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Live Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez fight updates, UFC 205: Round 2 - McGregor Wins Via TKO!!!

McGregor opens up the second round with a front kick to Alvarez's body. Shortly thereafter he slammed home another big left hand that hurt Alvarez. McGregor now show-boating, putting his hands behind his back and inviting Alvarez to hit because, well, he hasn't really been touched yet. Alvarez misses on a huge haymaker and McGregor counters with a glancing blow to the back of his head that knocks him off balance. Alvarez finally gets McGregor mushed up against the fence, but the Irishman defends well and eventually breaks free. Then, effortlessly, McGregor put together a precise four-punch combination that unraveled Alvarez for good. Alvarez fell to the canvas one more time and this time it was the last time, as McGregor briefly swarmed with punches in bunches until the referee stepped in to peel him off. Unreal!

Final result: Conor McGregor wins Lightweight title with a second round technical knockout of Eddie Alvares, becomes UFC's first-ever dual weight class champion!!!

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