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Pic: Dana White is suddenly jacked, will punch your dumb face with presidential fist

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has anchor arms.

The Las Vegas fight boss, now even richer than he was before (thanks to this), has been named "UFC Warrior King" as he poses -- menacingly -- on the new cover of Men's Fitness. Armed with exploding triceps, a closed fist, and the scowl of presidential doom, fat morons (like me) are ducking for cover.

Take a look.

Forget the actual UFC fighters, kick ass like HIM!

White has been known to alternate between fat and huge, depending on my headline the time of year. Sure, he's no Cung Le, but for a top executive he's got some pretty impressive triceps which are CLEARLY not photoshopped or airbrushed in anyway.

Now then, let's start talking about those dick pics...

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