pearson vs. Stevie Ray — Ray def. Pearson by split decision (27-30, 30-27 x2)
Timothy Johnson vs. Alexander Volkov — Volkov def. Johnson by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
Teruto Ishihara vs. Artem Lobov — Lobov def. Ishihara by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Magnus Cedenblad vs. Jack Marshman -- Marshman def. Cedenblad by TKO (punches) at 3:32 of Round One
Ali Bagautinov vs. Kyoji Horiguchi — Horiguchi def. Bagautinov by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Kevin Lee vs. Magomed Mustafaev — Lee def. Mustafaev by technical submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:31 of Round Two
Amanda Cooper vs. Anna Elmose — Cooper def. Elmose by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Mark Godbeer vs. Justin Ledet — Ledet def. Godbeer by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:16 of Round One
Zak Cummings vs. Alexander Yakovlev — Cummings def. Yakovlev by submission (straight armbar) at 4:02 of Round Two
Milana Dudieva vs. Marion Reneau — Reneau def. Dudieva by TKO (elbows) at 3:03 of Round Three
Brett Johns vs. Kwan Ho Kwak — Johns def. Kwak by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Charlie Ward — Alhassan def. Ward by TKO (punches) at 0:53 of Round One


185 lbs.: Uriah Hall vs. Gegard Mousasi

Round 1: Hall already threatening to spin. Low kick from Mousasi. Spinning back kick attempt from Hall. One minute in. Jamming low kick from the American. Mousasi answers in kind. Stiff jab snaps Hall’s head back. Two minutes in. Teep from Mousasi. Hall with a body shot and a wheel kick that comes up short. Two minutes to go.

Lead hook from Mousasi lands clean. Low kicks from Hall. Mousasi shoots, Hall defends with over-unders. One minute to go. Mousasi wrangles him down into half guard. Hall twists into an odd position and Mousasi starts clubbing him with right hands. Hall is doing nothing to escape and the referee calls it.

Final result: Mousasi def. Hall by TKO (punches)

155 lbs.: Ross Pearson vs. Stevie Ray

Round 1: Body kick from Ray to start it off. Pearson tries a high kick. Low kick lands for him. One minute in. Ray tries a high kick as well. Ray with a straight left downstairs. He’s moving quite a bit, poking at Pearson with long kicks and jabs. Two minutes in. Teep lands. Head kick blocked. Counter right connects for Pearson. More low kicks from Ray. Two minutes to go.

Leg kick from Pearson., head kick attempt from Ray. Pearson lands a body kick, blocks a jumping switch kick and lands another body kick. Ray pops him with a straight left. One minute to go. Pearson lands another body kick and nearly leans into a head kick. Ray fires a back kick and shoots, slamming Pearson to the mat near his own corner. Pearson pops up, eats a knee, and reverses position. Close round. 10-9 Ray.

Round 2: Pearson advances, walks into a straight left. Head kick just misses from Ray. Ray tries oblique kicks and a wheel kick. One minute in. Low kicks from the Scotsman. Pearson lands a body kick and stuffs a takedown against the cage. Both land to the body before separating. Two minutes in. Ray still looking for the head kick. Pearson falls short with a knee, eats a leg kick. Two minutes to go.

Pearson with a front kick and straight right behind it. He’s just having all sorts of trouble with Ray’s length. Low kick from Ray, body shot by pearson in return. One minute to go. Counter right upstairs this time. Pearson leans into a head kick and tries to take him down with it. More body shots from Pearson. Ray shoots, denied. Pearson lands a body kick and Ray comes back with a wheel kick of all things. 10-9 Ray.

Round 3: Pearson advancing, Ray circling as before.Low kick from Ray, body shot from Pearson. Those seem to be working for him. Pearson avoids a head kick and slams home a leg kick. One minute in. Not as much coming from Ray thus far. Another counter right to the body. Ray with a straight left downstairs in return. Pearson catches a hard body kick, can’t use it, digs another right to the gut. Two minutes in. Low kick from Ray. Pearson a little more urgent than before. There’s the right to the body again. Body kick lands. Two minutes to go.

Pearson catches a body kick, seems to eat a head kick. Low kick connects. Ray answers in kind. Pearson digs a right downstairs. One minute to go. RAy low kick. Pearson steps in with a pair of rights to the head. They trade head kicks. Pearson stuffs a level change and lands a knee. Ray lands a low kick and they exchange until the bell. 10-9 Pearson.

Final result: Ray def. Pearson by split decision

265 lbs.: Timothy Johnson vs. Alexander Volkov

Round 1: Volkov moving forward, eats a 2-3. Volkov threatening the knee. He lands that knee when Johnson changes levels, flicking out combinations. Hard flurry from Volkov and he ties up on the fence. One minute in. Volkov completes a single-leg and lands multiple right hands as Johnson stands. Suddenly, Johnson spins to face him and levels the big man with an uppercut. Johnson follows him down and goes to work with ground-and-pound. Johnson on top in guard, landing good punches. Two minutes to go.

Johnson stands over him and drops nasty right hands before coming back down. Solid pressure from Johnson. One minute to go. Volkov trying to scramble up with the fence. He makes it back up and rushes in with punches, but gets tied up. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Volkov opens with a straight right. Johnson wades in with big punches, lands some solid right hands. Volkov flurries and Johnson ties up, then gets reverses on the cage. Johnson reverses in turn and gets in on Volkov’s hips. Johnson briefly gets him down, can’t keep him there. Two minutes in. Short uppercut by Volkov as they jockey for position. The ref separates them. Johnson connects with an uppercut as he rushes. Two minutes to go.

Knee to the body by Volkov after another Johnson flurry. Johnson shoots, stuffed and pressed into the cage. Big right by Johnson on the break. One minute to go. Combo by Volkov. Johnson comes back with a straight left. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3: Volkov lands an early combination. Overhand left and rights from Johnson sandwich a Volkov combo. Johnson nearly leans into a head kick. Knee from Volkov, who grabs the fence to stay up. They exchange knees to the body and jockey for position. Volkov briefly gets the rear waistlock before they separate. Two minutes in. Volkov pops him with a right. Good knee as Johnson ducks in, but the American takes him to the fence anyway. Volkov reverses. Two minutes to go.

Johnson eventually manages to get away after thirty more seconds. Lunging right by the tired Johnson. One minute to go. Overhand right lands for Johnson and he shoots once more. Johnson lands a hip toss, can’t capitalize and they split. Another good knee by Volkov as he sprawls, punching until the bell. 10-9 Volkov.

Final result: Volkov def. Johnson by split decision

145 lbs.: Teruto Ishihara vs. Artem Lobov

Round 1: Ishihara slips early. Lobov stalking forward. Ishihara head kick blocked. One minute in. Low kicks from the Japanese prospect. Good right hook by Lobov. Ishihara to the body. Two minutes in. Straight right from Lobov and Ishihara scores a takedown, allowing him up. Both swing at the same time. Two minutes to go.

Ishihara picking away at range. Body and low kicks from Lobov. Lead uppercut from Lobov. One minute to go. Body kicks by Ishihara. Overhand right dings Ishihara. 3-2 land clean from Lobov. Overhand right, eats a knee. 10-9 Lobov.

Round 2: Ishihara sticking out kicks, taking right hands from Lobov when he does. One minute in. Left hand by Ishihara. Corkscrew uppercut lands for Lobov, then a body kick. Two minutes in. Lobov with body and low kicks. Ishihara seems hesitant to throw hands, but does land a long left. Spinning back kick and another corkscrew by Lobov, then leg kicks. Two minutes to go.

Counter right by Lobov and a right hook soon after. Straight left knocks Ishihara back. Overhand this time and they trade hard shots. Lobov to the body. Low kicks by Lobov, wading in with power. One minute to go. Lobov in total control, lands a hard counter left. Ishihara shoots, denied. Overhand left hurts Ishihara and they trade bombs until the bell. 10-9 Lobov.

Round 3: Ishihara opens with a low kick. Both men batting away at the others’ legs. Both land left hands, Lobov with another low kick and overhand left. One minute in. Swing and a miss on both sides. Ishihara shoots, denied. Another good low kick bothers Ishihara. Big straight left. Out of nowhere, though, Ishihara blasts him with a straight left that sends him careening to the mat. Ishihara sets up in guard, possibly too tired to properly finish. Two minutes to go.

Lobov threatens a leglock and scrambles to his feet. Lobov swinging heat, eastily stuffs a takedown. Ishihara’s just out of steam. He does manage to get to his feet, though. One minute to go. Lobov landing left hands, ties up on the fence. Lobov slams him down into side control and then takes mount, pounding away until the bell. 10-9 Lobov.

Final result: Lobov def. Ishihara by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Magnus Cedenblad vs. Jack Marshman

Round 1: Cedenblad sticking out his jab. Front kicks to the body but Marshman drops him with a hard left hook. Cedenblad shoots in, takes him down, then does so again when he scrambles up. One minute in. Elbows and punches from the big Swede in guard. Marshman’s already cut. Two minutes in. Solid punches from Cedenblad. Two minutes to go.

More ground-and-pound from Cedenblad. One minute to go. Marshman not making any significant efforts to stand. Big punches at the bell. 10-9 Cedenblad.

Round 2: Cedenblad opens with kicks, eats another left hook. Marshman having some issues with the length but landing a few solid punches. Left hook, straight right. One minute in. Body kick from Cedenblad, left hook from Marshman. Two minutes in. Right from Marshman, elbow by Cedenblad and then a knee. Right hand clips Cedenblad as he slips, then a 1-2. Overhand right hurts Cedenblad, who’s trying to spam knees and getting clobbered in the process. Two minutes to go.

Cedenblad shoots and scores a takedown on the fence. Marshman scrambles up and slings power shots. He sends Cedenblad down and pounds away until the stoppage.

Final result: Marshman def. Cedenblad by TKO (punches)

125 lbs.: Ali Bagautinov vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Round 1: Low kick from Bagautinov, avoiding counters. One minute in. Jumping knee from Bagautinov lands to the body. Horiguchi with a low kick. Horiguchi hops in with a knee and Bagutinov catches it, taking him down on the fence. Two minutes in. Horiguchi pops back up and presses him against the fence. Horiguchi looking for trips. Bagautinov landing some knees of his own. Horiguchi gets him to his knees and looks for a hook. Two minutes to go.

Horiguchi landing short shots, looking to establish back control and threaten a choke. Bagautinov stands, still eating punches and with one lag grapevined. One minute to go. Bagautinov spins into top position and Horiguchi stands, only to get taken down again. Horiguchi stands and lands a hard straight right on the break. Bagautinov with some fancy kicks before the bell. Close round. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 2: Bagautinov just misses with a wheel kick. Counter right by Bagautinov and Horiguchi ties up. Bagautinov reverses position, gets reversed in turn. Good knees by the karateka before they separate. One minute in. Low kick by Bagautinov. Good counter flurry. Horiguchi steps in with an elbow that rocks Bagutinov, pursues, and fights for an outside trip. Two minutes in. Horiguchi again looking for the back, separates. Body kick from Bagutinov. Two minutes to go.

Quick exchange. 3-2 from Horiguchi and they jockey for position on the fence. Horiguchi again finds one hook and chips away with punches. One minute to go. Horiguchi still controlling on the fence, Bagutinov converts it to a single-leg attempt. Horiguchi separates and both throw hard punches. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 3: Body kick from Bagautinov, who eats a jab. Left hook from Horiguchi and they trade big punches. Bagautinov ducks a left hook and shoots. Elbows from Horiguchi as he defends. One minute in. Horiguchi reverses position and separates. Bagautinov throwing kicks. Two minutes in. Horiguchi tries a spinning back kick that just misses and shrugs off a takedown attempt. 3-2 connects. Long shot from Bagautinov and Horiguchi bonks away with elbows. Two minutes to go.

Horiguchi separates. Single-leg this time from the Dagestani. Horiguchi defending well, landing short punches and elbows. One minute to go and they split. Hard knee from Horiguchi and a check hook. Horiguchi doing very well in the grappling against the Sambo specialist and hits a takedown. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Final result: Horiguchi def. Bagautinov by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Kevin Lee vs. Magomed Mustafaev

Round 1: Mustafaev opens with a heavy body kick and knees when Lee shoots. Lee separates. Right hand by Mustafaev, but Lee hits a double-leg from way outside and score. Mustafaev scrambles up and hops guard for a guillotine, but loses it and gets slammed. One minute in. Lee on top in guard. Mustafaev scrambles to a single-leg and gets to his feet, Pressing Lee against the cage. Two minutes in. Knees from Lee. Knees from Lee and Mustafaev lands a spinning elbow on the break. Side kicks from Mustafaev and a cracking spinning back fist that Lee shrugs off on his way to a takedown. Two minutes to go.

Half guard for Lee. Mustafaev with a nice scramble back to his feet and they jockey for position on the fence. Lee changes levels, picks Mustafafev up, and hauls him to the center before slamming him down. One minute to go. Half guard for Lee, who takes the back and locks up the body triangle. Mustafaev fights off the choke until the bell. 10-9 Lee.

Round 2: Mustafaev throwing kicks early, eats a knee after slipping. Le ducks a shifting hook and takes him down into half guard. Mustafaev goes to deep half guard and makes his way to his feet. One minute in. Hard knee by Mustafaev and Lee shoots again, spinning him to the mat. Lee quickly moves to the back and locks up the RNC across the chin. Two minutes in. Lee has the body triangle, loses it and Mustafaev slips out the back door. They trade punches inside, Lee hits another double-leg as Mustafaev presses. Two minutes to go.

Half guard for Lee, nearly takes mount, then does take mount. Mustafaev gives up his back and Lee once more looks for the rear-naked choke. Punches from Lee. One minute to go. Lee locks it up seemingly on the chin, but it’s so tight that Mustafaev goes to sleep.

Final result: Lee def. Mustafaev by technical submission (rear-naked choke)

115 lbs.: Amanda Cooper vs. Anna Elmose

Round 1: Elmose on the front foot. Knee from Cooper in the clinch. Low kick by Elmose. One minute in. Right hand from Cooper. Left hook from Elmose, straight rights from Cooper. Elmose to the body. Cooper tries a high kick. 1-2 on the counter as Elmose lands a body kick. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Cooper again. Uppercut through the guard. 1-2. Again. Side kicks. Long right hand. Elmose’s defense is sorely lacking thus far. Two minutes to go.

Cooper to the body. Cooper throws a naked low kick and Elmose drops her with a counter right hand. Hard ground-and-pound from Elmose, who’s split Cooper open with an elbow. One minute to go. Elmose stands and lands a low kick as Cooper stands, shrugging off a takedown. 10-9 Cooper.

Round 2: 1-2 from Cooper to start. Elmose lands a hard right hand on the counter. Again. Cooper tries to spin. One minute in. Cooper throwing multiple 1-2s and sneaks in an uppercut. Elmose slips and Cooper takes top position, only to get swept into half guard. Elbows from Elmose. Two minutes in. Good right hand, Cooper regains guard and gets to her feet. Cooper shoots under a right hand and scares a takedown into guard. Two minutes to go.

Elmose has wrist control and transitions to an omoplata attempt. Cooper takes side control. then knee-on-belly, then mount before Elmose regains guard. One minute to go. Cooper hits a nice pass into scarf hold, then mount. Elbows from Cooper and an armbar attempt stymied by the bell. 10-9 Cooper

Round 3: Quick right hand from Cooper. Jab exchanges. One minute in. 2-1 by Cooper. Side kick lands for her, then another straight right. Cooper winning these exchanges so far. Good knee by Cooper and a head kick. Two minutes in. Elmose lands a right hand, eats a left. Solid right and side kick from Cooper. Two minutes to go.

Cooper 1-2s. 2-1 connects from southpaw, then a head kick. One minute to go. Cooper hits a blast double into half guard. Cooper takes side control and mount before the bell. 10-9 Cooper.

Final result: Cooper def. Elmose by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Mark Godbeer vs. Justin Ledet

Round 1: Low kicks from Godbeer to start the fight. Check hooks from Ledet. Right hand from Godbeer and Ledet changes levels for a double-leg into guard. One minute in. Godbeer kicks him off, Ledet stays attached and looks for the back. Godbeer spins to face him and tries his own takedown, only to wind up on the bottom in pursuit of a leg. Ledet scrambles for the back and locks up a quick rear-naked choke for the win.

Final result: Ledet def. Godbeer by submission (rear-naked choke)

170 lbs.: Zak Cummings vs. Alexander Yakovlev

Round 1: Cummings on the advance. Yakovlev tries to go high, lands a low kick as he circles. Cummings checks a low kick. 1-2 lands for him but he catches a finger in the eye in the process. One minute in. Cummings resumes pressuring. Yakovlev catches a body kick, can’t keep Cummings down. Straight left from the American. Two minutes in, hard exchange. Check hook by the Russian, who eats a counter left. Cummings ties up and lands knees to the thigh. Two minutes to go.

They separate. 2-3 from Yakovlev, Cummings catches a kick and lands a straight elft in return. One minute to go. Cummings ties up, continues to land knees downstairs before they split. Yakovlev low kick. Cummings looks for a head kick and rush before the bell. 10-9 Cummings.

Round 2: Cummings continues to pursue, lands a hard low kick that knocks Yakovlev over. The Russian scrambles back up. Yakovlev is moving well and avoiding power punches, but not landing much in return. Cummings grabs double underhooks and knees the thighs along the cage until they separate. Cummings falling short with most of his power punches. Two minutes in. Cummings catches a body kick and lands a hard left straight. Low kick lands. Yakovlev comes back with an overhand left. Two minutes to go.

Cummings still chasing, eats a left. Lead uppercut connects for him. Yakovlev shoots, Cummings easily shrugs it off and Yakovlev pulls guard. Cummings immediately hops into side control and locks up a straight armbar for the tap.

Final result: Cummings def. Yakovlev by submission (straight armbar)

135 lbs.: Milana Dudieva vs. Marion Reneau

Round 1: Reneau advancing behind her jab. Dudieva lands a low kick. One minute in. More jabs from Reneau. 1-1-2. Dudieva tries to spin. leg kick lands. Dudieva dodges a front kick, lands a counter, and looks for a takedown that she can’t get. She does gets the takedown off of Reneau’s next body kick and avoids an armbar. Reneau busy off her back. One minute to go.

Reneau looks for a triangle, then kicks her way free and stands. One minute to go. Both women falling short with most of their power shots. Dudieva whiffs on some power rights. Reneau blitzes before the bell. 10-9 Reneau.

Round 2: More of Reneau pressing forward with her jab. Low kick lands for her. Dudieva runs in with a right hand. Counter right from Reneau off a Dudieva low kick. One minute in. Dudieva circling and retreating along the fence. 1-2 from Reneau and she ties up on the fence. She circles to the back, can’t get it and gets thrown into side control. Two minutes in. Reneau regains guard and works her way back to the feet. Knees fro the body from Dudieva. Two minutes to go.

Reneau reverses position and looks for knees. Elbows connect. Good work inside from Reneau. Hard knees to the midsection. One minute in. Dudieva seems to be wilting. Knees to the head from Reneau. Reneau continues punishing her until the bell. 10-9 Reneau.

Round 3: Reneau marches forward once more. Low kick lands. Dudieva just chucking the occasional right hand at this point. Reneau flurries into the clinch. One minute in. More knees by “The Bruiser.” She slings Dudieva to the ground, directly into mount. Reneau working her guard higher as she pounds away. Two minutes in. S-mount for Reneau, constantly landing ground-and-pound. Two minutes to go.

Dudieva is out of answers. The referee steps in as Reneau hammers home elbows.

Final result: Reneau def. Dudieva by TKO (elbows)

135 lbs.: Brett Johns vs. Kwan Ho Kwak

Round 1: Kwak opens with a hard low kick and counter right. Johns shoots, easily denied. Good left hooks from Johns. Counter elbow connects. Kwak continuing to land to the lead leg. Johns catches a front kick and scores a takedown near the fence. Kwak gets to his knees and back to his feet on the fence. One minute in. Johns takes him right back down, Kwak pops right back up. Again. Johns switches to a single-leg, completes it, still can’t keep Kwak down. Two minutes in. Takedown, stand. Kwak struggling to separate. Again. Two minutes to go.

This next one’s a slam. Kwak regains guard, gives up side control soon after. Elbows from Johns as Kwak tries to use the cage. One minute to go. Johns staying heavy. 10-9 Johns.

Round 2: Kwan lands a low kick, but gets rocked by an uppercut. Johns landing well inside, but eats a knee. Right hand by Johns, who shoots. One minute in. Kwak defending, but gets planted on his back and locks up his guard. Kwak scrambles up and avoids a trip. Two minutes in. Another low kick. Left to the body, Johns answers with the same. Johns landing some very good punches. Sharp right hand. Flying knee lands clean. Kwak eats it and tries a wheel kick. Two minutes to go.

Kwak’s throwing, but he’s slowing down and getting soundly outlanded. Knee from the Korean. Nasty combinations by Johns. Kwan throws a pair of body kicks and Johns takes him down off of the second one. Half guard for the Welshman. One minute to go. Johns stays heavy and lands short shots until the bell. 10-9 Johns.

Round 3: Kwak lands a low kick and tries a flying knee. Right hand sends Johns on the retreat and suddenly Kwak is slugging. Johns mocks him as Kwak unloads and changes levels for an easy takedown. One minute in. Johns grinding away from open guard, landing shots. Two minutes in. Kwak seems to have nothing left but Johns is content to be patient. Now he passes to half guard. Two minutes to go.

Kwak explodes to his feet and Johns shoots again. Kwak defends and lands an elbow. Johns shoots in under a right hand. One minute to go. Another takedown, Kwak pops up. Kwak separates and throws heat until the bell, landing punches, elbows, and knees. 10-9 Johns.

Final result: Johns def. Kwak by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Charlie Ward

Round 1: Alhassan opens with a front kick. Huge uppercut in the clinch drops Ward and both men are swinging. Big shots from Alhassan. Knees, overhand rights, left hooks bouncing off Ward’s chin. Another overhand puts Ward down face-first, then another when he scrambles back up. The referee’s seen enough.

Final result: Alhassan def. Ward by TKO (punches)

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