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Coach: Eddie Alvarez has already been dropped a few times, will sleep against Conor McGregor at UFC 205

Mr. Sandman ... bring me a dream!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez will be taking a little nap in the UFC 205 pay-per-view (PPV) main event, which takes place inside the world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sat., Nov. 12, 2016.

That's according to striking coach Owen Roddy, charged with crafting the stand-up attack of featherweight kingpin Conor McGregor, who will attempt to become the first fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold two belts in two different weight classes.

From his conversation with Submission Radio:

"I honestly never really change my prediction because I see what Conor does day in, day out in the gym. I see how clean his striking is and I see how powerful he is. And I honestly think Alvarez has been dropped a few times and stuff like that. So I mean, that's not good knowing when you're going in to fight Conor McGregor. If you've been dropped before and you're going in fighting Conor McGregor, there's a very, very high chance that you're going to be dropped again. Alvarez is a great wrestler, so there will be things we'll be working on with Conor to make sure that Alvarez can't keep a hold of him, can't keep him against the fence, but Conor's gonna land and I think it's going to be a matter of time before Alvarez goes to sleep to be totally honest."

Alvarez has only been knocked out once in 13 years across 32 professional fights.

Conversely, McGregor has never been finished by strikes in the eight years he's been competing -- but does have all three of his losses coming by way of submission (like this one). That could be of particular concern for Roddy and Team "Notorious" as the lightweight champion has outstanding wrestling and an underrated ground game.

Should prove to be a great fight.

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