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Bellator 162 results: LIVE 'Shlemenko vs Grove' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 162: "Shlemenko vs. Grove" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Oct. 21, 2016) from inside FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tenn. The headlining fight tonight is a Middleweight match up that pits former champion Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko against former The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 winner Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove. In addition, Heavyweight star Bobby Lashley takes on Josh Appelt, while sterling striker Hisaki Kato talks on the durable A.J. Matthews.

If you're here for the early "Prelims" fights, don't miss Gilbert Smith vs. Ricky Rainey too!

Bellator 162 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the "Prelims" undercard action airing on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 162) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Alexander Shlemenko vs. Kendall Grove -- Shlemenko via TKO 1:43 R2.
Bobby Lashley vs. Josh Appelt -- Lashley sub (RNC) 1:43 R2.
Hisaki Kato vs. A.J. Matthews -- Kato TKO 4:58 R1.
Goiti Yamauchi vs. Ryan Couture --  Yamauchi sub (armbar) 1:01 R1.
Ricky Rainey vs. Gilbert Smith -- Rainey UD 29-28 X3.
Steve Garcia vs. Ronnie Lawrence -- Garcia UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Chase Gormley vs. Bobby Brents -- Gormley SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Julia Budd vs. Arlene Blencowe -- Budd MD 29-29, 30-27, 29-27.
Dan Charles vs. Virgil Zwicker -- Zwicker TKO 4:31 R2.
Tyler Hill vs. Wade Johnson -- Johnson sub (RNC) 3:35 R3.
Jonathan Burdine vs. James Wallace -- Wallace sub (RNC) 3:33 R2.
Eryk Anders vs. Brian White -- Anders TKO 0:23 R1.
Jaleel Willis vs. Omar Johnson -- Willis via UD.
Chad Cook vs. Grady Hurley -- Hurley TKO 2:29 R1.
Mike Wessell vs. Frank Tate -- Wessel via UD.


Alexander Shlemenko vs. Kendall Grove

Red trunks for Shlemenko, yellow trunks for Grove. Shlemenko is 53-9 (1 NC) and hails from Omsk, Russia. Grove is 23-15 and hails from Maui, Hawaii. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Grove dances his way out at the bell but Shlemenko takes the center. Grove is trying to keep him at range with kicks. Shlemenko's offense is all in his hands early, but he throws a body kick and spinning backfist at the minute mark to change things up, followed by a spinning back kick. Grove tries to throw a knee and clinch, Shlemenko turns him around against the fence, Shlemenko tries to pound the ribs and throws a left that misses as they break. He teases a spinning backfist and Grove backpedals, then Shlemenko tags him with a left and lets Grove back up. Shlemenko grabs a guillotine and throws a knee then batters Grove against the fence when he lets go. Three minutes gone. Both men exchange lefts and it looks like Grove has Shlemenko hurt too. Shlemenko ties him up against the fence. Grove turns it around and they break at 3:51. Hard body kick by Shlemenko. Nice right hand by Grove. Spinning backfists in succession by Shlemenko. They're tied up against the fence until the last couple of seconds. 10-9 Shlemenko.

Round 2: Both men are swinging to open the round. Spinning back kick by Shlemenko lands hard. Grove backs up to avoid a spinning backfist. Shlemenko lands a left to the liver followed by a right hook and Grove willingly flops to the ground then gets pounded out at 1:40. This one is all over.

Final result: Alexander Shlemenko via technical knockout at 1:43 of the second round.


Bobby Lashley vs. Josh Appelt

Appelt enters first in the red/white trunk and blue gloves, sporting a 12-5 record. Lashley enters in the red trunks and red gloves, sporting a 14-2 record. Appelt fights out of Olivehurst, California. Lashley fights out of Parker, Colorado. Our referee in charge is Blake Grice.

Round 1: A glove tap signals the start of R1. In moments Lashley has Appelt circling on the outside, where he lands the first blow via leg kick. Lashley feels range with his left hand while keeping his right firmly cocked, and he lands it at 57 seconds. Lashley ties up with him on the fence seconds later. Lashley tries to sneak in some rights, uppercuts and knees while they clinch and breaks at 1:40. Lashley dumps him with a takedown at 1:58 after the announcers declare that Appelt was either poked or punched in the eye. Appelt gives up his back and Lashley is happy to jump on. Grice warns him to watch the back of the head as he pours on the strikes. Lashley has full mount for a moment then Appelt flips to his back again. Appelt tries to crawl away as Lashley sneaks in uppercuts from underneath. Lashley considers a keylock as Appelt flips again then lets it go and drives a knee into his ribs and more rights to his chin. Appelt is bleeding. Grice wants him to do more to defend himself. Lashley jumps on top in half guard but Appelt survives. 10-9 bordering on 10-8 for Lashley.

Round 2: Another glove tap to start R2. Appelt gets caught in a guillotine but instead of finishing it Lashley lets go so he can take Appelt's back and pound on him some more. Lashley gets a full mount at 51 seconds. Appelt manages to flip to his knees but that only gives Lashley the option for a rear naked choke which he happily takes.

Final result: Bobby Lashley via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:43 of the second round.


Hisaki Kato vs. A.J. Matthews

Matthews is out first in the black trunks and blue gloves with a 8-5 record. Kato has the gold trunks and red gloves sporting a 6-2 record. Matthews fights out of Manila, Philippines and Kato fights out of Nagoya, Japan. Our referee is Blake Grice.

Round 1: Gloves are touched and combat ensues. Kato circles and throws a high kick then a hard body kick. Matthews keeps his stance low and his shoulders down, protecting his head with his hands. Snapping leg kick for Matthews. Kato lands an overhand left, Matthews tries to recover, both men exchange and Kato has to back away as he gets hurt in the trade. Matthews pops a straight left and Kato still seems unsteady on his feet. Kato with two lefts and a body kick as he seems to have his wind back now. Matthews is definitely wary of that body kick now, keeping his right arm close to his chest. Clashing leg kicks. Matthews takes a shot to the eye and Grice calls time. Kato comes out aggressive after the restart with just over 90 seconds left. Matthews keeps trying to slide to his left while Kato looks for more big kicks - one goes upstairs and Matthews is clearly rocked after an uppercut follows up. He falls unable to keep his balance and Grice warns Matthews to fight back and Kato to watch the back of the head. Matthews gets back up with 20 seconds left. Kato rocks him again and the ref waves it off with a second or two to go.

Final result: Hisaki Kato by technical knockout at 4:58 of the first round.


Goiti Yamauchi vs. Ryan Couture

Blue trunks and gloves for Yamauchi, white trunks and red gloves for Couture. Yamauchi is 19-3, Couture is 10-4. Yamauchi fights out of Curitiba, Brazil. Couture fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Couture comes out swinging to open the fight, Yamauchi goes for knees up the middle, Couture drives him to the fence and gets a takedown to half guard. Yamauchi gets full guard back and tries to get an armbar off his back and HE'S GOT IT LOCKED AND COUTURE TAPS OUT. That was fast!

Final result: Goiti Yamauchi wins via submission (armbar) at 1:01 of the first round.


Ricky Rainey vs. Gilbert Smith

Round 1: Smith is 12-5 and fighting out of Colorado Springs, Colorado in the white trunks. Rainey is 11-4 and fighting out of Gastonia, North Carolina in the red trunks. Our referee is David Ferguson. A quick tap signals the start of the fight. Rainey takes the center and tries to use his height and reach to his advantage. Smith throws a high kicks that's checked. Rainey comes forward with a flurry and Smith covers up against the fence avoiding significant damage. Rainey tries to clinch up for a knee. He's dancing side to side looking for openings. Smith trips him to the ground at 1:47 and quickly gets on top. Rainey goes for a triangle. Smith pushes the leg off and gets free, throwing shots to the ribs until Rainey pushes him off at 2:46 right as Smith looked to pass. Rainey again looks for a knee up the middle while Smith responds by looking for a takedown. Rainey gets a good knee off as he slips Smith's grip, then turns him around into the fence when he looks for the takedown again. They break at 4:22. Big flurry with a left knee at 4:40 and Smith appears to be stung for a moment. 10-9 round for Rainey.

Round 2: A glove tap kicks off R2. Rainey wastes little time pushing Smith backward toward the cage and throwing another knee. Smith tries for a leg trip then has to cover up when it's not there. Left to the body for Smith, who wades in and gets a leg trip at 1:26, eating another knee to get it. Smith looks to pass to the left but that lets Rainey back up at 2:20. Smith fights hard for a single leg but ends up trading knees to the body until Rainey turns him around. Smith goes for a single again just as they're about to break. Rainey gets away clean at 3:27. Rainey comes forward with kicks and a left to the body but Smith puts a combo on his chin and drops for a takedown again. Rainey breaks at 4:30. Smith dances and Rainey walks away. Much closer than the first round but Rainey still won with the more effective strikes.

Round 3: One last tap of the hands before Rainey unleashes a barrage of offense then dances backward as Smith misses. Smith goes hard for a single leg and gets it at 4:38 but Rainey is back up seven seconds later, gets on top, and Smith sweeps him and is back on him again. Rainey goes for the triangle and Smith lets him back up to avoid it. Smith goes for the leg trip but Rainey lands on top of him. Smith won't let go of the single leg though and keeps going for it as Rainey stands back up. Rainey turns him into the fence for uppercuts and a jumping knee. They jockey for leverage against the fence until Rainey is out with 100 seconds left and more strikes Smith can't stop. Smith goes for a single leg and Rainey steps out of it. Both men look spent but Rainey is throwing more strikes of the two and they are connecting. Smith goes for a single leg but again Rainey ends up on top of him on the ground. Smith is trying like hell to pass to side before the bell and can't. I'd give it 30-27 to Rainey but a judge might see R2 for Smith.

Final result: The judges score this one 29-28 times three all for Ricky Rainey.


Steve Garcia vs. Ronnie Lawrence

Round 1: Lawrence is fighting out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee with a 1-0 record in the blue trunks. Garcia is fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico with a 6-1 record in the red trunks. Our referee in charge is Blake Grice. A touch of gloves and the action is underway. Garcia is throwing high kicks early. Lawrence dances around and lands a low kick. Garcia ends up off balance and falls down but Lawrence is unable to capitalize. Garcia clinches up but can't hang on to his foe. More leg kicks for Lawrence. He hunts for jabs but the longer and taller Garcia is able to stay out of range. Grice calls for more work at 2:09. Lawrence connects with a high kick and a combo but Garcia hurts him with a body shot and clinches up. Grice warns them not to grab the shorts. The two break with 95 seconds left in R1. Garcia comes forward with lefts, kicks, and knees - a lot of them got through. He settles down for a bit then runs and ducks as Lawrence gives chase, then lands a kick to the cup. Grice calls time and we resume quickly. An overhand left lands. Garcia is taken to the ground and Lawrence is on top trying to score points as it ends. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2: Lawrence hits a spin kick to the body as Garcia bounces around and leans every which way. Garcia misses wildly with a left hook. A two punch and kick combo he throws connects as does more body kicks and lefts, but he eats a knee in the process. Garcia grabs a single leg to push Lawrence to the cage. They break at 2:22. Lawrence lands good single shots, Garcia lands combos and presses the action more than his foe. Head kick partially connects for Garcia at 3:28 when Lawrence couldn't totally block it. Spinning backfist for Garcia is answered with some kicks. Left hook for Garcia - and another. Garcia knocks Lawrence backward at 4:49 but he stays upright. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 3: One more touch of the gloves opens R3, before Garcia lets his gloves touch Lawrence in a furious flurry. Lawrence lands a solid right hook in response. Lawrence tries to get behind Garcia and trip his left leg. Grice warns Garcia to get his fingers out of the cage. Garcia turns out at 1:39. Two spinning kicks for Garcia. Left jab for Lawrence. They clinch at 2:15. Garcia is warned to get his fingers out of the cage as Lawrence is looking for a single leg. He gets a second warning and Lawrence briefly gets him off his feet but he pops right back up. Garcia gets out of the fence stall with a nice left elbow and left hook, then hits a HUGE left down the pipe that drops Lawrence and leaves him hanging on for dear life with a minute left. Lawrence was borderline to taking this round but that knockdown puts it solidly in Garcia's column. Garcia postures up for a few strikes at the end before the bell. 10-9 and a clean sweep overall.

Final result: The judges score this one 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Garcia by unanimous decision.


Chase Gormley vs. Bobby Brents

Round 1: Black trunks, 17-5 out of Springfield, Illinois for Brents. Silver and black trunks, 13-5 out of Los Angeles, California for Gormley. Our referee is John McCarthy. Brents single legs Gormley to the ground and is trying to pass but lets Gormley back up in the process. Gormley fires a kick to the body -- that's not hard to find on Brents. Leg kicks are thrown as well. Brents clocks him with a huge right hand and Gormley backs up. Brents fights like "Mighty Mo" for those who remember him. He looks small and his body type is deceptive but he's got power and good technique. He hits Gormley with a left and has him backing up again. Gormley is trying to jab his way back into the round. The left is definitely getting through but when he bends down to hit Brents he puts himself in range for hard return fire. 10-9 Brents.

Round 2: We get a timeout 14 seconds into R2 as Brents gets kicked straight in the nuts thanks to Gormley's left foot, but he recovers quickly and comes right at Gormley looking to trade hands. Gormley's corner had some "colorful language" to describe Brents' physique between rounds. Leg kicks for Gormley. Gormley hints at a takedown and throws a knee to the body. Lefts to the head and body from Gormley. Right elbow from Gormley. Gormley keeps popping off combos. He's far more active this round. Brents is undeterred. Head head leg for Gormley. Gormley eats a few from Brents as he circles. Body kick for Gormley. Brents forces Gormley to backpedal from some hard shots at 4:10. Brents takes a finger to the eye forcing a timeout at 4:30. Both men trade hands after the restart. Gormley has a bloody nose and Brents is trying to make it worse. 10-9 Gormley but not by a significant margin. A judge could be tempted to flip it the other way.

Round 3: Gormley hints at a takedown 10 seconds in but that gives Brents the opening to wail on him and land both a left and a right elbow in close against the fence. Gormley weathers the storm and resets to throw body shots and leg kicks. In a fight where Gormley seemed to have all the physical advantages on paper, he has been far from dominant against his opponent. Gormley gets a takedown at 2:10 and tries to block Brents from using the fence to get back up. He succeeds at 2:47 though and fires a right hand as he does. Gormley's corner is screaming at him that Brents isn't moving and to go after him, then yells again that he let Brents off the cage at 3:20. Brents is still in this fight with a minute left even as Gormley is tagging him with some good lefts. McCarthy says no to a nut shot even though Brents is wincing. Gormley lets Brents recover anyway. Gormley outjabs him at the end and probably picks up the W here but he shouldn't brag about this win to anyone.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Brents, 29-28 Gormley, 29-28 Gormley.


Julia Budd vs. Arlene Blencowe

Round 1: Pink trunks, 7-5, fighting out of Sydney, Australia is Blencowe. Yellow trunks, 8-2, fighting out of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada is Budd. Our referee is Blake Grice. Blencowe takes the center and Budd circles on the outside for a little bit. Blencowe and Budd exchange at 53 seconds. Blencowe has landed a couple of leg kicks and not much else. Budd needs to be a little more active though as she's letting Blencowe set the pace. Another exchange at 2:18. Grice calls for work at 3:10. One lone fan yells out "Julia you're bigger than her let's go!" Another call for work at 3:46. Budd nearly gets a takedown, resets, then gets it at 4:03. She takes half guard but is unable to improve on it before R1 ends, standing up late and nearly eating an upkick. Surprisingly (to me at least) I'd score this 10-9 Blencowe.

Round 2: Blencowe is again the aggressor in R2, taking control of the cage and making Budd circle on the outside, reacting as Blencowe throws hands, then finally going for a single leg and pushing Blencowe to the ground at 1:26, getting side control at 1:40 as Blencowe tries to push off the fence with her feet. Budd lets her back up as Blencowe tried to sweep, fires knees on the fence, slowly grinding Blencowe down until she gets another takedown. Budd jumps the back to get both hooks in and tries to flatten Blencowe out with 70 seconds left. Budd keeps trying to get under the chin but so far Blencowe is doing just enough to survive. Budd blocks an escape attempt at 4:46 and finishes R2 with a strong 10-9.

Round 3: As with the first two rounds Blencowe tries to set the tempo and control the center, throwing out a high kick when she gets close, Budd answering in kind. The ref calls for work from both ladies at 1:21. Blencowe is firing more even if she's not landing, and if Budd is waiting for an opportunity to get the takedown she's giving away more than half the round trying to find it. Budd finally hits it with authority at 3:20 but loses side control as she tries to put on an arm triangle. Blencowe sweeps on top with 50 seconds left, backs out and throws kicks, and Budd tries to tempt her to jump back into the guard. The ref finally stands Budd up at 4:36. Budd gets a late takedown with seconds left -- was it enough? Jimmy Smith doesn't think so.

Final result: The judges score this one 29-29 even, 30-27 and 29-27 for Julia Budd by majority decision.


Dan Charles vs. Virgil Zwicker

Round 1: 10-3-1 and white trunks for Charles out of Phoenix, 14-5-1 and black trunks for Zwicker out of Temecula. David Ferguson is our referee. 90 seconds in and neither of these heavyweights has gained a big advantage, although Zwicker just landed a strong left hook. Charles responds with a leg kick and a head kick. Another head kick by Charles at 2:45 after a hard leg kick from Zwicker. Zwicker tries to bumrush an uppercut. Leg kick for Charles. Two more follow. Big charging takedown for Charles at 3:44. Charles tries to step around to the site while Zwicker tries to sit up against the fence. Zwicker gets back up at 4:46 and Charles lands a front kick to the face. 10-9 Charles.

Round 2: Both men are trading heavy in the first 30 seconds of R2. Zwicker keeps pulling up his shorts. He could get caught doing that. Charles is winging out his right hand trying to land a walkoff blow. Zwicker is responding with rights of his own. He gets the better of an exchange at 2:21 but misses with a spinning backfist. Zwicker seems to have stung Charles with an uppercut and left hook. Charles seems staggered and/or exhausted. Charles is turning away as Zwicker comes after him and lands about four straight uppercuts. He's covering up as Zwicker pours it on. Charles keeps walking away without defending himself. The ref should think about stopping this. Charles drops to his knees and then gets back up, and finally after too much damage the ref waves it off with 30 seconds or so left.

Final result: Virgil Zwicker wins by technical knockout at 4:31 of the second round.


Tyler Hill vs. Wade Johnson

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: Wade Johnson wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:35 of the third round.


Jonathan Burdine vs. James Wallace

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: James Wallace wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:33 of the second round.


Eryk Anders vs. Brian White

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: Eryk Anders wins via TKO at 0:23 of the first round.


Jaleel Willis vs. Omar Johnson

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: Jaleel Willis wins via unanimous decision.


Chad Cook vs. Grady Hurley

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: Grady Hurley wins via TKO at 2:29 of the first round.


Mike Wessell vs. Frank Tate

Round 1: Unaired before Spike.

Final result: Mike Wessel wins via unanimous decision.


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