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UFC 205 results: Yoel Romero scores flying knee knockout of Chris Weidman, earns next Middleweight title shot

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Weidman returned from an 11-month layoff tonight (Sat., Nov. 12, 2016) to fight No. 4-ranked Middleweight contender, Yoel Romero, at UFC 205, which took place inside Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. The winner of the pivotal clash would more than likely earn a future crack at 185-pound kingpin, Michael Bisping, with an impressive -- and convincing -- performance.

And "Soldier of God" delivered in spades, patiently waiting for an opening -- two full rounds -- and then exploding in the beginning of the third and final frame with a well-timed flying knee that totally short-circuited "All American."

Weidman came out bouncing all over the cage as the Cuban slithered back-and-forth with his hands up. Weidman whiffed with a low kick and continued to test range with a pawing left jab. He let go with a hard overhand right, but found nothing but air. Romero responded with a thudding kick that did not slow Weidman's pace whatsoever. Surprisingly, Weidman shot in for a takedown on the Olympic silver medal-winner, but he was able to scramble out and get back to the feet. Shortly thereafter, Weidman put together a nice combination, and as Romero was covering up, shot in for another quick takedown before going to back to trading hands. Romero scored with a front kick, which Weidman countered with another takedown. Romero was able to get back to his feet quickly again as the two battled for position along the cage until the round concluded.

Romero is slow to come out of his corner to start the second -- the Cuban's corner went a little overboard with water between rounds. Weidman continues to buzz around the Octagon, bouncing in and out, as Romero has yet to get anything meaningful going. He finally found a home for a looping left hand, his best punch of the night; however, Weidman was unfazed. Weidman landed a knee to the head, and then a kick to the body, as Romero complained about an accidental eye poke on his exit. After a short break, Romero finally showed some energy, tossing Weidman to the canvas like a ragdoll and then gliding around to his back effortlessly as Weidman struggled to pry him off along the cage. Weidman was finally able to spin out along the cage, but Romero stayed after him and took him down in the center of the Octagon where he finally began to open up. He didn't have enough time to do any real damage, though, but he finally looked alive.

Between rounds, Romero's corner pleaded with him to go after a finish, likely realizing he didn't have a consensus among the judges. And he wasted no time, connecting with a picture-perfect flying knee as Weidman dove in for another ill-advised takedown. Weidman immediately covered up and Romero pounced in for the finish, but there was nothing left of "All American." As Weidman began to return to consciousness, he was covering his face, which was a bloody mess. He was able to make it to hear the post-fight decision being read, but it was clear he was still not all there.

What a finish for Romero, who was informed the he had indeed earned the next crack at Bisping. "The Count" -- who was in attendance as a member of the FOX Sports 1 broadcast team -- flipped Romero the bird as the Cuban blew him kisses and showered him with love.

Killing them with kindness -- and hellacious knees -- one UFC Middleweight at a time.

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