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Chechen leader denounces attack on Fedor’s daughter, demands ‘severe punishment’ for ‘outrageous incident’

Ramzan Kadyrov Inuagurated As Chechen President Photo by Dima Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images

Bubba didn’t do it...

Turns out the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, was not the mastermind behind the recent assault against the daughter of Fedor Emelianenko. I know that for a fact because he said so and I’m sure he would never lie about such matters.

In fact, King Kadyrov released a statement denouncing the attack, which was reportedly a revenge beating for Emelianenko’s criticism over child fights in Grozny, Russia, and demanded “severe punishment” for the perpetrator.

From the official press release (via Bloody Elbow):

"This is an outrageous incident that needs to be investigated thoroughly and those responsible be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And the judge should not only consider the beating, but also the provocative actions clearly aimed to incite ethnic hatred. Hard to believe that the aim was only to put a beating, causing physical pain before robbery. With high probability we can say that the task was to cause a public outcry. The perpetrator must be found at any cost. In Moscow, surveillance cameras scan every square meter. [Attacker] can and should be sought out. We are also working towards this and are ready to provide maximum assistance. People who pose a threat to children must be isolated and not roam the streets leading to schools."

They should instead be put inside a cage to fight other children.

Emelianenko criticized the recent kids vs. kids fights (video) put forth by Akhmat Fight Club: "Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 Finals" earlier this month, only to receive heavy backlash from his fellow countrymen.

Undaunted, “The Last Emperor” continues to train in Stary Oskol for his next fight.

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